When the Mad Fringe Becomes the Centre

‘I got turned on today watching the fear in Posie Parker’s eyes. She actually was fearing for her life’.

These are the words of a ‘transwoman’ (a biological man who identifies as a woman) commenting on the violence directed against the Let Women Speak event in Auckland. The first thought of any civilised person reading that disgraceful comment might well be that all ideologies have zealots, and that the man does not represent the mainstream of the cause he supports. This is unequivocally not the case with transgender ideology. The fringe, to be precise, is the centre. This is something that critics of transgenderism have tried to highlight since the ideology became the Left’s cause du jour.

At the heart of transgender ideology lies an impulse, a psychology, a drive, which, due to biological reality, cannot be sated.  The twin delusions that your real self is unrelated to biology and that one can be ‘born in the wrong body’ expresses itself psychologically as a desperate desire to be recognised as something the trans person is not and can never be. This is the core of the profound irrationalism that characterises transgenderism and it is the source of the relentlessly extreme behaviour that manifests as an animosity towards anyone who, even in the most insignificant way, fails to affirm the fantasy of the trans person’s self-identity.

The inability of trans activists to accept the tangible, corporeal reality of their bodies while rejecting others’ entirely rational belief in biological reality are the drivers of an inchoate rage that brooks no argument, and which creates a mindset that rejects traditional concepts of decent behaviour and tolerance towards other human beings. To do so would allow the possibility that someone may not affirm the idea that the trans person is the opposite sex or, in modern parlance, the ‘gender’ they claim to be. Anything, then, that advances the trans agenda of forcing people to affirm their self-identification is allowed, no matter how ugly the behaviour or destructive the consequences. This is not true of all trans people, many of whom just want the same rights as everyone else, but it is true of the majority of transgender activists.

This, then, is the core behaviour of those advancing the ideological project that has been playing out in myriad ways across the world, especially the woke West. J.K. Rowling has said she could wallpaper her home with the death threats she receives. Every attempt to publicly protest women’s rights is met with extraordinary levels of misogyny and implicit or actual violence — the cancellation, doxing and shaming of critics; the distorted re-definition of free speech as ‘hate crime’; the push to allow children to “affirm” their gender; the use of puberty blockers, mastectomies, testosterone, etc.; the editing of classic works of literature which don’t conform to the ideology; the blanket refusal to discuss the need for a democratic debate about trans rights versus human rights and, in particular, women’s rights; drag queen story hour (why do grown men want to read to other people’s children?); the conflation of speech with violence. And then there is the most damaging consequence of them all: the corruption of science and psychology to further an ideology, which is seeing research papers rejected and their authors scorned because the results do not endorse the narrative.

Almost no tactic is off limits for trans activists, not even urging the murder of their ideological opponents. The internet is rife with transgenderists plainly stating that very desire. Not one organisation that champions trans rights, though, has made a concerted effort to criticise the behaviour cited above or called for the speed of change to be slowed because societies are still in the early stage of scientific discovery about transgender psychology and biology, as John Whitehall explains in April’s Quadrant. Normal people are apt to believe ‘I need to look at both sides of a debate to weigh up the possible harms to individuals and to society’. Nothing like this balanced perspective has been forthcoming from transgender ideologues, which should give the decent centre of politics pause for thought. This attitude is not new; we’ve seen similar frenzied, emotional movements when religious and political ideologues have imposed their beliefs on society. Transgenderism, to put it bluntly, is a modern cult. Even someone as rational as the US economist (and transwoman) Deirdre McCloskey has suggested that sex is “assigned” at birth, which is the bizarre idea that the sex of a new-born child is an arbitrary decision by medical staff and no more reasonable or objective than the toss of a coin.

The urge to censor or completely obliterate other people’s opinions on transgender issues was visible during Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull’s (aka Posie Parker) recent Let Women Speak tour of Australia and New Zealand. We witnessed the three main strategies of transgender activism play out in public: the idea that LGBTQ+ rights are all fairy cakes, fabulousness and Gay Pride marches – the double-speak, in other words, of transgender activism. (Another part of the subterfuge is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training at work, even though DEI is probably unconstitutional because there is no political, philosophical or religious prerequisite for employment in local or public sector in Australia); the intellectual and moral dishonesty of name calling and insults, in this instance, saying people are Nazis; and the violent extremism, carried out mainly by biological males in Auckland. One of the ironies of the current moment is that the transwomen who insist that they are actual women behave like feral men and nothing like the generalised behaviour of women. Ironically, their psychology manifests as completely male.

The fact that mainstream trans activists do not condemn the behaviour mentioned above speaks volumes. Until transgender rights organisations understand that they cannot force people to accept epistemological, metaphysical and logical premises with which they disagree, the problems of trans rights activism will become even more toxic. The simple solution to live and let live seems, alas, very far away.

