Editions: 2019

December 2019 Volume LXIII, Number 12, No. 561

The Epicentre of Our History

Keith Windschuttle
Vladimir Bukovsky: The Dissident Who Won
John O’Sullivan
Kabalarians at the Gate
Anthony Daniels
Ladies First
Christopher Akehurst
More Frightening than Brexit
Jonathan Foreman
The Bogus Aboriginal World of Bruce Pascoe
Peter O'Brien

November 2019 Volume LXIII, Number 11, No. 561

Invented Traditions

Keith Windschuttle
Deep Resentment and the Appeal of Islam
Anthony Daniels
Gone with the Wind
Christopher Akehurst
The Cultural Curse of the New Censorship
Barry Spurr
The Christian Way Forward in a Time of Crisis
Rod Dreher
The Unconstitutionality of the Prorogation Judgment
John Finnis

October 2019 Volume LXIII, Number 10, No. 560

The Revolt of the Nobodies

Peter Murphy
The Pell Case: A Strong Odour of Injustice
Anthony Daniels
Downer Comes in from the Cold
Daryl McCann
An Afternoon with Anne Marie Waters
Stuart Lindsay
Where the Pell Judgment Went Fatally Astray
John Finnis
The Contradictions of the Choirboy
Keith Windschuttle

September 2019 Volume LXIII, Number 9, No. 559

Lucky to Have the Opera House

Pick a side: Bureaucratic Imperialism or Democratic Nationalism
John O’Sullivan
The Regrettable Emphasis on ‘Remorse’
Anthony Daniels
The Nun’s Story
Christopher Akehurst
The Legal Crisis Behind the Hong Kong Protests
Matthew White
A New Chinese 1989 is Nowhere in Sight
Eric C. Hendriks

July 2019 Volume LXIII, Number 7-8, No. 558

Weakness at the Centre

The Majesty of the Law
Keith Windschuttle
Some Fragments of Future Histories
John O’Sullivan
The Forbidden-to-Forbid Generation
Anthony Daniels
Endangered Science
Aynsley Kellow
The Escalating Madness of Leftist Crowds
Roger Kimball

June 2019 Volume LXIII, Number 6, No. 557

The Estimable Disjunct

Operation ‘Get Pell’
Keith Windschuttle
A Storm is Coming on the Chiltern Hills
John O’Sullivan
Commissars at the End of History
Anthony Daniels
Legal and Cultural Clashes over Gender Identity Law
Patrick J. Byrne
Why the Second Jury Found George Pell Guilty
Keith Windschuttle

May 2019 Volume LXIII, Number 5, No. 556

Legal Process and the Phony Rape Crisis on Campus

Bettina Arndt
An Outbreak of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria
Michael Connor
The Unusual Coyness of Tim Minchin
Borrowed Testimony
Keith Windschuttle
Mrs May’s Pantomime Horse Canters Back to Brussels
John O’Sullivan
The Blue Skies of Sporting Memory
Anthony Daniels

April 2019 Volume LXIII, Number 4, No. 555

Population Growth and Inevitable Shortages

George Pell and the Jury
Keith Windschuttle
Can Populism Save Europe?
John O’Sullivan
The Hollow Crown of Reigning Sentiment
Anthony Daniels
Climate’s Uncertainty Principle
Garth Paltridge
Poetry Today: The Most Humane of the Arts
Barry Spurr

March 2019 Volume LXIII, Number 3, No. 554

Another Passing Academic Fad

Culture and Suicide
Keith Windschuttle
A Europe Oblivious to its Fractures and Follies
John O’Sullivan
It All Depends What You Mean By … ‘Why?’
Anthony Daniels
The Chinese Delusion of a Greater Eurasia
Salvatore Babones
North Korea’s Single-Minded Ambition
Peter Rowe

Jan-Feb 2019 Volume LXIII, Number 1-2, No. 553

The Three Waves Myth

Grotesque Generosity
The Last of the Tory Squires
John O’Sullivan
Not Merely Wrong but Entirely Bogus
Anthony Daniels
Driving Out the Drover
Robert Murray
Vale Les Murray, 1938-2019