Editions: 2012

December 2012 Volume LVI, No. 12

Reflections on the Modest Member

Ray Evans
What I’m Learning from G.K. Chesterton
Gary Furnell
Two poems
Jemal Sharah
The Political Corrosion of the CSIRO
Tom Quirk
Lawrence’s Other “Lost Girl”
Sandra Jobson Darroch
Five haiku
Gary Hotham

November 2012 Volume LVI, No. 11

The Hubris of Four Corners

Geoffrey Luck
Reading Anna Karenina, Considering the Holocaust
Mira Crouch
After your service, Wal.
Russell Erwin
A Literary Man at the Zoo
Peter Coleman
The Man Who Redeemed the B Movie
Neil McDonald
What Lies Beneath
Andy Kissane

October 2012 Volume LVI, No. 10

Taken for Granted

Philippa Martyr
In Defence of Freedom of Speech
George Brandis
Memories of Vienna 1938
Lee Shrubb
In the church of Saint Louis en L’ile
Robyn Lance
We Don’t Need a News Media Council
Ian Callinan
Literary Musings of a Wartime Spy
Marco Paoletti

September 2012 Volume LVI, No. 9

Close Combat at the HRC

Keith Windschuttle, September 2012
How Obama is Fashioning Post-America
Daryl McCann
On the End of History
Mervyn F. Bendle
Zurbaran’s folds
Jacqui Wise
Under the Gaze of KL’s High Rise Eyes
Robyn Lance
Cultural Erasure
Patrick McCauley

July - August 2012 Volume LVI, No. 7-8

The Revisionist Case That Muhammad Did Not Exist

Mervyn F. Bendle
The Realm of Ozymandias
Benjamin Jellis
Dropping Osip Mandelsh’tam
Christopher Nailer
Is the Universe a Closed System?
Peter Barclay
Squanderers and Vandals
Hal G.P. Colebatch
Barbara Fisher

June 2012 Volume LVI, No. 6

Chinese Spies and Our National Interest

Paul Monk
Australia’s Geo-Political Strategy and the Defence Budget
Harry Gelber
Meet Prey Shove
Derek Fenton
The Swan
Jan Owen
It’s Really about Freedom
Daryl McCann
Let Truth Tell Itself
Jim Carruth

May 2012 Volume LVI, No. 5

Bob Hawke’s Boon Companion

Stephen Holt
The Rise of China is the Real End of History
Alan Moran
A Day of Eagles
Frank P. English
On Revisiting William Delafield Cook’s Hillside
Jacqui Wise
The Serpent’s Egg
Tony Thomas
More than a Handful
Neil McDonald

April 2012 Volume LVI, No. 4

What Is Going On in Syria?

Paul Stenhouse
Paul Oates
To Stephen Edgar, on his sixtieth birthday
Tim Murphy
Nobel Rot
Michael Kile
That Old Movie Magic
Neil McDonald
Voices of a Distant Star
John Whitworth

March 2012 Volume LVI, No. 3

Beware the Global Citizen

Patrick McCauley
The Nadworna Massacre
Sev Sternhell
Leon Trainor
Pax Americana and US Decline
Keith Windschuttle
The Altar of the Dead
C.A.R. Hills
Gary Hotham

January - February 2012 Volume LVI, No. 1-2

Part I: Floating the Dollar: Facts and Fiction

John Stone
Grey Gardens in Melbourne
Michael Connor
The Fell of Day
Victoria Field
Tricia Dearborn
Part II: Floating the Dollar: Facts and Fiction
John Stone
God v Allah III
Bernard d’Abrera