Editions: 2015

December 2015 Volume LIX, Number 12, No. 522

Brian Sewell and other matters

The Myth of Multicultural Amity
John O’Sullivan
The Sins of the Fathers
Anthony Daniels
Europe’s Fatal Contradiction
Douglas Murray
Zealots and Fanatics, Not Radicals David Martin Jones
David Martin Jones
A Time for Enlightened Patriotism
Daryl McCann

November 2015 Volume LIX, Number 11, No. 521

Memories of Robert Conquest

A Remarkable Feat of Fact-Checking
John O’Sullivan
ASIO and Those Unanswered Questions
Peter Coleman
From Detroit, This Year’s Model
Anthony Daniels
The Birth of a New Conservative Age
Peter Murphy
Malcolm in the Middle?
James Allan

October 2015 Volume LIX, Number 10, No. 520

Keynesianism, Le Corbusier and other matters

The Two Conservatisms
John O’Sullivan
Censorship for a Transgressive Age
Anthony Daniels
The Nation-State as Chameleon?
Harry Gelber
Refugees, Rights and Citizenship
Nick Cater
Extraordinary Times in British Politics: A Conversation
Tim Montgomerie & Andrew Gamble

September 2015 Volume LIX, Number 9, No. 519

Great days in Sydney

Honouring Robert Conquest
John O’Sullivan
The Fall of the Meritocracy
Toby Young
Robert Conquest and Quadrant
Peter Coleman
Robert Conquest and the Whisper of History
Clive James
Elizabeth of 23,227 Days…and Counting
Mark McGinness

July-August 2015 Volume Volume Lix, Number 7-8, No. 518

Bordering on the Hopeless

John O’Sullivan
An Honourable Estate?
Barry Maley
Vale, Peter Coleman, Great Man of Letters
Keith Windschuttle
The Challenge of an Islamic Reformation
Paul Monk
Same-Sex Marriage: Where We Go Next
Christie Davies
Clashing Symbols
Rebecca Weisser

June 2015 Volume LIX, Number 6, No. 517

D.H. Lawrence in and on Australia

Enjoy the Moment, Mr Cameron
John O’Sullivan
The Meaning of Anzac Day
George Pell
The Climate Wars’ Damage to Science
Matt Ridley
The Budget Bounce
Rebecca Weisser
Hooked on Students
Jenny Stewart

May 2015 Volume LIX, Number 5, No. 516

Hasluck, Salty Language and Quadrant’s Misogyny

Kant vs. Hobbes on the Ukraine Front
John O’Sullivan
The Burka’s Veiled Insult
Barry Maley
Losing Faith in Democracy
Jeffrey Goldsworthy
Must We Blame Sociology?
Christie Davies
BoreCons and the Doctrine of Dullness
Rebecca Weisser

April 2015 Volume LIX, Number 4, No. 515

In Defence of Brian Sewell

What Passes for Wisdom
John O’Sullivan
Liberal Democracy vs. Liberal Democrats
Ryszard Legutko
Getting No Respect: Blue-Collar Voters
Henry Olsen
The Urgency of Truth: The Writing of Simon Leys
Anthony Daniels
Points of the Compass: Copenhagen and Mariupol
Ulla Terkelsen and Askold Krushelnycky

March 2015 Volume LIX, Number 3, No. 514

Aboriginal Voting Myth

John O’Sullivan to edit Quadrant in 2015 and 2016
Keith Windschuttle
Of Pieties and Perils
John O’Sullivan
Between the Covers
Peter Coleman
The Next War on the Middle Class
Peter Murphy
The War of Freedom
Daryl McCann

January-February 2015 Volume LIX, No. 1-2

The soul of a nation

America’s Retreat from Responsibility
Keith Windschuttle
The Tortoise and the Elephant
Peter Coleman
The Battle for Modernity in Kurdistan
Daryl McCann
The Shirt of Nessus: The Rise and Fall of Western Counterinsurgency
Michael Evans
Augusto Zimmermann