Editions: 2012

December 2012 Volume LVI, No. 12

The Politics of Dictionaries

Geoffrey Luck
Twitcher Notes
Alan Gould
Infanticide and the Recognition of Personhood
Andrew Errington
Two Poems
Andrew Lansdown
Can Universities Survive the Digital Revolution?
Martin Davies
Seven Poems
Brian Turner

November 2012 Volume LVI, No. 11

The Approaching University Degree Bubble

Paul Oslington
Saturday Matinee
Sheryl Persson
Victoria Field
Personal Responsibility and Aboriginal Health
Bubbles Segall
The Glory and Decline of Bread
Les Murray
Two Poems
Michael Sariban

October 2012 Volume LVI, No. 10

Taken for Granted

Philippa Martyr
The Essential Service
Michael Evans
Ritual Behaviour
Morris Lurie
Jamie Grant
In Defence of Freedom of Speech
George Brandis
Memories of Vienna 1938
Lee Shrubb

September 2012 Volume LVI, No. 9

Close Combat at the HRC

Keith Windschuttle, September 2012
How Obama is Fashioning Post-America
Daryl McCann
Under the Gaze of KL’s High Rise Eyes
Robyn Lance
On the End of History
Mervyn F. Bendle
Zurbaran’s folds
Jacqui Wise
Cultural Erasure
Patrick McCauley

July - August 2012 Volume LVI, No. 7-8

Theatrical Haze

Michael Connor
A Decent Skin
Knute Skinner
Hook, Line and Sinker
Derek Fenton
Danish Noir and Australian Light
Neil McDonald
The Factoid Multi-Universe
John Whitworth
Greeks Bearing Gifts
Michael Sariban

June 2012 Volume LVI, No. 6

Chinese Spies and Our National Interest

Paul Monk
Ruth’s Perfect Boy
Mark McGinness
The Presence
Leon Trainor
Sir Zelman and the Literary Loony
Laurie Hergenhan
The Way the Water Runs
Jennifer Compton
Home Schooling: Education Outside the Box
Suzannah Rowntree

May 2012 Volume LVI, No. 5

Bob Hawke’s Boon Companion

Stephen Holt
If Islam Had Never Existed
Michael Giffin
Mt Ainslie Dreaming
Alan Gould
Alfred Tennyson and Helen Garner in an Age of Doubt
Michael Jensen
Late Sun in February
Alan Gould
The Fabian Fallacies of the Gonski Report
Kevin Donnelly

April 2012 Volume LVI, No. 4

Vile Medicine

Aniello Iannuzzi
Missed Appointment
John Whitworth
Dearest Val
Marilyn Peck
Hygiene of the Soul
Iain Bamforth
Joe Dolce
Joe Dolce

March 2012 Volume LVI, No. 3

A Modest Proposal for the ABC

Christopher Akehurst
On a plane to Cuba
Michael Crane
Broome Taxi Rides
Leon Trainor
Hey Mr Cowbell Man
Joe Dolce
River out of Africa
Ron Pretty
Inventing Italics
John Ridland

January - February 2012 Volume LVI, No. 1-2

The Rum Sedges

Roger Underwood
The Hard Left Bias of the Mass Media
Steven Kates
Rod Usher
Existential Threats versus Cockeyed Optimism
Peter Smith
A Serving of Bacon
Peter Ryan
A Short Essay on Walking
Geoff Page