The Age of Bullying Sociopaths

gender fluid IIThe phone rang. It was the psychiatrist, who was interrupting my lunchbreak with an update on a referred patient. I listened and sensed frustration in his voice.

“Your patient really drained me,” he sighed. “Her endogenous depression had stabilised but she’s going downhill again and all because of what her daughter brought home from school.”

The cause of the patient’s depressive relapse and the psychiatrist’s angst is the teacher of the daughter of the patient. The daughter’s new sex-education instructor had been telling the class that penises and vaginas don’t determine gender any more. The children were told that sexuality is what you make it. Yes! That’s what a teacher told a class of teenyboppers, schoolgirls going through the menarche, the most impressionable time of their lives …

“I went after that teacher on the net,” he continued, “and it seems that this person has some sort of borderline gender disorder which doesn’t appear in the DSM, maybe because the compilers of the DSM-5 couldn’t agree on whether they were dealing with a dysfunction, a misfortune, or a lifestyle. Nevertheless, this indistinctly gendered person whose anatomically ambiguous pudendum predisposes to idiosyncratic supratentorial symptomatology is accredited to take classes of pubescent schoolgirls and instruct them on their nascent sexuality, notwithstanding the muddled sexuality of the instructor.”

On hearing all that, my first thought was: What a lark it must be to be a psychiatrist and to have carte blanche to go fossicking about in the medical clouds. But then I realised that his poking about up there was not a happy romp, because he scampered back down to earth to deliver a blistering analysis of the ruinous impact that Progress was having on the Human Condition.

“Free floating anxiety, reactive depression and hysteria are rampant!” he yelled into the phone, and after catching half a breath: “It’s like a medieval plague!” He explained: “But the carriers of today’s epidemic are the dismal Marxist rats that have washed up into our universities from the rotten hulk of communism … legions of progressive ideologues have infiltrated and infested all the institutions of higher learning, they are brainwashing our uncritical youth and they are turning them into compliant PC teacher warriors like the one that is screwing up our patient through her daughter!”

That’s a very harsh analysis, Maurice. You make it sound as if the university has become a health hazard. Could it be that the teacher has been misunderstood because of poor communication?

“Teaching is about good and proper communication,” he insisted. “This person is talking sex to little kids in newspeak. In our day a school leaver needed a good pass mark to make it into a teachers’ college to learn how to teach—in English. These days a university will admit anybody from an open field of applicants and drum into her (occasionally it’s a he) gender studies, post-Freudian evolutionary psychology and all sorts of reconstituted neo-Marxist claptrap. The academics marinate her grey matter in social-science slime, season it with the latest teaching fads, and when she’s demonstrated a satisfactory level of Orwellian fluency, they send her out to teach. In this case, fashionable fantasies of sexual liberation at a school near Marrickville.”

That’s where that Christian community got spooked by the speed with which the Safe Schools caper came galloping up from Melbourne.

“Yes, sexologists from some social engineering university in Victoria started trickling their fluid-gender theory into the school just after a Stranger Danger campaign had passed through the district. No surprise then that the parents became wary about strangers interfering with their children or that they panicked when the kids started bringing home pearls like: ‘Sexual orientation is written in the DNA but sexual preference is written in the wind …’

“That’s what prompted your referral of the frantic mother. She unloaded onto me how the parent group rallied against the Safe Schools caper, how they were debunked by the teachers, ignored by the media and forced to abandon their protest. So now we have an anxious, depressed and hysterical mother to deal with.”

Gender dysphoria robs a mother of her daughter.

“The teacher has done what the university taught her to do: Disregard the parents and prepare the youngster for an orderly transition into a new fluid and gender-diverse multicultural world community, even while your old-fashioned nation-state withers away. The new world of PC harmony and unity in diversity is progressing satisfactorily in many other advanced Western societies as well, and soon all the communities, collectives and covens of the world will be joining hands, dancing in circles and singing ‘Kumbaya’. Just as presaged by neo-Marxism.

“Also, in the new world order the principles of social Darwinism will prevail so that in the schoolyard, unnatural selection will favour the gender-diverse community (GDC) thereby ensuring that the GDC will gain dominance.

“Just pause and consider for a moment the elegant synergy and positive feedback at play here. Admire the crescendo of empowerment elevating the GDC everywhere. Notice how prominent the GDC already is in the media, especially the ABC, in education and in any organisation with clout in society. Look around and see how sexual athletes from the flourishing GDC are jockeying up the greasy poles of government and corporate hierarchies. The taller the pole and the further up you look, the more sexually adventurous gender-diverse people you will find clawing their way to the top.

