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Shredded credibility

zeg tax small

It is nice to know the eager and dedicated public servants in the Australian Taxation Office are working tirelessly to bring in the revenue so desperately needed to fund such worthwhile undertakings as the Australia Council, a fleet of overly expensive South Australian submarines and ARC-grant nest-featherers, not to mention the ever-ludicrous Gillian Triggs and her HRC grievance-mongers. Still, even the most conscientious stewards of the public good can blot their copy books from time to time. Zeg extends his sympathies and suggests how the ATOs embarrassing little problems might best be handled in future ...

Choosing sides

zeg summers small

It's a hard life being a feminist icon of the Left and needing to chart a safe course between the Scylla of demands for universal equality and the Charybdis of identity politics. The first, you'd imagine, demands ardent denunciations of a creed that has misogyny woven into its very fabric. Ah, but that could get the likes of Yassmin Abdel-Magied and Susan Carland offside and might jeopardise invitations to writers festivals and the like. So best to remain silent, which appears to be the sainted Anne Summers policy, given that any search of her hallowed works turns up very few references to the Islamic oppression of women. Were she ever to pick a side, Zeg imagines it would go something like this....

Conflict of interest

zeg strike small

It must be a hard call for Fairfax Media's striking editorial workforce. Their employer is in all sorts of financial trouble, so naturally they wish to make things even worse by withdrawing their labour for a week. Yet the Budget is at hand, when all dutiful groupthinkers are obliged to pontificate about the Coalition's indifference to climate change, the lack of funding for bicycle-seat research and all the other picayune passions that animate your typical Age or SMH reporter. Still as Zeg observes, there are even stranger things in this world than a fairfax newsroom. ']u