13 thoughts on “When the Mad Fringe Becomes the Centre

  • Ceres says:

    I refuse to use the language of the left. To me these men are pretend women.
    Many of us are heartily fedup with the demands of these often violent men and refuse to validate this group’s, sick agenda.
    It’s becoming very sinister as many of them have been emboldened by the spinelessness of the police, politicians and media. They now feel they have carte blanche to go on a rampage against opponents of their creepy beliefs.
    Up until 5 minutes ago they would have been sent off to psychologists. Now the indulgence needs to end and arrests need to be made when they gate crash other people’s rights.

  • Ian MacDougall says:

    This situation has caused me to wax poetical, as follows:

    A trans-something from Outer Mongolia,
    Said: “Than thou, I am definitely holier.!
    And as well, and begorrah,
    All those sods from Gomorrah,
    Who’d imperil the immortal soul o’yer.!”

    All my own work, and of which I am justly and rightly proud.

  • daviddickson1 says:

    “… drag queen story hour (why do grown men want to read to other people’s children?)” They would do it because they are being PAID. So who pays them? Where does the money come from? Who is behind this agenda?

  • ianl says:

    Declan Mansfield has characterised the hopeless confusion of the “trans” and their frustrated rage accurately.

    What puzzles me though, and has throughout this increasing craziness, is why the medical professionals aid this and legislation buttresses it with harsh penalties for medical opposition. The notion that the majority of acquiescing doctors are motivated by money with no concern for the patients is hard to believe, but the combination of willing doctors and vindinctive law is very scary, to put it bluntly.

  • call it out says:

    Just announced in SA, our governor is now a “they” previously a “she”.
    A comment on this is unacceptable to the woke pubescent “they” monitoring the comments in The Australian newspaper.

    This is all getting worse before it (hopefully) gets better.

  • Michael says:

    Transwomen are women is the Woke ideology’s two plus two equals five. An expression of raw ideological power.

  • Michael says:

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”


  • GG says:

    Conservatives continue to play the game of these bullying, deranged thugs by their rules, so the bad guys – and they are guys – continue to win.
    Stop using their word “transgender” or “trans”. Transitioning of gender is scientifically impossible. It’s 2+2=7 stuff. It has never happened, doesn’t happen, cannot happen and can never exist.
    The correct and only word is transsexual. Transsexual conveys the full horror of their world, and its implications for the innocent children upon whom they prey. They are violent sexual predators who use their fake victimhood to camouflage their illegal intentions towards children.

  • Daffy says:

    I wonder if it has ever occurred to the wokery that they have been born in the right body, but with the wrong mind…no, thought not. Looks like simple fetishism to me.


    “…an inchoate rage that brooks no argument, and which creates a mindset that rejects traditional concepts of decent behaviour and tolerance towards other human beings”
    It is my observation that trans-activism is a form of self loathing and hate. The evidence for this is how trans-activists are easily triggered to emotively and violently lash out in a tantrum to project their anger and frustration on to anyone who lives according to the mores of civility and decent bahaviour.

  • guilfoyle says:

    There are two issues here: the first is the trans person themselves. These fall into two groups- first and most heartbreaking is the young person whose anxieties are manipulated in order to bring them into the cult (& provide grooming). The second is a group, the majority of whom are men who get sexual kicks from dressing in womens’ clothes, of whom a certain percentage get a further kick from using their physical dominance (in other words, their masculinity), to either overtly or covertly force women to comply with something that both know is a nonsense. These men seriously hate women – they are willing, not only to degrade them in their stereotypical portrayal of them, but some of them fantasise, as the activist said openly, in viciously attacking, hurting and killing. So stop equivocating and distinguishing between’activists’ and ‘trans’ – if there were Roman Catholics running round threatening killing women or confessing to get off on the fear in their eyes you would not let them off by saying it was only ‘activist Roman Catholics.” I attended with a group of women, a drag show in the 1980’s and the hostility to the women was palpable (& is very present in the gay world generally by the way – something that is never spoken about in the pretence that gays are just living as heterosexual marriages do).
    The second issue is the corporate adoption and imposition of this damaging ideological attempt at changing society. This is no grass roots movement- and neither is the ‘gay pride/gay marriage’. This is a heavily funded incursion by massive organisations, including a group called Arcus, Soros- funded organisations and others. The corporations are bending the knee to very sinister power groups while they go along with the pretence ( made into ‘mission statements’ or ‘protocols’ by a colourless person in HR) that the imposition of unreality is being ‘inclusive’ and that those who do not go along with the unreality are not to be ‘included’. So, stop with the constant conservative apologising for your views and trying to be ‘nice’- middle class ‘niceness’ has been exploited by these people for twenty years to use as emotional blackmail to twist you into not knowing what is true and where to not be ‘nice’.

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