September 2022 Volume Volume LXVI, Number 9, No. 589

The Cinematic Vision of Henry Lawson

Diana Figgis
The Triumph of Memory over Forgetting
Patrick Morgan
‘Against the Ice’: All but Frozen
Joe Dolce
The Arduous Path Back to Stability and Growth
Wolfgang Kasper
The Psychologist Who Resisted the Cultural Onslaught
Wanda Skowronska
How Wokeists are Working to Destroy the Family
Daryl McCann

The Philistine

The Iron Law of Oligarchy

Salvatore Babones

London Letter

Editor's Column

A Nation for a Continent

Keith Windschuttle




Don’t Eat the Bugs

Timothy Cootes

Judges versus People

Augusto Zimmermann

Letters to the Editor


I Don’t Like Broccoli

Stephen Sewell

Sweetness & Light


Vale David Barnett OBE

Peter Sekuless & Tony O’Leary