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Girls' Day Out

museum stepsWhat do women want?

To impede the smooth flow of traffic, if one is to go by the globe-girdling agitation of ladies who don't much approve of the latest US President or, for that matter, the result of elections that fail to produce the result they anticipated.

Yesterday in Melbourne, where outpourings of local feminist sentiment can be murkier than the Yarra, the crusader in blue took her male along to join in the fun. No doubt he enjoyed the outing, especially the heavy lifting of those weighty issues on his half of two signs extolling the correct positions on a number of fashionable topics. The photo also perhaps explains why it can sometimes be rather hard to stay on top of the latest trends in feminist discourse.

Surprisingly, if women are to be free, it seems capping CO2 emissions is a vital first step; likewise, all who aspire to enlightenment must scoff at any link between Islam and frequent outbreaks of mass murder -- a conclusion only those silly enough to favour an afternoon at the beach over marching and chanting would ever be likely to entertain. They are the same people, just by the way, who might well regard the veiling of women, child marriage, arranged marriage, consanguineous marriage, genital mutilation and the scripturally ordained second-rate status of women as symptoms of a true patriarchy. Feminists, of course, know better.

And don't forget that sexuality is not a choice -- handy advice if troubled by a sudden interest in bicycle seats or, for that matter, an eagerness to parade as 50% of what many might regard as a humiliating public exercise in cognitive dissonance. "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored," proclaims Madam's placard, complete with an erudite attribution to Aldous Huxley, who penned that thought in A Note on Dogma. To be fair, she could not have squeezed too many more words on that single sheet of cardboard and must therefore be granted the benefit of the doubt for not sampling another relevant quote. It is in Huxley's letter of congratulation to George Orwell upon the publication of 1984.

... I believe that the world's leaders will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging them and kicking them into obedience.

Infant conditioning? Narco-hypnosis? Why, it brings to mind Ritalin time with Matron after a Safe Schools class!

For more on the International Day of Female Fury in Comfy Shoes, follow the link below, where another strange discordance is in evidence. When Donald Trump is surreptitiously recorded saying something vulgar in private, he is to be roundly condemned. But it's entirely different when feminist heroine Madonna speaks of yearning to blow up the White House and urges her new president to go suck a .... well, just follow the link. At Quadrant Online we leave such language to the ladies.

-- roger franklin

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Everyone's a critic

inaug clintons

UPDATE: Video blogger Lauren Southern tracks anti-Trump rioters in Washington. Remarkable footage.


As of a few hours ago, Donald J. Trump is the installed president of the United States. This has not gone down well with the Clintons, judging by the pained expressions (above) they wore to the shindig on Washington's Mall, nor with antipodean variants of those Americans who poo-hooed the possibility he might actually be elected and have frothed without restraint ever since November 8.

The SMH's North American re-write artist in chief, Paul McGeough, was so stunned by that victory he has not tweeted since the shocking results were tallied, leaving in place his confident wrongology of election eve that Mrs Clinton would end the "nightmare" of her opponent's candidacy. inaug mcgeoughThat was the authorised version before reality intervened and, rather like those Japanese soldiers who skulked in jungle thickets while refusing to accept their war was over, the New Establishment's loyalists persist in their insistence that the tattered rags of their shattered expectations remain a uniform of great potency and pride. Thus does McGeough in his latest epistle deliver a further long-winded lesson in how to reject reality. It was all Russian mischief ... and the FBI ... and the overall stupidity of voters, don't you know. When editors are childlike incompetents and your newspaper's few remaining readers wish only to be reassured of that which they already believe, a foreign correspondent can get away with thoughts shallow as the ink of his byline.

Misery loves company, as they say, and McGeough's dismay united him with those of like mind. Sydney readers might be aware that Wendy Harmer comperes a local ABC radio show, a gig that appeared, as if by magic, soon after her Hoopla web venture went under. Luckily the national broadcaster came along with its chequebook just when Ms Harmer needed it most. Certainly, her appraisal of the Inauguration address would not have cost her any friends at Ultimo or Southbank.

inaug hamerNo disagreement from Anne Summer's boyfriend, Chip Rolley, either -- another of those lucky souls who, upon finding himself out of a job with the the Sydney Writers' Festival, marched into the editorship of The Drum.

inaug chipPerhaps fortified by her swain's delivery of a fortifying Bonox, Ms Summers found the strength to demand that a sexual predator's apologist reject the democratic will.

inaug summers

Unlike Julia Gillard, the professional feminist's idol, Ms Summers is not known to have donated to the Clinton Foundation, so her tweet must be seen as no more than an expression of sympathy. Had she been in a position to garnish that summons to the barricades with a $292 million contribution from Australia's taxpayers to the Clinton Foundation it would have been a job application.

It is not nice to take pleasure in another's pain, but exceptions can be made when those whining the loudest are represented by the likes of climate-change charlatan Michael Mann ...

mann inaug... and ABC-favoured eco-loon Bill McKibben

inaug mckibbenTo be be fair, there is good reason to wonder about Trump -- from the new president's temperament to his populist advocacy of  protectionism. But if annoying to distraction all the right people is any indication, he is off to a very good start indeed.

Or, as Mark Steyn puts it,

Donald Trump took out America's two most powerful political dynasties of the last 30 years: the Bushes and the Clintons. If you didn't see that coming, there's no reason anyone should pay any heed to anything you say about Trump from now on.

Steyn's thoughts can be read in full via the link below.

-- roger franklin

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'Supporter of climate change'

gladysFrom the SMH's profile of the woman widely tipped to become the next premier of New South Wales:

She has been a stalwart of the party's now-dominant left wing, or moderate faction, and counts fellow north [sic] Sydney Liberals such as Joe Hockey, Trent Zimmerman and Matt Kean as her closest colleagues.

"You're likely to see a very progressive leader," one ally says. "She will be a strong supporter of climate change as scientific fact, progressive policy on immigration and border control and gender equality.

"She will surprise some people."

Surprises may indeed be in store for Sydneysiders -- less so, perhaps, for those south of the Murray who watched another Liberal government pledged to the same Labor/Green-lite policies survive but a single term.

For Quadrant's autopsy of the principle-free shambles that was Victoria's short-lived Baillieu/Napthine government, follow the link below.

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