July-August 2022 Volume Volume LXVI, Number 7-8, No.

Our New Treasurer’s Credit Crunch

Tim Blair
Oppression Under Hong Kong’s New Security Law
Matthew White
Cometh the Hour of the Cold Shower
Anthony Daniels
The Menace of the Anti-West Westerners
Daryl McCann
Krishna’s Heel and Trojan Elephants
Salvatore Babones
True Conservatism and the Future of the Right
Simon P. Kennedy

The Philistine

Editor's Column



The Madness of Net Zero

Aynsley Kellow

Old Macdonald Had a Wind Farm

Christopher Akehurst

Letters to the Editor

Philosophy & Ideas


From Class War to Race War

William D. Rubinstein


Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred, Part IV

Richard Harrison & Frank Salter


Minimum Maximum

Robert Handicott

Four Stops

C.J. Murray

Sweetness & Light