Won’t Someone Save Victoria?

The frenzied and manufactured ‘state of emergency’ prevailing south of the Murray is a disease eating at the heart of Victorian society. Our state is very sick and growing weaker by the day, obliged time after time (four lockdowns-and-counting!) to sip from the poisoned chalice of Premier Daniel Andrews’ falsehoods, incompetence and, there is no other term for it, institutional corruption. Canberra’s dialysis machines — JobKeeper, JobSeeker and, as of lately, ad hoc emergency payments — not only won’t fix Victoria, they are making things worse by insulating this appalling government from the immediate consequences of its many follies.

Here the words of our longest-serving prime minister, Sir Robert Menzies, founder of the Liberal Party and a great Victorian, come to mind: ‘Leaners grow flabby; lifters grow muscles.’ In the Victoria of today the flabby burden of soaring debt, higher taxes and joblessness can only see the state’s economy grow ever more feeble. Combine that with a government addicted to secrecy and deception, one so brazen in its contempt for the citizenry that it set up a Potemkin village of a judicial probe into the hotel quarantine debacle that was nothing but facade. Look behind the appearance of hearing-room probity and lawyerly manners and what you see is the intention from the very start that no findings apt to cast Andrews & Co in an adverse light would ever be revealed. Nor were they.

Augusto Zimmermann: The Andrews Government’s Chief Enabler

Andrews is a rogue who peddles fear and dependency. His governance since Wuhan shared COVID-19 with the world has been informed by imagined scenes of a viral Armageddon which, with the help of a tame press, he has sold to the long-suffering public time and again. Bureaucrats, especially health bureaucrats, have cast themselves as post-modern bishops, their edicts on how we must behave, how we must not question the never-revealed rationales for lockdown after lockdown and why we must submit to the caprice of those who imagine themselves our betters is holy writ, arrogance made flesh. Consider — just one of so very many examples I might cite, the sad case of the Western District lad who drowned on a school excursion. His shattered parents requested an exemption —  there had not been a single COVID case anywhere nearby — and sought to be allowed more than the maximum ten mourners at his funeral. Permission denied! Nothing resembling a rational explanation was forthcoming, just hollow sympathy as a preamble to the bureaucrats’ callous refusal to recognise human grief and need.

These all-powerful arbiters of what is permitted or prohibited are pulling out the rug from under the feet of Victorian workers and small-business owners. Lives and livelihoods are destroyed by ‘health advice’ marked ‘confidential top secret’ and never to be disclosed to the public.

English philosopher and statesman Sir Francis Bacon observed in Novum Organum how “there are certain intellectual flaws that are universal among mankind, or, at the very least, very common”. Among them are abstractions and errors arising from common tendencies to exaggeration, distortion and disproportion. Thus do we see hyperbole and panic at the appearance of  ‘new variants’ and lockdowns based on what is happening in crowded, teeming Mumbai, not what is happening on the ground in the First World of Melbourne.

Bacon also spoke of ‘idols of the cave’, by which he meant thoughts lurking in the dark corners of minds shaped by temperament, education, habit and environment. We see as much in Victoria’s Chief Medical Officer Brett Sutton, whose focus is sharpened to the point where all he can see is the virus. Initially, the object was to “flatten the curve” with measures intended to save our hospitals from being swamped by the sick and dying. That object was achieved, but then Sutton’s monomaniacal determination to eliminate all trace of  COVID from Victoria kicked in. The inevitable result has been short-lived success, followed by the reappearance of the virus, followed by more lockdowns and destruction. That is what happens when a scientist is given charge of what should be political decisions arrived at after balancing all the many factors in play, from the empty shops now punctuating formerly vibrant shopping strips to children for whom a day in an orthodox classroom has become a novelty. How many children will be burdened with poorly developed social skills, nor read and write at a proficient level?

