July-August 2022 Volume Volume LXVI, Number 7-8, No. 588

Percy Bysshe Shelley: a Maggot in the Brain

Mervyn Bendle
Ronald Searle in Heaven and Hell
Michael Connor
Devoured by Weaklings: The Chosen Fate of the West
Harry Cummins
Christians and Jews: Between Story and History
Michael Giffin
The Truth and Post-Truth about Slavery
Eugene Alexander Donnini
Medical Marijuana: A Triumph of Hope Over Experience
John Whitehall

The Philistine

Editor's Column



The Madness of Net Zero

Aynsley Kellow

Old Macdonald Had a Wind Farm

Christopher Akehurst

Letters to the Editor

Philosophy & Ideas


From Class War to Race War

William D. Rubinstein


Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred, Part IV

Richard Harrison & Frank Salter


Four Stops

C.J. Murray

Minimum Maximum

Robert Handicott

Sweetness & Light