Editions: 2012

December 2012 Volume LVI, No. 12

Sacred Traditions Invented Yesterday

Keith Windschuttle
Grand European Paintings of the NGV
Douglas Hassall
Ron Pretty
Silencing Dissent Inside the Aboriginal Industry
Kerryn Pholi
Ben Affleck’s True Caper Movie
Neil McDonald
From the Terrace
Ron Petty

November 2012 Volume LVI, No. 11

The Not-So-Great Eric Hobsbawm

Keith Windschuttle
The Passionate Serenity
Alan Gould
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John Whitworth
Christopher Koch, Our Finest Living Novelist
Jamie Grant
In the Op Shop with Percy Grainger
Joe Dolce
English History
John Whitworth

October 2012 Volume LVI, No. 10

Taken for Granted

Philippa Martyr
Vale Roger Sandall
Keith Windschuttle
The Romance of the Jewel Thief
Neil McDonald
Two Poems
Alwyn Karpin
The Essential Service
Michael Evans
Ritual Behaviour
Morris Lurie

September 2012 Volume LVI, No. 9

Close Combat at the HRC

Keith Windschuttle, September 2012
How Obama is Fashioning Post-America
Daryl McCann
On the End of History
Mervyn F. Bendle
Zurbaran’s folds
Jacqui Wise
Under the Gaze of KL’s High Rise Eyes
Robyn Lance
Cultural Erasure
Patrick McCauley

July - August 2012 Volume LVI, No. 7-8

Keith Windschuttle

July-August 2012
The Final Act
Bernadette Belej
The Awful Flanders and Wallonia Train Wreck
Joe Dolce
The Ruinous Privileges of Renewable Energy
Ray Evans & Tom Quirk
Light Shines from the Poker Machines
Gary Furnell
from Stroke Poems
Aidan Coleman

June 2012 Volume LVI, No. 6

Chinese Spies and Our National Interest

Paul Monk
Keith Windschuttle
June 2012
Small Suburban Incident
Morris Lurie
Killing Whales
Brad Jackel
Drongoes, Gardenias and Hotchkiss Guns
Peter Ryan
No New Shoes
Jane Downing

May 2012 Volume LVI, No. 5

Bob Hawke’s Boon Companion

Stephen Holt
Keith Windschuttle
May 2102
Autumn Theatres
Michael Connor
Elizabeth Smither
China, America, and the Danger to World Order
Paul Monk
How to Remember
Jenny Stewart

April 2012 Volume LVI, No. 4

Keith Windschuttle

April 2012
Democracy Wall, Beijing, 1979
Daryl McCann
The Whales at Coledale Hospital
Margaret Harvey
How Civilisations Die
Mervyn F. Bendle
One Day in September
Brian Wimborne
Ask and Ye Shall Enter
Tim Murphy

March 2012 Volume LVI, No. 3

Keith Windschuttle

March 2012
Small Performances
Michael Connor
Janine Fraser
Global Governance v Democratic Sovereignty
John O’Sullivan
Short Takes X
Alan Gould
On a Day of Power-line Maintenance
Russell Erwin

January - February 2012 Volume LVI, No. 1-2

Keith Windschuttle

January February 2012
Biblical Imagery in the Songs of Creative Infidels
Joe Dolce
Stone Diary
Victoria Field
Father and the Cordial Factory
Graeme Hetherington
The Gold, the Red and the Green
Alan Moran
When Antonioni Met Rothko
Christopher Heathcote