Editions: 2024

July-August 2024 Volume Volume LXVIII, Number 7-8, No. 608

The Pagan Ecstatic: Arnold Bax

Alexander Voltz & Barry Spurr
Because I Say So
Anthony Daniels
Lawyerly Caste Turns Left
James Allan
Clementine Ford’s Community Service
Timothy Cootes
How Europe Voted
John O’Sullivan
The Trial of John Bodkin Adams (Part III)
Dyson Heydon

June 2024 Volume LXVIII, Number 6, No. 607

She Came to Me: Peter Dinklage Finally Gets the Girl

Joe Dolce
Elizabeth Power
The Muddle-Headed Wombat Abroad
Matthew White
The Murder Trial of Dr John Bodkin Adams (Part II)
Dyson Heydon
Simple Questions
Tim Blair
The Stradella Accordion: From Stage to Stream
Bradley Voltz

May 2024 Volume LXVIII, Number 5, No. 606

The Artist and the Muse

Laurence Karacsony
The Murder Trial of Dr John Bodkin Adams (Part I)
Dyson Heydon
The Virtue of Courage
Simon Haines
Witches’ Froth
Ian Kennedy Williams
Prepping for a Nice Lamb Dinner
Tim Blair
The Trials of an MSO Subscriber
Tony Thomas

April 2024 Volume LXVIII, Number 4, No. 605

Born a Champion: Brutal Grace

Joe Dolce
Anton Mruk: From Auschwitz to the Vatican
Gerald O’Collins
Thy Kingdom Come
Gary Furnell
The Poetry of Contemplation
Barry Spurr
Illness and Creativity: Virginia Woolf
Barry Gillard
Exiting the Aboriginal Industry
Paul Prociv

March 2024 Volume LXVIII, Number 3, No. 604

In Defence of Extremism

David S. Oderberg
Vale Brian Kiernan, 1937–2024
Michael Wilding
A Man of Disquiet: Fernando Pessoa
Brian Wimborne
Freaks: The Crooked Timber of Humanity
Joe Dolce
And Howe!
Joe Dolce
Australian Poetry Today
Barry Spurr

January-February 2024 Volume Lxviii, Number 1-2, No. 603

Seamus Heaney and His Australian George Herbert

Gerald O’Collins
Joy, sorrow
and the viola
da gamba
Joe Dolce
Meet the Kafkas
Barry Gillard
The Tory Origins of the Industrial Revolution
David Martin Jones
Cappadocia and Turkey’s Christian Past
Madeleine Rose Jones
Simone de Beauvoir and the Meaning of Life
Mervyn Bendle