Editions: 2014

December 2014 Volume LVIII, No. 512

Gough’s Betrayal

John Howard, History Warrior
Keith Windschuttle
Present in Spirit
Peter Coleman
Sanity and the National Curriculum
Kevin Donnelly
Conniving in Constitutional Illiteracy
David Clark
The Persecution of Barry Spurr
Michael Warren Davis

November 2014 Volume LVIII, No. 511

More than values

Spooked Beyond Reason
Keith Windschuttle
The Children of Delusion
Peter Coleman
The Case for Smothering ISIS in its Sandpit
Keith Windschuttle
The Case Against the New Iraq War
Tom Switzer
White Swords and Black Pages: The Damnatio Memoriae of Abu Tammam
Matthew Omolesky

October 2014 Volume LVIII, No. 10

The Threat from China

The Jihadis Next Door
Keith Windschuttle
Peter Coleman
Peter Coleman
The Essence of Christopher Pearson
Tony Abbott
The Fantasy of Peace between Israel and Palestine
Leslie Stein
Hamas’s Propaganda by Deed in Gaza
Daryl McCann

September 2014 Volume LVIII, No. 9

A Way Forward for Palestine?

Premature Obituaries for the US
Keith Windschuttle
The Air Raid Shelters on the Road to Masada
Roger Franklin
Ukraine on the Brink
Patrick Morgan
Putin’s Rasputin
Mervyn F. Bendle
Scotland’s Walk on the Wild Side
Tom Gallagher

July-August 2014 Volume LVIII, No. 7-8

The Left and Vietnam

Malcolm Fraser’s Dangerous Dotage
Keith Windschuttle
David Armstrong
Peter Coleman
The Greens’ Bid to Control Agriculture
Ron Boswell
How Boat People Sank Rudd and Gillard
Daryl McCann
The Truth About Menzies and the Second World War
Hal G.P. Colebatch

June 2014 Volume LVIII, No. 6

The Looming Prospect of a New Cold War

Daryl McCann
Bill Gibson, Cochlear Implant Hero
Julia Patrick
The Imperialist War That Wasn’t
Mervyn F. Bendle
Surrogacy and the Misbegotten Family
John Prineas
The New War of the Roses
B.J. Coman
Choose Your Ancestors Carefully
Peter Murphy

May 2014 Volume LVIII, No. 5

Some Better War History

Knights, Naysayers And Liberty’s Legacy
Keith Windschuttle
The National Curriculum’s Bogus History
Stephanie Forrest
Why School Children Are Falling Behind
Ken Gannicott
The Return of the Menzies Tradition in Australian Higher Education
Christopher Pyne
‘Blue Hills’ and Section 18C
Geoffrey Luck

April 2014 Volume LVIII, No. 4

The ‘Terminal Decline’ Of The ADF

Keith Windschuttle
A Union Leader in the Afrika Korps
The Military Historians’ War on the Anzac Legend
Mervyn F. Bendle
Feminism And Gendercide
Augusto Zimmermann
Of All Places To Go At Easter
Christopher Akehurst
The False Promise of Internet Elections
Matthew Heeney

March 2014 Volume LVIII, No. 3

Keating’s History

Fix The ABC? Expect Another Repeat
Keith Windschuttle
The Rising Sex Traffic in Forced Islamic Marriage
Mark Durie
Captives Of An Over-Regulated Society
James Hoggett
The Downfall of Obama’s Middle East Doctrine
Daryl McCann
Why Another Stolen Generation Claim Has Failed in Court
Tony Thomas

January-February 2014 Volume LVIII, No. 1-2


A Case Founded In Fiction
Keith Windschuttle
How Paul Keating Betrayed the Anzacs
Mervyn F. Bendle, paul keating, war memorial
The Kaiserreich’s War
Daryl McCann
The Treachery of the Unions in the Second World War
David Flint
Lost Votes And Election Fraud
Julia Patrick