Editions: 2016

December 2016 Volume LX, Number 10, No. 532

In Defence of Pit Bulls … and Canberra

The America Hidden in Plain Sight
John O’Sullivan
Tales of the Tape
Anthony Daniels
The Break-Up of Australia: Part II
Keith Windschuttle
US Letter: The Left Faces Reality
Roger Franklin
Gender Dysphoria and Surgical Abuse
John Whitehall

November 2016 Volume LX No 11, No. 531

Letter to My Son

America’s Choice
John O’Sullivan
Putting on the Dog
Anthony Daniels
The Break-Up of Australia: Part I
Keith Windschuttle
The Family Stories of the Behrendts
Michael Connor
Politics, Civilisation and Survival
Daniel Johnson

October 2016 Volume LX No 10, No. 530

Boyd’s ‘Brides’ and other matters

The Post-Brexit Ball-Game
John O’Sullivan
Islam’s Martyrs to Self-Pity
Anthony Daniels
The Six Pillars of Australia
David Flint
How Islam Saved the West
Stephen H. Balch
Tony Abbott: Keeping Reform Alive
Tony Abbott

September 2016 Volume LX No 9, No. 529

Remains of the Dazed

John O’Sullivan
Scuttling Our Navy and Other Matters
I’m Offended, Therefore I’m Right
Anthony Daniels
How Sir Robert Menzies Foresaw Brexit
David Furse-Roberts
Why I Voted to Leave the European Union
Brian Griffiths
The Twenty-First-Century Conservative
Peter Murphy

July-August 2016 Volume LX no78, No. 528

Our Home is Girt by Sea

‘No One I Know Voted To Leave’
Anthony Daniels
The Epitaph To Be Written
John O’Sullivan
The Legend of the Nurturing State
Peter Murphy
The Illiberal Left and Political Islam
David Martin Jones
The Next President and the Long War
Daryl McCann

June 2016 Volume Volume Lx, Number 6, No. 527

The Mysteries of Trumpism

Cameron’s Brexit Bind
John O’Sullivan
Of Guinea Worms and Thylacines
Anthony Daniels
Look Seaward, Australia
Michael Evans
Stan Grant’s Nostalgia for Injustice
Jeremy Sammut
Games Politicians Play: Liberal, Labor, Insiders, Outsiders
Rebecca Weisser

May 2016 Volume LX No 5, No. 525

Peter Ryan’s Gratitude and Decency

The Sins of the Compassionate
John O’Sullivan
Idle Hands and the Devil’s Amusements
Anthony Daniels
Populism Rising
Peter Murphy
The Revolt of the Outsiders
Nick Cater
The Politics of the Abbott Government
Tony Abbott

April 2016 Volume LX No 4, No. 525

Politicising Arthur Boyd and other matters

The Bullseye on Abbott
John O’Sullivan
The National Security Case for the Abbott Government
Tony Abbott
A Chance to Correct an Error of Historic Magnitude
Gerald Frost
Missing Communism
Anthony Daniels
There Is No App for Budget Repair
Chris Kenny

March 2016 Volume LX No 3, No. 525

The Faith of a Polymath and other matters

The Year of Pitchforks and Brands
John O’Sullivan
Relatively Wrong
Anthony Daniels
Ten Questions for Australia’s Future
James C. Bennett
Letter from London
Christie Davies
The Economic Case for the Abbott Government
Tony Abbott

January-February 2016 Volume 60, No. 1-2

The European Muddle and Other Matters

Haunted by Tony Abbott
John O’Sullivan
Polly the Parrot
Anthony Daniels
2015, the Year the War Began
Michael Connor
Australia and the US: Intimate Strangers
Michael Evans
Pope Francis and Peron’s Last Hurrah
Claudio Veliz