June 2021 Volume LXV, Number 6, No. 577

The Killing of History

Keith Windschuttle
The Folly of Holding Your Supporters in Contempt
John O’Sullivan
The Progressive Uglification of Everything
Anthony Daniels
The Queering of Leonardo da Vinci
Salvatore Babones
The Compassion of Captain James Cook
Christopher Heathcote
Billy Hughes and James Burnham
Stephen Holt

The Philistine

Editor's Column

The Killing of History

Keith Windschuttle



Knowing Where You Come From

Jennifer Gribble

Statement from the Mind?

Salvatore Babones

When Liberalism Triumphed

William Poulos

Abandon Ideology

Steven Kates


Philosophy & Ideas


The New Left-Wing Fascism

Eugene Alexander Donnini


Jesus’s PhD

James Franklin

Sweetness & Light