Life under the Andrews regime has become a real-life Animal Farm, where all are equal but some more equal than others. When the latest lockdown shuttered stores once again it was a huge boon for Coles and Woolworths, allowed to remain open while Mum and Dad operations were banned from doing business. While many individual Victorians find their jobs and livelihoods put on ice, largely unionised industries, such as construction, are given the green light to operate as normal. Under this government, cafes are a no-go, but CFMEU sites are sacred. And then, of course, above all else and everyone, there are the legions of public servants. Not one of them has lost a day’s pay. It’s not who you are in Victoria these days, it’s who your mates are.

The moral damage doesn’t stop there, and its most excruciating wounds perhaps may be seen in the debasement of Victoria Police. Before COVID arrived we saw the appalling Lawyer X scandal, the stitching up of Cardinal George Pell and a succession of chief commissioners whose foibles have included dining sumptuously as the state burned on Black Saturday, playing fast and loose with crime statistics and internal intriguing that puts the scheming eunuchs of a sultan’s court to shame.

Now we have a nakedly partisan and politicised VicPol. Fill the streets with thousands demonstrating in the cause of Black Lives Matter and the police play it softly-softly. Take to those same streets to plead for sanity — for an end to the arbitrary rulings that ban visitors to citizens’ homes but permit brothels to hump away as normal — and the police will come down hard. Doors are being kicked in and pregnant women arrested for Facebook posts or sunning themselves on a beach. Journalists not of the fawning, Dan-doting variety are visited after dark at home and warned not to push their luck. A police force — a good police force — upholds the law and doesn’t partake in political management. While there are undoubtedly many decent and upright officers, that can no longer be said of the force itself.

Victoria is rotting from the inside, economically and morally. When Prime Minister Morrison returns from the G7 summit, rather than indulge Daniel Andrews’ next and inevitable debacle and consequent lockdown, he might want to try a dose of tough love. Victoria is ruined unless someone finds the courage to resist the madness.

Jacob Watts lives in Victoria.

14 thoughts on “Won’t Someone Save Victoria?

  • RB says:

    Victoria is getting what it voted for, no more no less.

  • Harry Lee says:

    This piece by Jacob Watts is well-meaning.
    But asking PM Morrison to fix things is a bad diversion from the reality of the disaster that is VIC. And it diverts attention from the full catastrophe that is the marxist-greenist-parasitic ideology that now permeates all Australian thinking-
    -and its institutions and jurisdictions.
    And that includes, increasingly, the Libs and even the Nats.
    Morrison is subject to the forces that animate voters. And that’s where the focus must be, if Australia is to be re-established as a proper productive, powerful, and flourishing member of the Western alliance.
    The task is this: Ordinary Proper Australians must self-organise, self-fund, and self-mobilise -and get into action on the key fronts. This would include pushing and supporting strong, savvy, smart Lib and Nat politicians -every day of the week. There is no cheap/easy way to save ourselves. Get smart, fight, sacrifice -or be enslaved.

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    Enough already. Go for the jugular, as Harry Lee suggests. Perhaps if Morrison was to set a date by which all who want vaccinations in the over 50’s range have been able to have them, then he could insist (legislate?) that the country as a whole open up and refuse payments to the States for any lockdowns they might still impose. Such lockdowns in a population where those are risk are vaccinated are clearly unnecessary. A media campaign to say ‘we are opening up on September lst – Springtime special’ would impel a large number of vaccine hesitaters to get the jab. You can only hestitate if you perceive no risk, which would not be the case if we opened up, even with a degree of quarantine of cases both local and overseas.
    What the epidemiology suggests would be a sufficient preventative action for any government to have taken is simply to offer protection to those most vulnerable to Covid disasters and let the rest get on with life according to their desire for the jab or not. If you are over 50 and don’t want the jab, then you take the personal responsibility for that as Covid spreads sub-clinically AS IT MUST. Under 50’s should find plenty of good treatments available in undercrowded hospitals by then if they were to get a bad dose of Covid (unlikely), and so would any over 50 non-vaccinated person or the occasional unlucky person over 50 who got bad Covid even though vaccinated. A focus on effective treatment and availability of hospital beds as well as constant vaccine availability should be Morrison’s next big call. Perhaps he should have a chat with Craig Kelly about loosening up restrictions on useful treatments too. It is time for Morrison to lead, and decide on a date. Not this constant shillly-shallying going nowhere.
    We could get on then with making a feature doco on just how bad things got under Dan the Man’s sorts of Covid panics and how all Australians are paying the bill for it on top of the rest of the profligate spends.

