The Terrierist’s Offensive

zeg depp small

Life’s just not fair, as Zeg observes. There you are, a famous Hollywood actor who  hob-nobs with the Obamas, and you turn up in country where the locals should be awestruck by your stellar presence, but instead they raise a stink about a pair of yappy Yorkies evading quarantine requirements. The absolute gall of Barnaby Joyce to insist that the law applies to all, even celebrity dog smugglers!

UPDATE: Predictably, one of the baby vegetables in Fairfax Media’s manure-strewn garden notes that, while rabies isn’t nice and celebrities cannot be allowed to make their own rules, it is Abbott & Co who must be called to account.

Yes, really.

Johnny Depp’s dogs departed the country on Friday. Going by the latest circulation figures (also released on Friday) it will not be long before the SMH and Age also vanish from view.

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