A suitable case for treatment

bombheadIf only the penal system had been more sensitive to the needs of Khaled Sharrouf during the short-ish period he spent behind bars for his part in the Pendennis Plot, which aimed to give infidels in Melbourne and Sydney an explosive dose of what was good for them, his young son might not now be at risk of muscle damage and skeletal distortion as a consequence of lifting those heavy severed heads. The SMH reports:

Sydney jihadist Khaled Sharrouf’s mental health issues were left untreated for almost all of his four-year incarceration and would only have worsened while he was in jail for terrorism offences, the psychiatrist who treated him says.

A shocking failure in service provision left Mr Sharrouf languishing in jail until just before his release in 2009 and exacerbated the mental issues that a judge said drove him to radical Islam.

Psychiatrist Olav Nielssen goes on to explain that Sharrouf was the untreated victim of “depression, acute schizophrenia, paranoia and hallucinations.”

That’s the appraisal of one head-shrinker, who has perhaps not familiarised himself with the view of another specialist in mental disorders, Iranian dissident and apostate Muslim Ali Sina, who sees such deficiencies of character and perception as having been part and parcel of Islam for a very long time

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