Editions: 2013

December 2013 Volume LVII, No. 12

The Decline Of The Suburban Church

Christopher Akehurst
Jesus: A Classical Perspective
Philip Ayres
Indigenous Recognition’s Misguided Case
Frank Salter
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Rise and Fall
Daryl McCann
The Marriage Wars
Geoffrey Luck
Homo Erectus; Through a Glass
Olivia Byard

November 2013 Volume LVIII, No. 11

Daddy Killed a Rattler

Gabriel J. Kruis
Norman Lindsay: Eros and Obscenity
Joe Dolce
What JFK’s Assassination Did to America
Daryl McCann
Brisbane Life and Tokyo Justice
Donat Gallagher
Australia’s Maritime Identity
Michael Evans
A Plan for a Better Health System
Aniello Iannuzzi

October 2013 Volume LVII, No. 10

Hal Colebatch: Inside an Outsider

Tony Thomas
A Contender for Australia’s Worst Law
Alan Oxley
The unions’ war on Australia
Hal G.P. Colebatch
Looking Squarely at “Gay Marriage”
Peter Ryan
Three poems
Suzanne Edgar
I Can Call Spirits
John Whitworth

September 2013 Volume LVII, No. 9

The Conservative Mind of Kenneth Minogue

David Martin Jones
Cash Advance to Visiting Executive
Peter Samuel
In Barcelona
Ron Pretty
What Charles Copeman Achieved at Robe River
Adam Bisits
Memories of Max Teichmann
R.J. Stove
One-way conversation with a black swan, the Hunter Valley, 2012
Dan Guenther

July-August 2013 Volume LVII, No. 7-8

The Unarmed Retreat of the West

Hal G.P. Colebatch
John Ford’s “Ealing” Movie
Neil McDonald
Parallels of Lassitude
Sheryl Persson
Facing Up to Australia’s Lost Competitiveness
P.D. Jonson
Brief Encounter with the Real Thing
Allan Gould
i.m. Paul Stevens, Editor
Tim Murphy

June 2013 Volume LVII, No. 6

Vale Leonie Kramer, 1924-2016

Gregory Haines
The Extraordinary Verse of Clive James
Robert Conquest
Storm Sounds, Storm Shapes
Maurice Nestor
Reunion Jameson Dunne
Jameson Dunne
On Duty with the Shanghai Volunteer Police Force, 1937
Best Overend
John Whitworth

May 2013 Volume LVII, No. 5

Australia’s Prospects in a World of Soaring Debt

Alan Moran
Les Miserables on Screeen
Neil McDonald
Mali Blues Guitarist
Andrew Lansdown
The Easy Moralism of the Adoption Apology
Jeremy Sammut
This Most Privileged Madness
Lin van Hek
Andrew Lansdown

April 2013 Volume LVII, No. 4

Christine Keeler

Rod Moran
Portents of War Between China and Japan
Paul Monk
The Subtle Besmirching of Leo Amery
Hal G.P. Colebatch
Derrida and the Destruction of the Humanities
Mervyn F. Bendle
While Millions Starved
Ted Rule

March 2013 Volume LVII, No. 3

The Downfall of Whitlam (Part I)

J.B. Paul
Two poems — Andrew Lansdown
Andrew Lansdown
Ned Kelly Is Still Holding Us Up
Peter Ryan
The Last of the Humanists?
Neil McDonald
Some Clicks Beyond Manar
Alan Gould
An Outbreak of Indian Misogyny?
Stephen Buckle

January - February 2013 Volume LVII, No. 1-2

The Quest for Jesus

Mervyn F. Bendle
The Promise of Strife to Come
Phillip Hilton
The White Column
Hal G.P. Colebatch
My Eternal Captain
Christine Paice
The Delusions of Asian Engagement
David Martin Jones & Nicholas Khoo
A Philosophy of Buttons
Iain Bamforth