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A Five-Step Program to Beat COVID

Let me say at the outset, I am not an epidemiologist or virologist, nor do I have any medical training other than the experience which my 73 years on this planet has provided me.  However, I am a mathematician, so am blessed with more than a smidgeon of those qualities that have sadly gone missing in recent times: logic and common sense.

The first thing that needs to occur to fight our way out of the pandemic blues is the restoration of the importance of the doctor-patient relationship.  It should be as sacrosanct as the lawyer – client relationship or the priest – confessor relationship.  To be quite honest, I rarely visit a doctor, so do not have a particularly strong doctor-patient relationship.  However, every couple of years, I visit my doctor to have my ears de-waxed.  This year, in September, my wife came with me.  In addition, early in 2020, prior to COVID even being given a name, my wife had been a little off-colour, with a sore throat, headaches and a cough.  Later, when thinking and reading about COVID, she suspected she might have had a mild dose of the virus, so she asked the doctor to test for COVID antibodies.  To our surprise and, indeed, shock, the doctor informed us that he would be subject to a $50,000 fine should he request such a blood test. 

We were so shocked by this call we didn’t ask him another key question, that being ‘Who imposed the fine?’ (We assumed the state government).  When we asked him why this was the case, he responded with some garbled message about too many people would want the test.  It was only after we left that we realised that he had been told by some bureaucrat that he was unable to carry out his job as a medical practitioner in mutual cooperation with his patients because the bureaucracy wanted everyone to be vaccinated.  I have read of a doctor in the Eastern States whose surgery was raided by government officials and records confiscated.  Apparently this doctor allegedly strayed from the prescribed treatment plan, which boils down to this: if diagnosed with COVID, you go home until you get better or, if you don’t, you go into hospital. Vaccination at that stage was the only approved treatment. 

When bureaucrats are telling doctors how they are to treat patients, and giving the doctors themselves no leeway to vary the treatment, then it is not the patient who is ill, it is society that perpetrates such outrages. We desperately need to allow doctors and patients to chart their mutually agreed treatment pathways. 

The second step along the pathway to freedom from COVID is to abandon that one-dimensional vaccination pathway.  Any rational person would have to admit by now that the vaccinations are not working as billed. Remember how we wee told the double-jab vaccines were coming and how they would stop the virus in its tracks?  Then the same oracles of epidemiology said we’d need a booster after the impact of the first two jabs waned to zero, or even incurred a negative, after a relatively short six months.  Governments are now promising the booster will be the end of it, but we only have to look overseas to see many countries are well into implementing the second booster, or, if one keeps count, the fourth.  One could fairly question our own government about the integrity of the promise that the booster will be the end of it, when it has purchased sufficient supplies to keep us boosted every three months for several years into the future.  The inoculated have turned out to be just as contagious as unvaccinated people, and hospital numbers are skyrocketing among the vaccinated. Today (Jan 5), for example, the two most populous states, NSW and Victoria, are reporting 35,054 and  17,636 cases respectively.

To abandon the face mask/lockdown/vaccinate paradigm adopted by almost all state governments, a suitable alternative must be on offer.  There are any number of early treatment protocols that are used in other parts of the world, but which are banned by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and health bureaucrats here in Australia.  The early treatment protocols include medications and supplements in various doses involving ivermectin, fluvoxamine, aspirin, Vitamin D, quercetin, zinc, monoclonal antibodies, and steroids.

As I said at the start of this article, I am no medical specialist, but I am sure there are plenty of doctors out there who would love to provide packages made up with some of these protocols.  If a government is keen to spend money on fixing the problem, rather than pouring billions of dollars into failing vaccines, perhaps GPs and hospitals could be provided with packages that contain, in appropriate dosages, some or all of the above-mentioned medications and supplements.  Just to keep everyone happy, I would include a set of masks, as well as antiseptic hand wash, all with instructions about the need to isolate and maintain good hygiene within the patient’s domicile.

