December 2022 Volume Volume LXVI, Number 11, No. 592

The Voice and the Problem of Extractive Elites

Andrew Russell & Lana Starkey
Faithful Lives in Faithless Times
David A. Eisenberg
Natural Law Without Nature
Michael Giffin
The Endlessly Profitable Lies of Sinn Fein
Kevin Myers
The Great Awokening and the Tyranny of the Minority
Salvatore Babones
Faith on Foot: The Christus Rex Pilgrimage
Christopher Akehurst

The Philistine



The Pity of it All

Anthony Daniels


Up from Despair

Matthew White

Banned, Burnt but Bought

Robert Murray

Letter From London


Identity Politics and ABC Classic

Christopher Heathcote

Philosophy & Ideas

Sweetness & Light