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If you have been attempting to follow what, for want a better term, might and will inevitably be called Deep Stategate, Mark Steyn’s latest column is a clear and lucid explanation of how the Russia! Russia! Russia! scare was whipped up as an excuse for Hillary Clinton’s admirers in the Justice Department to spy on the Donald Trump campaign. It begins:

As I think most persons paying attention now realize, the investigation into foreign interference with the 2016 election was created as a cover for domestic interference with the 2016 election.

It was run at the highest (or deepest) Deep State levels by the likes of James Clapper and John Brennan, whose frantic and hysterical Tweets are like no utterances of any CIA director in history. That also explains one of the puzzling aspects of the last year that I’ve occasionally mentioned here and on TV and radio: If you were truly interested in an “independent” Special Counsel, why would you appoint Robert Mueller? He’s a lifetime insider and the most connected man in Washington – a longtime FBI Director, and Assistant Attorney-General and acting Deputy Attorney-General at the Department of Justice.

The article, which can be read via this link or the one below, only gets better. Australian readers will be particularly interested in Steyn’s thoughts about Alexander Downer’s place and role in the affair. The partial guest list for a London’s Global Strategy Forum, reproduced above, figures prominently in Steyn’s reporting. Read it and wonder why the  press isn’t camped on Mr Downer’s doorstep.

Oh, that’s right. Russia! Russia! Russia!

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