None Will Be Sane Until All Are Sane

I’m a brave person. I was knocked down by a car last year. And no, I had not been drinking. Spent most of the night in hospital. Fortunately, only bruises rather than broken bones. In fact, I apologised to the medical staff for not being more seriously injured so to justify the attentive hi-tech care I received.

Since then, I have crossed roads with more trepidation than in former times. Yet I continue to walk down a lane at the back of my apartment building for coffee each morning. Cars sometimes speed down this narrow lane careless of my safety. Daunted not, I steadfastly avoid going a safer longer way around. There it is. Let me also add that I am fearless when it comes to COVID; of the Alpha strain, of Beta, of Gamma, of even Delta, Delta-plus or Lambda.

You recall the early days when the spread was thought to be via touch and frequent handwashing advised. I deliberately washed my hands less often. Would you like some hand sanitizer, I was often asked? No thank you, I replied, no need, I washed my hands last week.

Incidentally, what happened between the jump from Delta to Lambda? Did I miss it? What happened to Epsilon and Zeta et al? Maybe the powers that be just like the letter Lambda. Anyway, something will come after Lambda, of that I have no doubt. Looking down the Greek alphabet I plump for Omicron, though the preceding letter Xi seems apropos in all of the circumstances.

Whatever the next variant is called we know it will be fearsome and vaccine resistant or so it will be described on their ABC and on other COVID-porn outlets.

The foregoing is building to an admission, which rather confounds my claim to bravery. Deep breath, here goes: I am scared of the COVID vax. I don’t care which one. I am equally scared of all of them. You’re not? Listen, for example, to 18 minutes of Prof. Peter McCullough at Bayer University Medical Centre.

You might have seen that creepy cheery chap on TV spruiking the jab; an actor in a body-shirt and with overlong hair, maybe gay but can’t say for sure, probably not Aboriginal or a biological woman though, again, it’s dangerous to presume these days. In any event, he proclaims that none of us is safe until we are all safe. I subsequently found out that this message is everywhere and probably came out of a secret cabal in the WHO. It fills me with dread.

I know that this actor and all of today’s mediocre celebrities and snake-oil salesmen flogging the jab are know-nothings. If, say, John Wayne or Charlton Heston had advised me to have it I might have been persuadable. But Meghan and Harry? Whoopi Goldberg?

Here we have a disease, which the authorities and their media mates have told us is deadly, juxtaposed with a miracle cure. It’s a no-brainer. Normally people would be killed in the rush for the vaccine.

Why then do they need to invest so many advertising dollars to persuade us to take the cure? And to threaten us with becoming unpersons unable to travel or do lots of everyday things if we refuse the miracle cure? I smell a filthy rat. And this is what it looks like.

♦ First, the virus isn’t deadly or near-deadly to the very vast majority of people.

♦ Second, the vaccines are experimental. They have not been “Approved” by the FDA; they have “Emergency Use Authorization” only.

♦ Third, their longer-term effects are unknown; hence governments have indemnified the drug companies producing the vaccines and those administering them.

♦ Fourth, there have been fatal side-effects from the jab in people who, if they’d caught the virus, would have lived to tell the tale and, to boot, gained natural immunity. And, now I’m really smelling that rat, reliable data on the actual number of people suffering severe side-effects is hard to discover.

♦ Fifth, side-effects from the vaccines are more likely if the “guinea pigs” have previously had a dose of COVID, perhaps unknowingly as is often the case. But don’t worry before they give you the jab, they check whether you already have antibodies. What, they don’t do that? You don’t say. Blow me down with a feather.

♦ Sixth, the variants people are likely to catch in future, though more transmissible, will be less pathogenic than earlier strains. That’s the path viruses take to ensure their own survival, and there is no reason to suppose this one will take an untoward path.

Of course, if you get your news exclusively from the ABC, SBS, the SMH, The Age and the like you will welcome being saved by the jab. For those of us with broader, more enquiring and questioning minds it’s not nearly so straightforward.

For obvious reasons drug companies, governments and most of the media have no interest in better informing the wider public. Informed people are troublesome. Shut up and roll up your sleeve, Nurse Ratched demands as she prepares another jab. Next!

19 thoughts on “None Will Be Sane Until All Are Sane

  • nfw says:

    Thank you, as ever a great well reasoned read. Alas of course it will not be read in Macquarie St or the taxpayer funded drain in the Southern Highlands. For a while I thought the next cold was to be named using the Phonetic Alphabet and was hoping for Echo/Foxtrot (small in-joke for those who know) but Xi will do as it will keep reminding us from whence this scam originated.