The third step on the path to normalcy is probably the toughest, as it is going to require politicians, health bureaucrats and the media to admit that they have got it wrong.  The first thing they need to do is stop discovering cases.  That’s right! Stop discovering cases.  Once that happens they will stop reporting on “cases”, and stop the incessant fearmongering that has been going on in our communities for the past 24 months.  The easiest way to stop discovering cases is to close down the numerous public testing facilities.  Similarly, all the contact tracing can then be put aside.  People will not have to check in to every place they visit.  The reality of the virus now is that the Omicron strain is by far and away the dominant strain, and its symptoms appear to be comparable with the common cold — albeit, in some cases, a severe cold.

Most of us treat common cold symptoms ourselves by either simply resting, or going to the pharmacy or supermarket and picking up one of the common over-the-counter palliatives.  If people have symptoms they think need to be checked, they should simply go to their GP to be assessed.  If, as outlined above, the GP has available an anti-COVID pack similar to that which has been widely distributed with remarkable results in India (see the chart below), and the GP thinks the patient needs some or all of the medications contained in the pack, then that is the treatment that should be provided.  Should a patient want to comfort of a vaccination, as many do each year with the influenza vaccination, then the GP can administer it.  If the media want to publish the number of people who die each day/week/month with COVID, then so be it, but the same media should publish, with equal frequency, all the other ways we manage to shuffle off our mortal coils.  Even the ravenous media would tire of this after a short period of time. 

Fourth, all governments and companies should do away with immediately all of these ridiculous vaccine mandates.  There is no evidence at all that the unvaccinated transmit the virus any more vigorously than the vaccinated.  Multiple studies have shown that natural immunity acquired by infection is vastly superior to any immunity provided by injection of any of the vaccines, and certainly such natural immunity is much longer lasting.  Our hospitals are not being overrun by infected people, despite huge case numbers in our two most heavily populated states The premiers of both of these states appear to be adopting much of what has been suggested above, and look like they are well on the way to adopting all of it.  Others however are loving the power and control and appear to want to hang onto it forever.  If the leaders of governments had any courage at all, they would ban companies from applying vaccine mandates to any of their employees. 

And finally, there is the need to acknowledge that, as everyone from politicians, chief medical officers and the ABC’s resident medical guru, has been saying, it is a virus that overwhelmingly attacks people with compromised immune systems.  Often, that reduced immune response was simply a result of age but, significantly, the compromised immune response was often the result of many years spent less than optimal care with respect to matters relating to health.  Victims were overweight, had heart disease brought on by terrible diets, had alcohol-related weaknesses, neglected exercise … and the list goes on.

I remain flabbergasted that what should have been the very foundation of any campaign to combat this virus was totally ignored by all and sundry.  Governments should have mounted a concerted campaign for all to take greater responsibility for their personal health by engaging in regular exercise, weight loss programs, avoidance of foods high in fats and sugars and avoidance of over-consumption of alcohol. 

Long after this pandemic has waned, a population that embraces good health practices, rather than looking for a silver bullet approach, will have great long-term benefits.

14 thoughts on “A Five-Step Program to Beat COVID

  • Salome says:

    The grapevine tells me it goes like this: you don’t say this, and you don’t do that, or else your registration will be cancelled. Oh, the High Court will probably let you have it back, but only after three years and about $400,000. That translates to: if you say this or do that, we will take away your registration without any legal right to do so, but you’ll comply because you don’t want to incur the costs of getting it back.

  • ianl says:

    Salome is accurate here. My local GP (whom I see every 6 months, but for about 15 years now), has said the same thing to me. She doesn’t dare to even discuss treatment other than vax and Panadol.

    >”Stop discovering cases” [from the article here]

    Yes, we can see how much chance there is of that happening. The MSM cannot give up its’ C-19 porn for clicks and ratings and headlines – and most of the populace is so easily panicked that the testing stations and self-test RAT’s are in complete chaos.

