Editions: 2023

December 2023 Volume LXVII Number 12, No. 602

Peregrine Blake: ‘The Last of His Club’

Peregrine Blake
Hugh Crago: ‘Old People Walk Slowly’
Hugh Crago
Rhett Talley: ‘The Oathmaker’ and ‘The Voice’
Rhett Talley
Konstantin Kanelleas: ‘Melpomene’
Konstantin Kanelleas
Tom Barlow: ‘Confession’
Tom Barlow
Marilyn Peck: ‘Agastopia’, ‘A Gift from a Friend’ and ‘Paronomasia’
Marilyn Peck

January-February 2023 Volume Volume LXVII, Number 1-2, No. 593

The Meaning of the Quest for the Holy Grail

Mervyn Bendle
1977 and All That
Michael Connor
Thursday Island and the Quetta Survivors
Debra Kuss
The Anointed and Their Hotline to Heaven
Salvatore Babones
Putin’s Inglorious War of Terror
Daryl McCann
Labour’s Pledge to Abolish the House of Lords
Andrew Cusack

November 2023 Volume LXVII Number 11, No. 601

The Beginnings of the Holocaust

Sever Sternhell
Isaiah Berlin and the Meaning of Life
Mervyn Bendle
Edmond Halley and the Ginger Jar
Barry Gillard
Black Sunday: Terror Foreshadowed
Joe Dolce
The Whitlam Dismissal, by Those Who Were There
Nicholas Hasluck
When Taxpayers are the Muse
Tim Blair

October 2023 Volume LXVII Number 10, No. 600

Jean-Paul Sartre and the Meaning of Life

Mervyn Bendle
Drops of God: Sommeliers Supreme
Joe Dolce
Jane Austen: Modernist
Barry Gillard
The Necessity of a New Economic Unorthodoxy
David Martin Jones
What is Literature? Can it be Recovered?
Barry Spurr
The Heroic Masculine and the Devouring Stepmother
Christopher Jolliffe

September 2023 Volume LXVII Number 9, No. 599

Nixon and Kissinger: Bringing China in from the Cold

Daryl McCann
Alexandre Dumas’s Hobart Town
Michael Connor
George, Eileen and the Patriarchy
Matt Gaughwin
New Songs from the Bush: Harry Nathan’s Waltzing Matilda
David R. Crowden
In the Hospitals of Ukraine
John Whitehall
Killing with Kindness: Misguided Empathy in Education
Raymond Burns

August Online 2023 Volume LXVII, Number 8online, No. 598a

Locking Us Out of Our National Parks

Marc Hendrickx
Telling the Whole Truth about Aboriginal History
William D. Rubinstein
‘Wominjeka’ to a Divided Nation
Christopher Akehurst
The Voice Referendum: Cheating the Constitution
Michael Detmold
The Vision of the Anointed
Nick Cater
Why Aborigines Always Had the Vote
Keith Windschuttle

July-August 2023 Volume LXVII, Number 7-8, No. 598

Men Supplanted

Alan Barron
Helping Us to Vote ‘No’
Timothy Cootes
Fingerprints of Musical Genius
Malcolm Gillies
The Rising of Music’s New Dawn
Alexander Voltz
Strength, Vision and Dedication
Reg Naulty
The ABC of Wokery
Nicholas T. Parsons

June 2023 Volume LXVII, Number 6, No. 597

Democracy, Liberal Authoritarianism and the Voice

Salvatore Babones
Measuring the Elephant: The Morality of the British Empire
Saul Kelly
SBS’s Timid Take on Political Correctness
Christopher Heathcote
Leo Tolstoy and King Lear
Barry Gillard
The World Needs Europe to Stand Up to China
Daryl McCann
The Worldwide Success of Russian Propaganda
Michael Lawriwsky

May 2023 Volume LXVII, Number 5, No. 596

The Leftist Myth of William Cooper

Hilary L. Rubinstein
More on the Tudors
Robert Murray
Katherine Mansfield: Public Masks, Secret Disruption
Mervyn Bendle
Slovenly Language Begets Crazy Economics
Peter Smith
The Capture: Deep Learning and Deep Fakes
Joe Dolce
Where Indians Prefer to Die
Salvatore Babones

April 2023 Volume LXVII, Number 4, No. 595

Not a Battle, Not a War, But Definitely Defiance

Marie Hansen Fels
The New Rhodesians
Christopher Joliffe
Thought-Deranging Tyranny: The New Religion of Woke
Barry Spurr
The Un-Diverse Class
Rob Long
Indigenising the Curriculum in Our Schools
Raymond Burns
A Reflection on Anzac Day 2023
Ivan Head

March 2023 Volume LXVII, Number 3, No. 594

Central and Eastern Europe after Ukraine

David Martin Jones
W.H. Auden’s Delightful Teaching
Barry Spurr
Menzies Before the Liberal Party
Ross Fitzgerald
Too Few Houses, Too Many People
Andrew Cusack
The Housing Crisis and the Free Market
Wesley J. Du Preez
Pushing the Limits of Irish Tolerance
Kevin Myers