  • ianl says:

    >”For obvious reasons drug companies, governments and most of the media have no interest in better informing the wider public. Informed people are troublesome”

    Nor do the medicos have interest in better informing the public. Simply observe how they wriggle around when closely questioned in a media conference. Most become snippety at the mere thought of being cross-questioned. Silly masks ? Yes, no, maybe, maybe not, but we’ll arrest you if you disobey any of those simultaneously.

  • Pablo07 says:

    *Looks like the guy is one of the deputy CMO(Oz)s, no actor as such.

    *I heard about kappa, filling the gap between delta and lambda.

    Now there is news from NZ about RSV virus among young children
    and the hospitals overflowed with the cases – post lockdown results of
    living in a buble, not being subjected to the normal/usual spread of bugs/viruses.
    One of the main topics in NZ press, any news about it in Oz MSMs?

    Another issue. One who is not qualified it the field of medicine should not spruik vaccinations. And any one qualified MUST disclose conflict of interest, financial connections to pharma. Without exceptions. I have not herd a single disclosure yet.

    This should include the media. How much are they making from advertising paid by pharma? (well , way too much)

  • pgang says:

    Nice one Peter. While I happily get the annual flu jab, I won’t be playing Russian Roulette with these rather scary chemicals. And somebody should point out to the talking heads at Sky News that AZ does pose a real threat to healthy people, and that they should stop ridiculing people for pointing this out.
    Anyway it seems like every time you look at the news now it’s filled with politicians doing whatever they can to destroy us as quickly as possible. It is now their entire reason for existing.
    There was much hand-wringing the other day after a woman in her 90’s died. How to prevent people in their nineties from dying, seems to be the great question of our time.

  • Citizen Kane says:

    The cherry on top of all of what Peter writes, is that the vaccines are proving only of marginal efficacy against the full suite of COVID variants that now exist and that will continue to evolve in the course of time. The only place this is all headed is to exactly where the multiple influenza viruses reside, in a world where a large portion of people receive the flu vaccine yet, more years than not, the world is awash with high levels of circulating wild flu infections. Until the authorities and politicians can properly conceptualise how COVID-19 will look as a globally endemic virus that is here to stay (as is the case with many coronaviruses) and begin to frame their policies around learning to live with this reality, we are just in for more of the same old politically and ideologically motivated response measures, which has basically consisted of a medieval approach to quarantine and expungement of basic human liberties

  • rosross says:

    It is good to have a voice of reason for a change. I remain astonished at how many people are so gullible and ready to believe the spin and bullshit about Covid.

    Do they not know or do they just not want to know? Either way it is dangerous.

    Are they truly in such irrational fear that they are ignorant of the following:

    1. none of these genetic vaccine treatments are approved. All are used under emergency, in Australia, provisional regulations because they have not completed final testing or safety studies.

    2. the genetic mRNA vaccines have never been used before in this way. They have been tinkering with them for some years but they all failed to get approval because most animals used in testing, died. If they get it wrong it will go very wrong.

    3. the genetic vaccines use nanotechnology, never before used in humans in this way and highly experimental. If they get it wrong it will go very wrong.

    4. None of the genetic vaccines prevent infection according to the very brief studies completed. They might diminish symptoms but since the majority of those who test positive have no symptoms or symptoms so mild they are irrelevant, it is hardly much of a gain for so much risk.

    5. the genetic vaccine manufacturers are fully indemnified, including from the Australian Government for any injury or death caused by their products. Surely if they had faith in the safety of their products they would not have demanded indemnity?

    6. Covid is no risk to the vast majority and 99% of mortality remains in a particular group, very old and very sick with 2-3 co-morbidities. Everything is a risk to this group.

    7. A potential risk from the genetic vaccines is ADE, Antibody Dependent Enhancement, which will not be known for two or more years. Look it up.

  • rosross says:

    Just remember, if the warnings of some science-medical professionals about these genetic vaccines come to pass we are going to see more sickness and death and it will be in those who have had the jabs.

    It will be called a ‘variant’ of course and everyone will be working hard to deny that it is happening to the vaxxed, so they can demand more vaccines, but that will be the ‘explanation’ should it happen.

  • Alice Thermopolis says:

    Fear not, PS, a Mental Health Rescue Team will be knocking on – or banging down – your door soon.
    Going Greek surely has backfired on WHO. In attempting to avoid associating countries with specific variants, we have landed in a murky alphabet soup.
    Casca had the same problem in Julius Caesar:
    Cassius: Good even, Casca: brought you COVID home?
    Casca: Nay.
    Cassius: Then why are you breathless? And why stare you so? Have you just seen the new ICU fright-video?
    Casca: Nay, but I have seen viral tempests shaking knotty oaks and bringing tears to the contact tracers.
    Had the people not been so saucy with each other, and kept anti-social distance in and outside their homes, there would not be all this civil strife in the Capitol.
    Cassius: Did WHO say anything?
    Casca: Ay, he spoke Greek.
    Cassius: To what affect?
    Casca: Nay, and I tell you that I’ll ne’er look you in the face again. But those that understood him smil’d at one another, and shook their heads; but for mine own part it was all Greek to me….”

