Editions: 2012

December 2012 Volume LVI, No. 12

Slaying the Dragon

Paul Monk
From Brisbane to Bucharest
Mark McGinness
Leon Trainor
South Vietnam’s Journey into Oblivion
Daryl McCann
The Non-Conformists
Peter Coleman
The Gas That Killed Sylvia Plath
Joe Dolce

November 2012 Volume LVI, No. 11

The Western Way of Economic Decline

Alan Moran
Dönitz in Queensland
Frank P. English
Derek Fenton
How the Left Became Anti-Semitic
Daryl McCann
Celebrating Multiculturalism
Hal G.P. Colebatch
Poetry on the Lake
Victoria Field

October 2012 Volume LVI, No. 10

Taken for Granted

Philippa Martyr
Bernard Lewis and the Dangerous Creed of Freedom
Daryl McCann
Progress and the Pueblo
George Thomas
Santamaria and the Organised Catholic Vote
Patrick Morgan
The Throttle Grip Around Labor’s Throat
Peter Ryan
The Dung House and Nostalgia for Oppression
Wolfgang Kasper

September 2012 Volume LVI, No. 9

Close Combat at the HRC

Keith Windschuttle, September 2012
How Obama is Fashioning Post-America
Daryl McCann
Under the Gaze of KL’s High Rise Eyes
Robyn Lance
On the End of History
Mervyn F. Bendle
Zurbaran’s folds
Jacqui Wise
Cultural Erasure
Patrick McCauley

July - August 2012 Volume LVI, No. 7-8

The War against Human Nature II: Gender Studies (Part 2)

Frank Salter
Seamlessly through the Quatrains
Tim Murphy
How Many Poets Does It Change
Joe Dolce
The Roots of Green Politics in German Romanticism
Brian Wimborne
Our Galactic Significance
John O’Connor
Give Me Little Sugar with My Beer Sylvie
Joe Dolce

June 2012 Volume LVI, No. 6

Chinese Spies and Our National Interest

Paul Monk
Deluded Tyrant in the Kremlin
Daryl McCann
Anti the Anti
Joe Dolce
Clearing the Field
Jim Carruth
The Real Beneficiaries of the Welfare State
Wolfgang Kasper
Remount Squadron, 1919
Christopher Nailer

May 2012 Volume LVI, No. 5

Bob Hawke’s Boon Companion

Stephen Holt
In Praise of Compulsory Voting
James Allan
Learning Journalism by Degrees
Peter Ryan
Misplaced Person—1966
Ken Stone
W.L. Baillieu and the Industrialisation of Australia
Trevor Sykes
Flamingoes in the Camargue
Robyn Lance

April 2012 Volume LVI, No. 4

A Tale of Two Panels

James Spigelman
The Last Days of the Bonurong
Robert Murray
Autumn Song
Jan Owen
Why Local Government Should Not Be Recognised in the Constitution
David Mitchell
The Burden of Responsibility
Julia Patrick
I Haven’t Forgotten
Jan Owen

March 2012 Volume LVI, No. 3

The Slave Girl and the Professor

Roger Sandall
Stopping the Rot
Victor Stepien
Dear Clive
Wendy Videlock
David Hume and the Atheists
Ross Barham
Memories and Dismemories
Jan Owen
Doug Buckley

January - February 2012 Volume LVI, No. 1-2

The Other Side of Dick Cheney

Kieran Morris
The Bard or Not the Bard
Neil McDonald
Old Man’s Beard
John Whitworth
Society from a Cosmic Perspective
John O’Connor
Returning to Carthage
Ben Sharafski
John Whitworth