Editions: 2018

December 2018 Volume LXII, Number 12, No. 552

A Lesson in Economics

Terrorism Studies
Keith Windschuttle
Clive James on Les Murray’s retirement
What a tangled Brexit web we weave
John O’Sullivan
Nonsense, Well-Intentioned and Otherwise
Anthony Daniels
Hark the Gender Angels Sing
Christopher Akehurst

November 2018 Volume LXII, Number 11, No. 551

Slogans and Tyranny

The Three Waves Myth
Keith Windschuttle
Donald Trump, He Grows on You
John O’Sullivan
The New Confessionalism
Anthony Daniels
America’s Poor White Trash
Philip Ayres
Modernity’s Miracle II: Practical and Romantic Nations
Peter Murphy

October 2018 Volume LXII, Number 10, No. 550

Organisational Virtue

Cartoon Characters
Keith Windschuttle
Risk, Morality and Liberties
John O’Sullivan
Authoritarianism in Cement and Steel
Anthony Daniels
Female, Male, Fe-Male
Christopher Akehurst
The New Struggle for Religious Freedom
Dyson Heydon

September 2018 Volume LXII, Number 9, No. 549

Indigenous Censorship, Ramsay Centre and more

Captain Cook and the Great Game
Keith Windschuttle
Genocide-Lite: The Massacre of Meaning
Anthony Daniels
Hypocrisy by the Sackful
John O’Sullivan
The Church in a Post-Christian Age
George Pell
Art and Civilisational Collapse
Magnus O’Mallon

July 2018 Volume LXII, Number 7-8, No. 548

Curtin, an Over-Rated Prime Minister

The Secret World of Academia
Keith Windschuttle
Trump’s Rules, Trump Rules
John O’Sullivan
Banality of Evil? Not Really
Anthony Daniels
The War Against Tommy Robinson
Stefan Molyneux
Burke’s Legacy in Australian Politics
David Furse-Roberts

June 2018 Volume LXII, Number 6, No. 547

Abolish Them

The Second Coming of Karl Marx
Keith Windschuttle
The Lethal Urge of the Anointed
John O’Sullivan
Glory, Jest and Riddle
Anthony Daniels
The Australian Forever
John Ruddick
Enlightenment Virtues, Cook and Our Origins
Nick Cater

May 2018 Volume LXII, Number 5, No. 546

Theology and Cosmology

Prophets of the Apocalypse
Keith Windschuttle
The Ubiquity of Unctuous Pieties
Anthony Daniels
Waiting and Yearning for the Cavalary
John O’Sullivan
Low-Growth Big-Statism
Peter Murphy
The Coming Age of De-Globalisation
Martin Hutchinson

April 2018 Volume LXII, Number 4, No. 545

Verbal Curtsies

Keith Windschuttle
As Goes Hungary…
John O’Sullivan
Eyesore Justice Now!
Anthony Daniels
Vale Neil McDonald, 1940–2018
David Brill, Debra Holland, John Moore, Peter Brune
The Immoral Ayers Rock Climbing Ban
Marc Hendrickx
Western Civilisation’s Merits and Perils
Wolfgang Kasper

March 2018 Volume LXII, Number 3, No. 544

An Unlikely Massacre

Fake Apologies
Keith Windschuttle
Free Speech’s Emboldened Enemies
Anthony Daniels
The Truth of Fiction
John O’Sullivan
Utopian Ambitions Meet Big Data
David Martin Jones
Europe’s Deplorables Challenge the Liberal Elite
György Schöpflin

Jan-Feb 2018 Volume LXII, No. 1-2

Nothing without Christianity

Australia Dystopia
Keith Windschuttle
Mugabe and After
John O’Sullivan
Raised on the Milk of the Wild Beast
Anthony Daniels
North Korea: Prequel Stark, Sequel Still Dark
Anthony Paul
Roger Scruton and Enlightened Patriotism
Daryl McCann