  • Adam J says:

    There’s a serious issue there of access to justice. What good is a slow and expensive court system that by definition is out of reach and out of touch? None. And it’s the same for many other courts. Justice is only for the rich and very patient and the average person is neither.
    Furthermore, given that the cost to government is everyone else’s money, printed infinitely at a factory, the real cost to them is nil.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    I’m encouraged by the fact that, since indoor gag orders were reinstated here in WA (just before Christmas, due to the bogeyman Community Spread), the population does not seem to be as compliant–as fearful–as during previous occasions. It seems to me that I’ve seen more people not wearing masks in public than before, and the shopworkers don’t seem to bat an eye. I have to include myself in that lessened compliance. It’s been so hard to know when it was justifiable to disobey the law; this wasn’t such an open-and-shut case as church closures. But I’m moving more and more to think that it is worse for a Christian TO follow this tyrannical dictate than it is to disobey it.

  • March says:

    Scored some cold like symptoms after NYE following family lunch on Christmas day. Confirmed covid positive by PCR. Pretty much better after 4 days and no worse that a cold I would have normally worked through.
    Looking at the debt we passed on to our kids to deal with it, can’t help but think it wasn’t well spent to say the least. Agree with all the above. There was never any point to the testing, no point to the restrictions. Focus from day 1 should have been allowing individuals to make up their own minds as to how they dealt with it.

  • Stephen Due says:

    A clinical description of the disease was published in The Lancet by the Chinese on 24 January 2020. An account of the outbreak was published by the lead Wuhan scientist Shi Zheng-Li in the journal Nature on 3 February 2020. A Chinese report showing the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine against the virus was published on 9 March 2020.
    On 20 March 2020 Didier Raoult and colleagues in Marseille, France, published the results of their trial of hydroxychloroquine. On 30 March Dr. Zelenko in New York published his treatment protocol with hydroxychloroquine. On 3 April Caly and Wagstaff in Melbourne, Victoria, published their results showing Ivermectin was effective against the virus….
    By May 2020 the corrupt FDA was was actively campaigning to prevent the use of these drugs in treatment protocols – for reasons that we now know were not in the public interest. The pandemic would have been over more than a year ago if doctors had been allowed to treat the sick without interference.

  • Avalon says:

    As a lawyer I’m biased, we are at least constrained by some legal principles. However, many have long complained that too many lawyers run the country. Now you know what a country run by doctors looks like. Doctors assume everybody else is stupid and they always know better than you. When they lock you up in your own house it’s for your own good.They don’t balance risk against reward, they swaddle us.

  • rod.stuart says:

    The quality of solutions depend on how the ‘problem’ is defined.
    IMHO, the problem definition is that we have been swindled on a global scale by an elite cabal that includes Soros and Gates and several others who have for decades been planning and executing a New World Order consisting of a Fascist Technocracy. Every institution has been affected.
    In fact nothing you have heard about this epidemic has been at all scientifically valid. Lockdown is of no value. Social Distancing is of no value. “Safer at home” orders are not valid. and ….. “Vaccination” is a failure or you would not be being pressed to wear masks again. The virus is not the bioweapon. The danger is in the injections.
    Contrary to what you have been told Therapeutics are actually more valid for prophylactic (preventions) of COVID-19 and for treatment than the claimed values for vaccines. Hydroxychloroquine is 95% or better at prevention of infection and for the treatment of the disease. Similar numbers exist for Ivermectin. Simple Quinine (Tonic Water) 250 ml per day and you essentially cannot catch COVID-19. If you ingest Vitamin D3 3000 iu/day and Zinc 50 mg/day you stand essentially zero chance of catching COVID-19 any variant.
    That’s right a simple enrichment of grains bread and a few other food stuffs with D3 and Zinc would end this epidemic. Yes it would be more effective than the application of vaccines, lockdown, social distancing and masks together. What is more the public health people know this!
    For instance, the mask mandates are pure fraud. Let’s discuss filtration applied science. This is very simple. A filter cannot filter out things that are smaller than the holes in the filter. Such things easily pass through the filter. The very best mask filter n95 masks by 3M have holes about 500 microns. The virus in question is 65 microns. Sorry for anyone considering any debate on this matter but it is impossible for such a filter to cause any prevention of transmission of virus in an aerosol which typically has droplets around 175 microns or smaller as is typical in breath related aerosols.
    Actually there is excellent data from Dr Fauci himself dating as far back as 1985 that there was no value to masks in a medical situation even surgery. He repeated this in his emails released under FOI requests. Not even Dr Fauci believes in masks except when he is out conning the public over the epidemic.
    None of the manufacturers of masks who would love to be able to advertise that their masks prevent COVID has any such claims on their products because they all know that they provide no such protection
    You are suffering the greatest fraud and scam in history. The endless genetics war you suffer from their inventions will never stop as long as you keep listening to the liars at NIH, CDC, WHO and the TGA. What you have just seen is a mere warning shot off the bow for what is incoming unless you join the demand that the people who did this be brought to justice. This is the new “Arms Race” of our era.
    In official testimony 4 of the world’s top experts on the topic asked why was China seeking to know the genome data for every citizen in Western Civilisation. We need to realize you are in a war and this is just the first shots coming in. Maybe we need to get really mean really fast and quit wasting our time over stupid distractions like masks.

