Editions: 2017

December 2017 Volume LCI, Number 12, No. 542

Aboriginal Policy Failure

The UN’s Assault On Our Sovereignty
Keith Windschuttle
Conduct Unbecoming
John O’Sullivan
Dismal Science, Dismal Record
Anthony Daniels
A Critique of the Prague Appeal
Ryszard Legutko
An Education Manifesto for Western Civ
Simon Haines

November 2017 Volume LXI, Number 11, No. 541

The Braying Mob

Tony Abbott’s Cast of Mind
Keith Windschuttle
Cannibalism, Denim and Triviality
Anthony Daniels
Nuptial Compliance
Christopher Akehurst
Conservatism, Populism, Conviction
John O’Sullivan
Spain at the Brink
Gerald Frost

October 2017 Volume LXI, Number 10, No. 540

A Proper Defence Academy

The Vandals Take the Handles
Keith Windschuttle
Mistaken Identities
John O’Sullivan
Anthony Daniels
Strauss, Bruckner and the Dying of the Light
Brian Sully
Chinese Political Rivalry and Xi’s Great Dilemma
Peter Rowe

September 2017 Volume LXI, Number 9, No. 539

Why French Lost to English

Gender Diversity in Khaki
Keith Windschuttle
The Left’s Most Venerable Tradition
John O’Sullivan
The Fading of Scarlet Letters
Anthony Daniels
Two Incommensurable Americas
Peter Murphy
The United States as the New Middle Kingdom
Salvatore Babones

July 2017 Volume LXI, Number 7, No. 538

In Defence of Proust

Noel Pearson’s Nations
Keith Windschuttle
Brexit, the Hard Way
John O’Sullivan
The Dictatorship of the Psychiatrists
Anthony Daniels
The World Still Needs America in Asia
Razeen Sally
Trump vs. Obama in the Middle East
Daryl McCann

June 2017 Volume LXI, Number 6, No. 537

Fascism in the Academy

Tony Abbott on Leadership
Keith Windschuttle
Forgers, Impostors and the News Business
Anthony Daniels
The Blessings of Brexit
John O’Sullivan
A Looming Disaster in Energy Security
Philip Hopkins
Debt Overload: The Path to Redemption
Peter Smith

May 2017 Volume LXI, Number 5, No. 536

Star Chambers, Red Star

A Disaster of the Active Kind
Keith Windschuttle
‘Kim Filbi’ and the Names on the Wall
John O’Sullivan
Equality, Resentment, Violence
Anthony Daniels
Mark Steyn, Cole Porter and Free Speech
John Bloom
Childhood Gender Dysphoria and the Law
John Whitehall

April 2017 Volume LXI, Number 4, No. 535

Owners? No, ‘custodians’

Bill Shorten’s Identity Politics
Keith Windschuttle
Can Dumb Luck Save Malcolm Turnbull?
John O’Sullivan
Absurd Logic Meets Moral Exhibitionism
Anthony Daniels
How Trump Can Save the West from Itself
Bruce Anderson
The New Totalitarians
Daryl McCann

March 2017 Volume LXI, Number 3, No. 534

Aborigines, Menzies, Seidler and more

Nationalist Illusions
Keith Windschuttle
Turnbull, Too Clever by Half
John O’Sullivan
Progress. Ah, Progress!
Anthony Daniels
The Global Economy’s New Geography
Salvatore Babones
18C’s Betrayal of Menzies Liberalism
David Furse-Roberts

January-February 2017 Volume LXI, Numbers 1-2, No. 533

Neo-Feudalists and Dismantlers

Curses Be Upon the Sweaty Masses
John O’Sullivan
Dissonance, Emotional and Cognitive
Anthony Daniels
The Anglosphere’s Quiet Revolution
Peter Murphy
Why We Need a Conservative Spring
Dominic Perrottet
It’s Freedom, Stupid
Nick Cater