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Three More Months and We Should Know

Warning to the vaccinated of nervous disposition: Best to read no more and avoid learning about the latest UK death stats.

The UK Health Security Agency has replaced in name Public Health England in issuing ‘COVID-19 vaccine surveillance reports. The latest is for week 44, issued this month. Among other things, these reports list cases, hospitalisations and deaths by vaccination status. Interesting, I think, as an insight into the results likely here when the maturity of our vaccination rollout is about equal to the UK’s. I roughly calculate this to be in three months’ time, plus or minus.

I will look collectively at the age groups 80 and over, 70-79, 60-69 and 50-59 in the latest report. These are the age groups which, together, contain the overwhelming number of deaths.

Over weeks 40 to 43 (roughly October) 6,147 people of the age range 50 to 80+ were admitted to hospital. Of these, 4,805 (78%) were fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to testing positive. Of the 2,972 deaths in the same period, 81% were fully vaccinated.

Excuses are made. To quote in full, to be fair:

In the context of very high vaccine coverage in the population, even with a highly effective vaccine, it is expected that a large proportion of cases, hospitalisations and deaths would occur in vaccinated individuals, simply because a larger proportion of the population are vaccinated than unvaccinated and no vaccine is 100% effective. This is especially true because vaccination has been prioritised in individuals who are more susceptible or more at risk of severe disease. Individuals in risk groups may also be more at risk of hospitalisation or death due to non-COVID-19 causes, and thus may be hospitalised or die with COVID-19 rather than because of COVID-19.

I don’t buy it.

Something over 90% of those 50 years of age and over have been vaccinated. Therefore, it is true that the rate of death among the unvaccinated is over twice that of the vaccinated. But I would have expected it to be twenty times, or even more. For comparison, while rarely you might still get infected, you are extremely unlikely to die of smallpox, if you’ve been jabbed within the previous three to five years.

Don’t tell me and other poor saps that what’s happening was expected. Over 4,800 admitted to hospital and over 2,400 deaths among those fully vaccinated in a four-week period? Gimme a break! That’s precisely why Boris is spruiking booster jabs:

Unfortunately, what you’ve got at the moment is a situation in which the waning of the original two jabs is starting to see too many elderly people getting into hospital … Sadly, the jabs do wane. We’ve done 10 million booster jabs already and it’s a very effective thing … It’s a wonderful thing, people get 95 per cent more protection, so I’m encouraging everybody today to go online if you’ve gone over five months, you can go online and book.

When, I wonder, will a second, third booster, ad infinitum, be all, in their turn, “wonderful things? Surely at some point someone, somewhere that matters, has to call a stop to the madness. Unless that happens, my grandchildren now aged one to nine years (and your children or grandchildren of similar ages, if you have them; none facing material risk from the virus) will soon be forced into being vaccinated with, effectively, experimental vaccines.

You don’t think coercion will apply? Think again. Little unvaxxed Gillian and Johnny will be segregated at school, forced to wear masks all day. Alluding to yellow stars is a stretch, but it rings a bell. The virus has let loose a more virulent affliction; fascists in government and, regrettably, in our midst.

Look at Perrottet. First order of business as Premier: ordering an extension of the time law-abiding but unvaccinated citizens are excluded from participating in social activities. Second order: allowing the (masked) vaccinated to sing in church, but prohibiting the unvaccinated. Petty? Yes, but isn’t that like fascists the world over. Sausage rations cut for you, citizen or comrade, unless you toe the party line. Fewer social credits.

We are truly going down the tubes. COVID, climate and cancel culture are symptoms of a deeper malaise. Common sense is now the rarest of commodities. Grotesque over reactions rule the day.

Some wacko on my local council wanted the name of my road changed – consisting of hundreds of dwellings and many businesses – because she didn’t approve of the chap (1803-51) who it’s named after. Is it surprising then that a disease, mild in the scheme of things, and a slight inconsequential warming of the planet, each sets the March hares running?

10 thoughts on “Three More Months and We Should Know

  • Tony Tea says:

    At least we now have a metric for a knighthood and a standing ovation at Wimbledon.

  • rod.stuart says:

    And this year in the UK excess mortality is 30% above previoius years. Presumably vaccine caused deaths?

  • STD says:

    Peter the only thing that gives me some semblance of sanity is you guys here at Quadrant. The whole thing is utter madness. It’s no wonder why we attract so many asylum seekers.

  • Citizen Kane says:

    Spot on Peter. Look also to US Statistics which a demonstrating a bottoming of weekly case averages at the 70000+ mark and are about to see a dramatic upturn in both case numbers, hospitalisation and deaths in the vaccinated as winter and new strains kick in. Where is a Balanced Observation when you need one?

  • Solo says:

    I can’t tell you how frustrated I am about the whole situation. I am forced to have the vax as part of my work in health, so I am double vaxxed. I was quietly raging in the big vaccination centre with all the other plebs unquestioningly helping Pfizer’s share price and all I could think of is that I had no choice – if I wanted to feed my family.

    Worse still, the vaccine is simply the Government washing their hands of responsibility.
    You’re unvaccinated? If you die, thats why
    You’re vaccinated? If you get COVID, it could have been worse so be thankful to your overlords
    You’re vaccinated and dead? Well it was your time to go, no vaccine is 100% effective.

    Meanwhile, in reality, you still have at least a 98% chance of not having any major problems from COVID.

    I cannot believe that we are collectively this stupid as a nation, especially when you read comments on social media applauding the measures and lack of freedoms as a good thing. People really get off on seeing the govt/police crack down on those they don’t agree with.

    This is pretty much how you get extremists. I wouldn’t be surprised if some sort of political violence came in the next few months.

  • Stephen Due says:

    The imposition of punitive restrictions on the unvaccinated is purely vindictive in my view. Worse still are the abhorrent vaccine ‘passports’. It’s pitiful to see the deluded citizens of a once free country proudly displaying this latest emblem of their enslavement.
    Vaccination with these failed experimental gene therapies ought be voluntary, and ought to be predicated upon (a) full disclosure of the risks and (b) a generous compensation scheme based on the acceptance by the manufacturer of full liability for injuries and deaths caused by the injections.
    I will be attending the demonstration against the tyrant of Spring Street in Melbourne on Saturday.

  • Lo says:

    Spectator had a very interesting article on the Prime Minister’s actions, or lack of, this morning, particularly in regard to the non mandated (!) vaccinations and organised, non medically based discrimination of those who had not. I checked back ten minutes ago to read any new comments, to find it gone. I must be wrong. I perhaps imagined it?
    Not related, reading comments and articles in The Australian and the local regional paper, the word submission comes to mind,

  • nfw says:

    While Mr Smith’s essay is very good and full of real stats, we will never know because “they” will keep on lying to us. “They” have no interest in “the truth” and us knowing how “they” scammed” and stole from us.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    On this Remembrance Day, I believe it’s important to realise that not all soldiers wear uniform. Some wear hi-vis. Some wear mufti. Some carry cameras. Some have long blond hair. Some are children injured by weapons intended for criminals.
    These people don’t get the accolades, the medals, the thanks. But they fight for our freedom.
    We will remember them.

  • GaryR says:

    As has been (better) said, the most dangerous tyrants are those who truly believe their repressive actions are doing good – for they cannot easily be dissuaded or deterred. Whether it’s health, climate or the economy, beware the True Believer on both sides of politics.

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