  • Greg Williams says:

    What annoys me about my fellow travellers in this journey of life, is that if I say I have no intention of getting a COVID vaccination at this point in time, I am regarded by many of them as the spawn of Satan, or missing a few essential neurons. I have spent almost my entire life (72 years of it at this stage) managing my health using good diet, avoidance of drugs like alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine (and anything else on offer) exercising vigorously on a daily basis, and getting a good night’s sleep (which is seriously enhanced by the above-mentioned practices). Some say it’s a boring life, but I quite like it. I used to play sport at a fairly high level, and one of my foremost opponents once said to me “you mean to say Greg, when you wake up in the morning, that’s the best you are going to feel all day?” . While I was happy enough, even tho a bit reluctant, to have a whooping cough booster vaccination at the. birth of my first grandchild (on the insistence of my daughter), I have strenuously avoided the flu vaccination as I am not a big fan of these annual boosters or whatever they are. However, so far, I have never had the flu either, and I am sure that is at least partly due to my particular lifestyle (boring as it is some would say). I think one’s first defence should, if possible, be a strong immune system, and I like to think I am lucky enough to have that. I understand fully that there are those of us out there who have inherited co-morbidities, or, through some unlucky choices in life have developed some chronic illnesses, and I am all for them going ahead and getting vaccinated. However, I do resent them assuming my health issues are the same as theirs, and therefore compelling me to the same treatment as them. Like Peter, I am happy to wait at this stage, and see what transpires. Hopefully, it will morph into the same mind-set in the population as currently exists with the flu. i.e. you can take the vaccination or leave it, and remain a non-pariah in our community either way.

  • ianl says:

    This question has no chance of any sensible response:

    “Berejiklian has a constant refrain of ‘following the medical advice’, which obviously included the earlier limited lockdowns. Now Berejiklian is being criticised for not locking down more severely and earlier. Was she *not* following medical advice in that earlier period, then ?”

  • Stephen Due says:

    There is a series of problems in medical ethics here. The vaccines are authorised only for ’emergency use’ – but there is no emergency. The authorisation is limited to emergency use because the necessary trials to establish the long-term safety of the vaccines have not been completed. This means that mass vaccination with them is unethical, because the risk of taking the vaccines is not known, and therefore informed consent to being injected with them is not possible. There is good evidence that some people have been killed by them – a small percentage but much higher than for any other known vaccine. This means that it is unethical to distribute the vaccines to people who are not at risk of death from the virus (which is the vast majority of the population). The vaccine rollout has not been conducted within a robust system of tracking adverse events. This means that the distribution systems are unethical. Mass vaccination is in any case unethical when the disease being targeted is not in itself life-threatening to most people and is readily treated with cheap, safe medicines – as is the case with Covid-19.
    On a more sinister note, information about effective early treatment of the disease is being actively censored online and in the press, and is being withheld by government agencies. This provides circumstantial evidence that there is some powerful coalition at work that is determined to proceed with global mass vaccination at any price. Censorship of vital medical treatment information is unethical. To shut down public debate around the development of effective treatments is unethical.
    Ethically dubious political measures are currently under consideration by governments. They include forcing people by law to take the vaccines; forcing even children to be vaccinated without the consent of their parents; seducing people into taking the vaccines by offering attractive incentives; limiting the freedom of people who do not take the vaccines.

  • lbloveday says:

    “…some people have been killed by them – a small percentage but much higher than for any other known vaccine”
    Maybe, but not if the reports I’ve read on the Gates-funded Human Papilloma Virus vaccine trials in India are true. And as SD indicates, trials are what those being injected with “emergency use” COVID vaccines are taking part in and the long-term consequences are as yet unknown; maybe not so important for us oldies, but of paramount importance for the young.


    From an article in Lockdown Sceptics (4th & 7th July 2021) entitled “Covid and the Death of the Scientific Method”

    “The present Government has made society believe that it is more important not to die than to have the ability to live. Sadly, we will all die, but they have shown that they can stop us living”.

    Here’s a question that everyone must ask: Why do we routinely accept and submit to this absurd behaviour of our government which causes needless disruption to daily life and destruction to the economy?
    One possible answer: When you are let off detention just long enough to shop for groceries, follow Glad’s edict: DON’T BROWSE!

