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How conservatives win

Lee Atwater.
This month saw the 30th anniversary of an event that passed in Australia entirely …

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Lights, camera, self-satisfaction

zeg nauru small

They must teach it in journalism schools as a simple, all-purpose standby when you don't feel like reporting something inconvenient -- you know, like the reason power prices are so high or the way in which  flood-level immigration artificially inflates GDP. When conflicterd about covering a real story the solution is simple: just beat up another compote of slurs about Nauru being Australia's "concentration camp". You'll feel very good about yourself after, or so aspiring journalists must surely be told.

Zeg, for one, isn't impressed. For his latest cartoon follow this link or the one below.

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A reality too grim to accept

hillary bitter

At National Review, Victor David Hanson writes:

... dozens of the careerists and progressive appointees at the Washington FBI, DOJ, CIA, and National Security Council took all sorts of risks to insure a Clinton blowout. They variously sought to warp the FISA court, subvert the Trump campaign, collude with Fusion GPS and its Russian sources, and weaponize the FBI to ensure the Clinton victory — on the premise that their unethical and often illegal behavior would soon be rewarded by the Clintons, who for decades had proven far less ethical than 2016’s miscreant minions.

Hillary’s defeat caused unimaginable shock. It almost immediately prompted a collective psychological meltdown. The tragedy was not just that an inept Clinton had squandered the gifts of a $1 billion war chest, the deep-state collusion of the Obama administration, and a completely captive and obsequious media. But she had lost to Trump, the reality-TV-show host, the controversial raconteur, the first serious presidential candidate with neither military nor political experience.

Worse still, Clinton had blown a huge lead by foolishly seeking an electoral mandate while Trump, the supposed dunce, outsmarted her analytics and young techies by battering down the blue wall and stealing her Democratic Midwest with a populist nationalist message, part JFK, part Ronald Reagan.

Nothing is more humiliating than to be already doling out White House patronage jobs on Election Day at noon, and by evening suffering a shipwrecked candidacy ...

Hanson's essay can be read in full via this link or the one below

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The Howard Era

Edited by Keith Windschuttle, David Martin Jones and Ray Evans

Essays by Tony Abbott, James Allan, Chris Berg, Ian Callinan, Sinclair Davidson and more.

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