Editions: 2021

October 2021 Volume Volume LXV, Number 10, No. 580

From Tragedy to Farce at Sydney University

Keith Windschuttle
Boris Jumps the Shark
John O’Sullivan
Virtuous Fantasies of Fascism
Anthony Daniels
Voters, You Just Can’t Trust Them
Salvatore Babones
Joe Biden’s Retreat from Moscow
Roger Kimball
Numbering Our Peoples

September 2021 Volume Volume LXV, Number 9, No. 579

Medieval Monastic Mysteries

Mervyn Bendle
The Literature Syllabus Descends into Disaster
Raymond Burns
The Never-Ending Story
Keith Windschuttle
Hungary Through the Looking Glass
John O’Sullivan
British India and the $45-Trillion Lie
Hira Jungkow
The True Confessional

July-August 2021 Volume Volume LXV, Number 7-8, No. 578

The ABC and Corruption in High Places

Keith Windschuttle
The Inexact Science of Penology
Anthony Daniels
Kowtowing in the Mouse Factory
Salvatore Babones
Cancel Culture in Schools
Mark Lopez
The Depths of Australia’s China Problem
Salvatore Babones
China’s Threats to Taiwan and the World
Tony Grey

June 2021 Volume LXV, Number 6, No. 577

The Killing of History

Keith Windschuttle
The Folly of Holding Your Supporters in Contempt
John O’Sullivan
The Progressive Uglification of Everything
Anthony Daniels
The Queering of Leonardo da Vinci
Salvatore Babones
The Compassion of Captain James Cook
Christopher Heathcote
Billy Hughes and James Burnham
Stephen Holt

May 2021 Volume LXV, Number 5, No. 576

Of Skinks, Skunks and Doing a Bunk

Anthony Daniels
Conceptual ‘Art’s’ Bloody Standard
Salvatore Babones
The Retreat from Religion in a Decadent Culture
George Pell
A Few Lies to Start the Truth Commission on Its Way
Michael Connor
How Taxes are Sending Housing Prices Through the Roof
Peter Murphy
The Catholic Response to Homosexuality
Michael Giffin

April 2021 Volume LXV, Number 4, No. 575

The Power Feels Contagious

Keith Windschuttle
Harry and Meghan in Living Colour
John O’Sullivan
The Book Value of a Flyleaf Inscription
Anthony Daniels
China and the Looming Warfare over Taiwan
Frank Mount
Oldest Culture, Emptiest Cliche
The Spiked Guns of Scholars Militant
Salvatore Babones

March 2021 Volume LXV, Number 3, No. 574

Boris Johnson and the Tar Baby

John O’Sullivan
Why Kids Don’t Know Their Plaice at the Table
Anthony Daniels
WHO Virologists Would Say That
Salvatore Babones
The Futility of the Great Lockdown Melodrama
Peter Murphy
Losing Faith in the Future of Democracy
David Martin Jones
Black Lives Matter: The Myths and the Facts
William D. Rubinstein

January-February 2021 Volume Volume LXV, Number 1-2, No. 573

The Enduring Prose and Poetry of Clive James

Ian Shircore
The Journalist as Victim
Keith Windschuttle
Saving the Crown
John O’Sullivan
Will We Ever Shake Hands Again?
Anthony Daniels
Global Warming, It’s Always a Shore Thing
Salvatore Babones
The House of Mahjong
Lyn Wesley