  • DougD says:

    “We could get on then with making a feature doco on just how bad things got under Dan the Man’s sorts of Covid panics” – by 4 Corners? … just joking

  • Stephen Due says:

    Among the major issues the pandemic has highlighted in Victoria are the influence of the unions as the power base of the Labor government, the influence of communist China in the Labor government, Marxist ideology in the Labor government, and the politicisation of the police. In a very real sense Victoria under the State of Emergency regulations has become a police state. It has become obvious that extensive and highly intrusive surveillance systems have been installed in Victoria, and have been used in conjunction with enhanced police powers to impose draconian restrictions on personal liberty and citizens’ rights. Then there’s the $6 billion debt.

  • Stephen Due says:

    Sorry, make that $60 billion debt.

  • STD says:

    To my mind the premier is meeting every Victorians Democratic expectations as regard freedom of movement and association under the Fabian rules of democratically elected Left wing socialist Marxist governance- he is being true to the Fabian idea of truth- the whole truth, NOTHING – but the deceitful truth.

  • Doubting Thomas says:

    Two ALP governments have been re-elected comfortably since the crisis began. Expert commentary seems to agree that their success was the result of their electorates’ approval of draconian restrictions, “keeping us safe”.
    People tend to get the government they deserve, and I would bet good money that Andrews will be re-elected in a landslide.

  • Michael says:

    “Remove justice, and what are kingdoms but gangs of criminals on a large scale? If this villainy wins so many recruits from the ranks of the demoralised that it acquires a territory, establishes a base, captures cities and subdues people, it then openly arrogates for itself the title of kingdom, which is conferred on it in the eyes of the world, not by the renouncing of aggression but but the attainment of impunity.”

    St. Augustine, The City of God, 5th Century A.D.

    cf., Danandrewstan.

  • ianl says:

    DT above:

    Yes. Until that majority public view alters, nothing will change.

    Normally, these pathogens eventually evolve into a strain that out own immune systems can deal with, and the pathogen is on the road to insignificance. Lack of understanding the evolutionary process does not alter that sequence. The wild card here is the deliberate panic-mongering by the MSM (to aid in pushing the Great Reset). Note that each new mutation is now “virulent” as against unmeasured infectiousness which may or may not be increased (we are not told). Note that the definition of “case” remains deliberately elusive. So the panic-mongering is effective precisely *because* lack of understanding of evolutionary process allows it – fertile ground for fear.

  • STD says:

    DT your putting your hard earned on other people’s stupidity and Andrews rat cunning.

  • Harry Lee says:

    Calling all anti-marxist/pro-Western strategists:
    What can be done, what must be done, to mobilise the most capable 100,000 anti-marxist/pro-Western Victorians, in all walks and stations of life?
    And mark this: No big-wigs will go into action until they see that a large force of ordinary people are willing to work to save ’emselves from deadening slavery under the marxist ALP-Greenist forces, and their public service allies.
    And note that VIC is merely the most visible example of the success of the evil marxist-greenist enslavers. They are everywhere.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    I know that we–speaking of the population as a UNIT–brought this on ourselves. Here in WA, we–the population as a UNIT–showed our support for the current dictatorship by reelecting Mr. 92% (oh, and the Labor party) in the biggest landslide since Federation. As has been mentioned, Victoria’s people–as a UNIT–would probably do the same.
    However, that does not mean that every single one of the millions of people that make up these population units is in agreement. Some of the comments over the past year of “Victorians wanted this; they deserve it,” seem to me to be very harsh. Do those who make such statements that seem to condemn all Victorians to a deserved imprisonment believe that they, themselves, deserve what has happened in their own states, or at the national level?

  • bomber49 says:

    cynics might say that Victorians deserve what they voted for, but gee whiz, no Australian deserves the Andrews government; not even the Greens and the WOKE. But do you know what; he’ll be voted back in again. All hail Dan.

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