  • rod.stuart says:

    Canadian lawyers speak out on Covid regulations, the rule of law and where Canada is headed and what we need to do to change course. Canada is under attack in the same way Australia is under attack.

    “We are Canadian lawyers. In our country, civil liberties are under unprecedented attack. Governments, public health authorities, universities, public and private employers, municipalities, and businesses are trampling Canadians’ rights and freedoms. Our free society is at risk.”

  • rosross says:

    I am a similar age and decided decades ago to avoid doctors and their toxic treatments. I was about 40 when I realised that modern medicine while useful for crisis-trauma and necessary surgery, neither of which has applied- it was not going to provide or maintain good health, in fact, quite the opposite.

    This policy saw me safely through decades living in India and four African countries and a life lived flying around the world. So, the proof as they say was evident that this approach worked, supplemented by the use of non-toxic medical modalities of many kinds, but most frequently, Homeopathic medicine.

    Anyone who puts time into gaining a level of understanding of biology, physiology, immunology would be in no doubt that pills, potions, needles are not the answer. Even more so with Covid which was never a threat to the vast majority, not even the healthy aged. And anyone who keeps up with the increasing corruption and incompetence in science and its creation, Allopathic medicine, would quickly conclude the most dangerous thing anyone can do in this age, is visit the doctor. Your GP will order a dozen or more tests designed for generic humans who do not exist and then sit, eyes glued to his or her computer screen, reading the results, rarely making eye contact and never touching you, before sending you off with a wad of prescriptions written in the name of the highly profitable MAYBE MEDICINE, where you are treated for a disease you do not have and may never get.

    The qualifier being that crisis/trauma and necessary surgery are areas where conventional medicine has skills and if they are needed, start there. But escape as soon as you can from the system and its drugs.

    And perhaps 40 years as a journalist honed my scepticism enough to be able to recognising bullying, blackmail, bullshit and propaganda when it appeared from Government, medical, scientific and media sources.

    I like to think that the age of Covid has encouraged more people to think twice about trusting scientists and doctors and to recognise that the parlous state of medical training today, and the dominance of the industry, and it is an industry, by the Pharmaceutical companies, makes modern medicine very risky. No wonder in the US it is the third of the top three killers and most of that from prescribed medication.

    I also hope that more people will bother to find out how the human body works and the miracle of healing it is when cared for properly. Health will never be found in a pill, potion or needle and given how much synthetic poison pollutes the planet every hour of every day as humans excrete this toxic waste, most of it totally unnecessary in the first place, the more natural our approach to health the better off everyone and everything will be.

  • Peter Marriott says:

    Good piece Greg. Pretty well covers everything I would advocate, except for the masks ; if they worked, practically no one would have the virus, as pretty well half the country’s been wearing the things for months if not years, to no avail. As I understand it, ever since the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1919 they’ve been assessed as not effective against a virus……unless you wear three of’em, and then they work against the virus but you choke to death. They do work in a psychological way though, so they can be optional for those of a fearful nature, but definitely not mandatory. Also I should add, practically every ailment known to man can attack people in a deadly way if they have compromised immune systems, particularly if they’re infirmed to boot.

