Editions: 2011

December 2011 Volume LV, No. 12

December 25 and Our Place in the Cosmos

Paul Monk
Thomas Keneally, Starving for Evidence
Andrew Roberts
Wayne Strudwick
John Foulcher
Winchester and the Authorised Version
Christopher Dawson
On the Brink
R.J. Armstrong

November 2011 Volume LV, No. 11

Marcus Clarke’s Essential Recycling

Michael Wilding
Leaving Merrimba
Jennifer Compton
The Last Bushranger
Joe Dolce
The Hard Decisions of Albus Dumbledore
Robert Darby
Mrs Macquarie’s Pen
Pauline Conolly
Mr Eliot also caught the Tube
Ivan Head

October 2011 Volume LV, No. 10

Until the High Court Otherwise Provides

James Allan
Hardy Plant, Tolerates Danger
Irina Dunn
Why the Governor-General is Australia’s Head of State
David Smith
The African Obamas
Robert Murray
Adoption is Better than Abortion
Kevin McGovern
Ill Winds from Bloated Universities
Peter Ryan

September 2011 Volume LV, No. 9

Ion Idriess and The Desert Column

Roger Underwood
Why Are Pirates Getting Away with It?
Hal G.P. Colebatch
Don’t Truckle With Treason
Patrick Morgan
Keith Windschuttle
September, 2011
9/11 and the Intelligentsia, Ten Years On
Mervyn F. Bendle
The Intellectual Left’s Treason of the Heart
Kenneth Minogue

July - August 2011 Volume LV, No. 7-8

Beauty and the Art of Poetry

Jack Sexton
Cutting-Out Expedition
Hal G.P. Colebatch
Gender Bending
John Whitworth
The Degradation of the Public Service
John Stone
The Backpack
Libby Sommer
This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Two Giuseppes
Joe Dolce

June 2011 Volume LV, No. 6

Scraping the Rust off Cuba

Lincoln Wright
The Civilised Magic of Oskar Kokoschka
Douglas Hassall
Julian Woods
Superior but Brittle
Daryl McCann
Lost and/or Gained When Translated
Ouyang Yu
Barbara Fisher

May 2011 Volume LV, No. 5

The Return of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Peter Day
Seeing the Light on Earth Hour
Rowan Dean
The Eternal Search
Irina Dunn
Andrew Bolt on Trial
Michael Connor
A Dozen Global Warming Slogans
Bob Carter
Keith Windschuttle
May, 2011

April 2011 Volume LV, No. 4

MONA’s Brutal Banality

Michael Connor
Sheep in the Valiant
Felix Calvino
Back Ground
Carmel Macdonald Grahame
Mammoth Fantasies
Michael Kile
The Project of Tatsuo Takahashi
Jason Morgan
A Kid’ll Eat Ivy Too
Joe Dolce

March 2011 Volume LV, No. 3

Cricket’s Dark Side, Then and Now

Roger Underwood
The Civilising Power of English Law
Keith Windschuttle
The Unknowable Stanley Melbourne Bruce
Philip Ayres
Golden Mountains
Chris Ashton
The Intelligent Voter’s Guide to Global Warming (Part I)
Geoffrey Lehmann, Peter Farrell & Dick Warburton
In the Land of the Kickballers
Peter Ryan

January - February 2011 Volume LV, No. 1-2

My Life as a Leper

Peter Ryan
The Famine that Mao Created
Ted Rule
The Great Salesman
Daryl McCann
Cuba Libre; Time
Rod Usher
Look Back with Apprehension
Irina Dunn
The Priest and the Jester
B.J. Coman