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June 2017

Volume LXI, Number 6, No 537

Download PDF locked


Fascism in the Academy locked

Editor's Column

Tony Abbott on Leadership Keith Windschuttle


Forgers, Impostors and the News Business Anthony Daniels


The Blessings of Brexit locked John O’Sullivan


A Looming Disaster in Energy Security Philip Hopkins


Debt Overload: The Path to Redemption Peter Smith

Human Rights

Am I a Suitable Case for the HRC? Christopher Akehurst


Conscripting Babies in the Culture Wars Tony Thomas

The Age of Bullying Sociopaths John J. Prineas


The Decline and Fall of the French Language locked Christie Davies


Somalia: Sweeping the Tombs Matthew Omolesky

South Sudan: “Never Again” Again locked Ciaran J. Ryan

Philosophy & Ideas

The Contradiction in Multicultural Policy Francis McLoughlin

The Inward Before the Outward Gary Furnell


Stumbling on the Steps of History Michael Connor


Macron's 'Revolution' locked Alberto Mingardi

The Battle for Tobruk Neil McDonald

Bob Santamaria, Labor’s Nemesis Ross Fitzgerald

A Master Craftsman Journalist Hal G.P. Colebatch

Jane Austen and the Highwayman Penelope Nelson


The Best-Sellers of James Hilton locked John Whitworth

Henry Kendall’s Recovery at Brisbane Water locked Michael Wilding

Icon and Ballad locked Patrick Morgan

A Pageant of High and Low Mind locked Alan Gould


The Girl in The Third Man locked Christopher Heathcote

The Full Version of Abel Gance’s Napoleon locked Neil McDonald


How Sydney Discovered Frank Lloyd Wright locked Philip Drew


The Man Who Sold Water to All of Australia locked Paul Greguric

Mikel’s Christmas locked Lin van Hek

Sweetness & Light

The Setting of Their Leftist Suns Tim Blair


Les Murray: Two Poems locked Les Murray

Philton: Button and Bolts locked

Russell Erwin: Two Poems locked Russell Erwin

Peter Jeffrey: Homage locked Peter Jeffrey

Jennifer Compton: Two Poems locked Jennifer Compton

Gisela Sophia Nittel: 14/2 locked Gisela Sophia Nittel

Ivan Head: Ballet at the Sydney Opera House locked Ivan Head

Jamie Grant: Two Poems locked Jamie Grant

Andrew Lansdown: Bird Haiku locked Andrew Lansdown

John Whitworth: Three Poems locked John Whitworth

Valerie Murray: Gold locked Valerie Murray