“It takes a witch’s brew of hormones, including adrenaline and anabolic steroids, to power a professional or corporate rise. Given that, it is the androgenic drive which boosts one’s determination to succeed and it is the octane rating of one’s androgenic secretions rather then one’s assigned gender which delivers the prize. So you see, the rapidly growing GDC with its exceptional endocrine cocktail defines a wider and a deeper genetic pool with better survival prospects in the new world order then your shallow old community of ordinary folk.”

Yes, Maurice, academic BS can elevate the abnormal and give a wholesome glow to paedophilia. But why does society allow BS artists to stuff a little girl’s brain with toxic sludge?

“Because there are sociopaths at the top of the poles.”

How do you define a sociopath?

“A sociopath is a psychopath who doesn’t make your skin crawl. The sociopath lacks moral fibre. That’s a forebrain deficiency condition. The forebrain generates your good and noble thoughts and it is this higher intelligence which in turn protects the person from androgenic surges. The grey matter of the amoral sociopath is defenceless against the uncontrolled impact of the androgenic drive. This can be verified by doing a frontal lobotomy on an ordinary person and noting that the lobotomised individual immediately becomes like-minded with the sociopath. She will forget the meaning of the word empathy and he will become alarmingly disinhibited. Both will become manipulative and fearfully competitive while exhibiting an unrestrained flight of fancy and reason from the straight and narrow.

“This sort of ‘thinking outside the square’ is an intellectual asset and a career-boosting talent in academia as well as in the corporate and bureaucratic worlds. A faculty will preferentially endorse a clutch of its primordial insiders to engage in areas of research that ordinary people find reprehensible. Outsiders are awed by the aura of academia, so they will accept, for example, the precocious sexualisation of children by progressive academic sociopaths. The people in the Faculty of Sexology incorporate theoretical child abuse and grooming into their esteemed and priapically upright humanistic enterprise and they explain to the rest of us that their inquiries seek a more progressive understanding of human sexuality and that they conduct their research with the utmost scientific rigour and that their work abides by the institutional code of ethics …”

Bulldust and bollocks! Give me a break! We learnt about sex at school too, but we learnt it in the playground or behind the school toilets while the teachers were in the staffroom minding their own business. We respected our teachers all the more because they never talked sex with us. We had our social grapevines, we were surrounded by ogling and snickering opportunities and we could observe farm animals and randy pets doing it all over the place. Our sexuality grew in us. It came instinctively and playfully from a very young age and with it grew our awareness of what was arousing and what was disgusting about sex. The grown-ups played no part in our research.

The academic effluvia drifting up from the progressive state of Victoria would have been shunned like the plague had it been encountered by our teachers. Why doesn’t the psychiatric profession expose the deviants who are pushing perversity onto pre-pubescent schoolkids? Why doesn’t psychiatry call out their dirty academic foreplay?

“Who’s going to? There are psychologists out there trawling for homophobia and misogyny with eMRI machines, and progressive psychiatrists are steering attention away from paedophilia by professing interest in pro-gay-marriage issues. Just now they’re on cloud nine over a recently published paper on ‘The epigenetic modification of Y chromosomal DNA by the poll-driven push for Gay Marriage’.”

What do ordinary psychiatrists say about that?

“They don’t argue when irrationality has an agenda. They just hope that something will turn up to save the children from the progressive sociopaths who run the schools. Those not-so-erudite educators are turning mothers into hysterics by pushing the PC tenet of ‘Gender Equality in Gender Diversity’. Their fixation is that all genders are equal and no gender is more equal than others and they’re running with that muddled genital obsession as if they need to piss in a unisex toilet before they die.”

It’s not PC to link the feminist gender-levelling agenda with the gender confusion, behavioural problems, bullying and child abuse that is rampant everywhere. But hyperactive behaviours, most of which are symptomatic of the bullying spectrum disorder, are separating the boys from the girls much more now than before the feminisation of education.

“Feminist teachers are driven by a debilitating penis envy. They are so disenchanted with whatever nature has given them that they are taking their frustrations out on our grandkids, most spitefully on the natal males, so what’s behind the epidemic of castration anxiety and oppositional behaviours? Who is bullying who?”

That’s for the school psychologist to decide. She deals with behavioural problems and she is accredited to counsel the confused, obstreperous and underachieving little boy who has never known a mother’s love. You’re lucky to have two loving parents to go home to. Half the children in your class only have one regular parent.

In the new world order, all’s well in any permutation or combination of the family unit as long as the putative parents abide by Departmental Guidelines for Parenting and the school psychologist is accredited to manage the flood of behavioural problems that is yet to come out of the fluid-gendered classroom.

In the new world order, commercial surrogacy is delivering babies like cabbages and parental bliss is promoted like a human right. Corporate hierarchs petition the state to overrule the wisdom of nature and declare marriage exclusive to none so that they can repackage the family and give anyman and his lover all that their hearts desire.

