In the end, politics is not a public relations contest, it is a contest of ideas. And in the realm of ideas there has been no better publication in Australia over the last fifty years than Quadrant magazine. — Hon John Howard AC, October 2013

John Howard is right. The ideas that shape politics are formed within, and reflect, our wider cultural environment and debate. For this reason it is often remarked that “politics is downstream of culture”.

Quadrant is at the core of the intellectual and cultural debate in defence of cultural freedom. We do this every month in Quadrant magazine and every day in Quadrant Online. We support the liberal democratic Anglosphere, our Judeo-Christian religious inheritance, the intellectual and artistic high culture of Western civilisation, traditional family life, and the great Australian values of patriotism, straight talk and a fair go.

Our culture is a reflection of our humanity, of how others see us and how we see ourselves. To help preserve and enrich Australian culture, Quadrant publishes essays on literary criticism and appreciation, cultural criticism, and appraisals of art, film and television, theatre, music and architecture, as well as essays on history, religion, philosophy, politics, Australian society and Western civilisation. Quadrant is also a significant publisher of literary art itself. In addition to our non-fiction publications, we publish original short stories and around 300 poems a year, making Quadrant Australia’s most prolific publisher of poetry in magazine format.

All these traditions are today threatened by the disquieting rise of a variety of intellectual politics. Public debate is now subject to a cancel culture and dissenters in our educational institutions can face dismissal. Character assassination of eminent public figures is common.

These challenges have come at a time when political and economic pressures confront the definitive traditions of Western culture itself. In foreign policy, developments in Ukraine, China and Iran have produced the most strategically precarious time since the end of the Cold War. Yet we have prominent Australian identities urging us to forsake our traditional Western allies and cast our fate to the winds of Asia. In economic policy, radicals across the political spectrum favour an accumulation of debt such as we have not seen since the 1970s. It is in such a time that publications such as Quadrant play a critical role in shining a light that values and aims to preserve the distinctive features of the Western cultural tradition.

If you are concerned about these issues, you can help us combat their ideological supporters. We need donations badly. Quadrant’s financial situation remains precarious. We have no consistent corporate sponsors or government patrons. We survive almost entirely on the purchases and donations of our readers, especially our core of loyal subscribers. Please donate to the Quadrant Foundation* by clicking in the box below.

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