April 2023 Volume LXVII, Number 4, No. 595

Not a Battle, Not a War, But Definitely Defiance

Marie Hansen Fels
The New Rhodesians
Christopher Joliffe
Thought-Deranging Tyranny: The New Religion of Woke
Barry Spurr
The Un-Diverse Class
Rob Long
Indigenising the Curriculum in Our Schools
Raymond Burns
A Reflection on Anzac Day 2023
Ivan Head

Anzac Day

Some Days in April

Michael Connor

Fifth Column

The New Rhodesians

Christopher Joliffe

The Philistine

London Letter

The Lockdown Files

Andrew Cusack

Editor's Column

Truth-Telling in Oceania

Keith Windschuttle


Inside the Lockdown Debates

John O’Sullivan



Waking Up to Woke

Matthew White

What We Do to Animals

Amanda Wilson

This Island of Weeping

Lyn Ashcroft

Hair Dye Moments

Nicholas Hasluck

Letters to the Editor

New York Letter

Philosophy & Ideas



It’s an Adelaide Thing

Trevor Bailey

Sweetness & Light