An anarchic world order is stealing. It is more dispiriting and degrading then the “Brave New World” of Huxley’s fable. In that dystopia, the state cloned and gestated dumbed-down drones of various grades and ranks in mechanical incubators. In the new world order, pregnant peasant women are doing hard labour in Third World baby farms to deliver a similar sort of product.

“The new world order is breeding. Its babies are commodities, its ethics are consumerist and the serious vanity of its narcissistic hedonism is flaunted in a wagon load of weasel words, grammatical contortions and embedded oxymorons.”

Maurice, remember when we were young and gay and those sneaky homosexuals stole the word from us? Remember how they signed themselves out of the DSM when very few people had even heard of the DSM? Now, at a time when ordinary people are abandoning marriage in droves, we cop a barrage from the belligerently progressive homosexual community of bullies marching down our main streets arm in arm with the women of the histrionic community of dykes, all demanding we acquiesce, while demanding the immediate abolition of marriage because it is an instrument of subjugation by the misogynistic patriarchy.

“Testosterone-powered sociopaths of the gay elite have always lampooned and lambasted marriage and now they are stealing it and degrading it and trashing it. They don’t give a fig for marriage. The relationship that has bonded a Man to a Woman since Zeus married Hera is an affront to this crowd.”

The new fluid-gendered-progressive world order has no use for ancient or modern myths of marriage, family, religion or the idea of “a man and a woman”. I have also noticed that the academics don’t call us “heterosexuals” any more. The faculty now defines ordinary people as “heteronormatives” as if we are sufferers of some category of paraphilia. Is that the label under which the experts intend to admit us into the next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, the DSM-6?

Dr John J. Prineas is a general practitioner in western Sydney

10 thoughts on “The Age of Bullying Sociopaths

  • ChrisPer says:

    As satire, this sucks. The ideas are only worth about 1/4 of the words.

  • says:

    My take on this is quite different from that of ChrisPer. The author is freely and vigorously venting his frustration which is shared by yours truly and most genuine conservatives. The article bolsters my hope that there is still a sufficient degree of plain common sense in society to counter the frightening idiocy of the “progressive left”. Failing that, our western civilisation is condemned to a miserable failure.

  • Jody says:

    This man is a living bloody legend; he’s the object of hatred from the Left and this little excerpt from a Harvard lecture shows why:

    • Mark Smith says:

      Jordan Peterson is incredibly disciplined with his words and wields them like weapons. Hard to get too much of his vids. For anyone with the patience it’s an hour well spent watching his c16 hearing opposing the political push for compelled speech (gender pronouns) in Canada a month
      We need a guy like this here in one of our unis.

      • Jody says:

        Not just in our ‘unis’, but speaking on behalf of our society!!! That ludicrous committee hearing and that silly woman who kept patronizing Professor Peterson with lists of august institutions just didn’t get what he was saying. She just wasn’t smart enough, preferring instead to fall back on her familiar tics about the fact that there are many people who agree; ergo, because of numbers they are right. She was a vacuous air-head and alarmingly typical of these apparatchiks who want to control every aspect of our lives.

        Jordan is a TOTAL HERO.

        • Mark Smith says:

          We’ve got some brave journalists who continue to stick their neck out but we’re missing even a single academic who not only has the utmost intellectual rigour to crushingly expose Neo-Marxism et al, but stands on the frontline like Peterson who seems to thrive in the messy scrap of a bruising and bloody fight, so to speak.The unis are the frontline. Real territory will start to be regained there.
          As for the lady you referred to, like most of the inquisitors, it’s a mixed experience to watch. Great to learn how to answer stupid statements and questions designed to entrap, but sad to see such great words fall on deaf ears – and the legislation ended up passing!

  • Jody says:

    All this demonstrates what happens when a society faces zero existential threat and feels enabled to be more and more demanding.

  • Patrick McCauley says:

    It started with the feminist demands for ‘Gender Equity’ which has morphed into ‘gender Fluidity’ or ‘Gender Diversity’. So it must be stopped where it started first … in ‘Feminism’. Its the Teacher Inions (right across Australia) in every shape and form (except for the Catholics) who are the Official Supporters of ‘Safe Schools’ ( just look at their website) … and the Teacher Unions are mostly women and almost entirely ‘Feminist’ … they are also ‘Gender Diverse’. Feminism is ‘all about ‘equality’ … and this is what ‘equality’ looks like

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    As a heteronormative person am I in a minority, don’t I have rights and are these gender diverse people discriminating against me?

    You demand the HRC investigate my issue.

  • Stephen Due says:

    The proper solution to this problem is to privatise the State education system. State-controlled education is a socialist enterprise ideally suited to control by cranks for the purposes of mass indoctrination.

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