  • Phillip says:

    Did someone say there was some biomedical science or medical intelligence in this government run scare campaign? I don’t believe it, since when did science or facts ever get in the way of a political upbeat.

    I mean this is how bloody stupid and embarrassing Australia looks at the moment. Scott Morrison just deported from Australia, the fittest, fastest, healthiest No 1 tennis player on the planet, because he (the tennis player) does not want to put the Pfizer poison into his arm. The tennis player carries no symptons, no drugs, no guns only a superb tennis racquet and a strength made in Serbia. And yet on the same day here in the so called free and fair little country, more than 40,000 sooks who want to live in fear went and got themselves tested positive to the govt scare campaign. Did Mr Sit on His Arse & Do Nothing Morrison have those covid positive sooks deported? No, not all because they took the jabs plus booster and that’s why they’re crook. But they’ve become a burden on the health system I hear you say !

    There is definitely something seriously wrong goin on down in the hoochie goochy world of our Political ‘leaders’

  • Lewis P Buckingham says:

    Some thoughts on the ivermectin saga.
    The response to ivermectin in India is the standout where it appears that this drug is really good at beating covid.
    In a previous comment I suggested that this was because of the probable high level of parasite loads in the Indian population due to poor sanitation.
    So the drug cleaned out parasites from the areas of the body attacked by covid, such as lungs heart and GI system.
    Natural immunity then fixed the problem.
    The graph shown above was an indication of the success of the drug.
    However, without prejudice, other explanations are possible.
    One I have listened to goes like this.
    The only official covid deaths reported in India were from the hospital systems.
    When the systems were overwhelmed the reporting stopped as the patients were turned away and died at home, the hospitals being full.
    The deaths, which continued at home were not counted in the official statistics.
    In the meanwhile there was mass panic and chemists were being raided, burgled for treatments, particularly ivermectin.
    So some administrations gave out drugs in packages as a next best step to control societal anger and the threat of riots.
    Vaccination for the poor was not available in sufficient numbers.
    So the curve above fell as palliation was distributed.
    Not because the palliation worked, but because the deaths in the streets and homes from covid were not
    counted in the data.
    Its all about the data.

    Although the BBC is highly unreliable on Catastrophic Global Warming narration, it has published some

    material that needs consideration.
    Basically the trials published on ivermectin were not conclusive.
    Hence the need to do trials and publish data in Australia.
    In India there was a change of heart.
    As a non doctor I, like the author, may make observations without being fined or deregistered.
    However truth is an absolute, none of its my truth or your truth.
    Just the data.
    That’s if we speak about scientific truth.
    Competent medical practitioners can and must be allowed to enter such debates without the risk of heavy fines.
    The question now is, once having any variant of covid, how long does natural immunity last?
    My own left field on this is that the vaccines seem to last for a precious short time.
    Could this be that the immediate effect is RNA induced interferon rise, which wanes quickly without enduring cellular immunity.
    So vaccination means a jab every 4 months.
    Could it be that the un vaccinated are assisting the fast spread of Omicron so naturally immunising everyone, yielding the needed herd immunity.
    The existing vaccines at least kept us alive.
    Should we be welcoming the unvaccinated into out midst, if we are vaccinated, with a view to becoming part of ‘the herd’?
    Just on the subject of medical confidentiality and that tennis player.
    If he has had the Delta variant and recovered enough to play in the Australian Open, his immunity must be high.
    So some medico could easily be prepared to say he is immune and does not need vaccination.
    Negative daily PCR would clinch that he is not in a carrier state.
    The next step is a ‘fit to fly’ and a ‘fit to compete’.
    So its medical bureaucrats and regulation vs a team doctor.
    This will be interesting.

  • pgang says:

    We have a bureaucracy that has been terrorising the population for 2 years with virus panic porn, while refusing anyone the possibility of treatment.
    How can they walk that back Greg? Our society and the west at large is now deeply scarred by this evil.

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