  • Daffy says:

    @Stephen Due: I note how ‘ethics’ which was once the stronghold of those with innocuously varied interests (like researchers using questionnaires), vegans (who think ethics is about animals, who themselves have no ethics), have been woooshed aside by the madly panicked for a mainly insignificant viral infection. Actually, its a media led election strategy, I think. Nothing more. I hope it backfires, but the alternatives are worse, so maybe it won’t.

  • gareththomassport says:

    As always Peter a great article
    Factual information and humour.
    This medico of 35 years experience shares your feelings towards the medical profession, at least those said to be the “experts”.
    I am dismayed at the wholesale surrender to fear and panic.
    The comments above are a great reminder that the few of us who retain some common sense are not alone.

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    Peter, you cover the ‘reasons to doubt’ very well and obviously many agree with you.
    I considered my own situation, a healthy woman of 79 years of age, looked at how Covid had affected my age group in places where it was spreading, and looked at my desire to visit many places in the world where Covid was clearly going to become endemic, and with new variants. I decided I wanted a level of protection from this unusual virus with features of ‘gain of function’. I looked at the way the AZ jab used an adenovirus as a carrier which I thought preferable to the Pfizer mode, noted both worked on forcing an immune reaction to the Covid spike protein, noted that an immune over-reaction could occur in some rare cases causing a Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia, which was increasingly treatable although it had a death rate of one in a million, a disability rate at least several times higher than this – and then I got the AZ jab. My husband, who is ten years younger, made his own research and decisions and also took the AZ jab. He has a PhD in Science and I have an epidemiological medical qualification called an MPH, which you will see that many Covid researchers also have on their quals listing. I do place some value on these jabs being safe in the sense that many medications and treatments are ‘safe’. There is always risk. I take the ‘flu jab each year. I’ve had the ‘pneumonia’ jab, and to go to Africa two years ago I had the Yellow Fever jab, which has some dangers in my age range. In the past I’ve had the usual travel run of Smallpox, TB, Hep A and B, Typhoid, Cholera, and Tetanus jabs, due for the Shingles jab, and had the various childhood ones, catching up with a few of these in my teens.
    I am a veritable pincushion of antibody production, and maybe I have just been lucky so far,
    I understand and do not criticize those who hold off. You have to decide to balance your risks and this is not the same equation for everyone.

  • Peter Smith says:

    Make no mistake Elizabeth I will have the jab. They will force me to. We will, I think, have vax passports operating internally and certainly will need them to travel overseas; and I intend to travel when they’ll let me and when it’s affordable. However, if it were my choice I would not have the jab. I too have voluntarily had jabs for the flu last year and for pneumonia and shingles a few years back. But this one is too different and experimental for my liking. The longer-term effects are unknown. And there is no generally advised therapy, which I understand is very unusual for a disease of this longevity. It’s the jab or we’ll ventilate you. What treatment did Trump get for example. He’s old, overweight, yet the treatment worked and quickly. What was it? Why are HCQ and Ivermectin not properly assessed rather than being not only dismissed but outlawed? Most of all, I resent them forcing me to have it. Glad you both survived the jab. Hope to do as well at some point.

  • pgang says:

    It’s the refusal to allow provide or allow treatment that really disturbs me. I get the stupidity over scaring everybody into vaccinations and mask wearing, and trying to save political face. But the treatment issue is pure malevolence. It shouts clearly from the mountain tops that this government intends to harm us.

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Peter and pgang, that the issue of treatments has all the hallmarks of a deliberate withholding of information in order to ramp up the vaccine numbers rather than lull people into a sense of security. I’ve read of various useful treatments: antibiotics, steroids, and in particular monoclonal antibodies. I can’t see why Ivermectin isn’t also on that list, especially for the cases who are not very sick and at home. Halting viral proliferation at this stage with Ivermectin would seem tremendously important, and I certainly intend to take the Ivermectin, Vit D, C and Doxycycline kit with me on any travels or to keep handy at home if I get early Covid. I am of course concerned about the ‘capillary’ effect hypothesised by Dr. Hoffe but I suspect he is responding without full analysis of his six patients’ other comorbidities (he works in an indigenous community). Doctors with a ‘naturopathic’ approach are often hypersensitive to what they see as chemical assault. Also, the body does ‘self repair’ from assaults, and the d-dimer effects he notes may be transitory. I”d like to see what some specialist haemotologists have to say on this. If he is truly on to something with lasting effects then we need to know how lasting it is, what is the metabolic pathway, and why is there individual variation. ps. I am no fan of the mRNA approach, prefer the vector mechanism to push the RNA that AZ uses, but overall await something like the NovaVax which is a more traditional vaccine, but problems unknown re that so far. I’d stress though that we do have to recognise Covid is not ‘flu, it is a vascular disease. A horrible thing.

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