About The Publication

Quadrant is published ten times a year, monthly, except for combined issues in January-February and July-August. Each year we publish more than 200 articles, 200 poems, 70 book reviews, 20 short stories and 75 letters to the editor.

Quadrant accepts unsolicited, previously unpublished articles that fit within its general profile of a journal of ideas, essays, literature, poetry and historical and political debate. Although it retains its founding bias towards cultural freedom, anti-totalitarianism and classical liberalism, its pages are open to any well-written and thoughtful contribution. Some of our writers are internationally renowned; some are previously unknown.

Length of articles and stories varies between 1500 and 5000 words, book reviews between 800 and 2000 words, and poetry from a few lines to several pages.

By submitting a work to Quadrant you licence us to publish it in Quadrant Magazine and Quadrant Online.

Non-Fiction Articles

Please do not send typewritten non-fiction articles. Instead, email them as Word attachments, either PC or Mac.

Quadrant does not normally publish footnotes with articles. Please keep references to a minimum but, where necessary, embed them in the text itself. In some cases, we will publish an article with footnotes intact not in the printed magazine but in the Quadrant Online version.

The email address for non-fiction articles is [email protected]

Letters to The Editor

Please do not send typewritten non-fiction articles. Instead, email them as Word attachments, either PC or Mac.

The email address for letters to the editor is [email protected]

Poetry and Fiction

Poetry and short stories should be mailed in, no email or faxes. Please enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope. No registered mail please. A daytime telephone number is also helpful.

The mail address for poetry and fiction is:
Quadrant Magazine
2/5 Rosebery Place
Balmain NSW 2041

Payments and GST

Quadrant pays contributors for articles, reviews, poems and short fiction. All contributions should be accompanied by either an ABN number (and GST Status) or a Statement by a Supplier. Failure to do this may result in 48.5 per cent of any payment being withheld for remittance to the Australian Taxation Office. Overseas contributors are exempt from this requirement.