Editions: 2022

July-August 2022 Volume Volume LXVI, Number 7-8, No.

The Madness of Net Zero

Aynsley Kellow
Marilyn Peck: ‘Nothing, Yet!’
Marilyn Peck
Joe Dolce: ‘Cut to the Horse’ and ‘The Great Galoot’
Joe Dolce
Anthony Bailey: ‘On a starry night’
Anthony Bailey
Nidhi Agrawal: ‘Shiv Tattva’
Nidhi Agrawal
Pat Clinton: ‘The Class of ’65’ and ‘Reductio Ad Absurdum’
Pat Clinton

June 2022 Volume Volume LXVI, Number 6, No. 588

Media, Menses, Mental

Tim Blair
Ulysses, a Century On
Barry Spurr
A New Vogue for Smoking in Manhattan
Rob Long
How China Abuses Pacts with International Agencies
Malcolm Hugh Patterson
Abortion Politics at a Late Stage
John O’Sullivan
The Vicious Circle in the Teaching of English
Barry Spurr

May 2022 Volume Volume LXVI, Number 5, No. 586

Oysterminds and Whingers

Kevin Myers
The Divided Brain and the Divided Culture
Peter Murphy
Globalising Elites and the Withering of Democracy
David Martin Jones
They Won’t Glow … or Seek to Know
Tim Blair
Joaquin Sorolla and H. Septimus Power
Douglas Hassall
Elie Kedourie’s Insight on National Conflicts
Ivan Head

April 2022 Volume Volume LXVI, Number 4, No. 585

The Causes of War

Keith Windschuttle
Lessons from an unfinished war
John O’Sullivan
The Fragility-Industrial Complex
Anthony Daniels
Apart from God, Only Trump Can Stop Trump
Salvatore Babones
Putin’s War and the Lessons of History
Tony Abbott
Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred
Richard Harrison & Frank Salter

March 2022 Volume Volume LXVI, Number 3, No. 584

VicPol’s Shame: Smelly Cans to Open

Keith Windschuttle
Éric Zemmour, the Insiders’ Outsider
Anthony Daniels
Reconciliation at $1500 a Pop
Salvatore Babones
Covid and the Phenomenon of Mass Formation
Wanda Skowronska
The Story of the Wuhan Flu
Wolfgang Kasper
AUKUS and Those Who Missed Out
Andrew Cusack

January-February 2022 Volume Volume LXVI, Number 1-2, No. 583

Hating Your Own Country

Keith Windschuttle
The Dispensable Mrs Merkel
John O’Sullivan
The Forgiveness of Uncle Tom
Salvatore Babones
The Unseemliness of Incontinent Emotions
Anthony Daniels
China’s Sway over Australian Universities
Salvatore Babones
The Common Cause of China and Islam
Harry Cummins