What’s left to conserve?

latham trumpYou will need a subscription to read it in full, but Mark Latham’s latest Daily Telegraph column contains this pithy aside about the state of the Liberal Party, conservatism and the Left’s irresistible, all-but-complete march through the institutions:

…public trust in the conventional pillars of society — big business, churches, the media and democracy itself — has been in steady decline. Conservatives have got little left to conserve.

They have become clueless in knowing how to respond to this dilemma.

We see this in Australia with the cavernous divisions within the Liberal Party.

The “progressive” or Turnbull wing of the Liberals cheers on the leftist takeover, while the “conservative” wing is frozen with inaction — utterly hopeless in pushing back against cultural Marxism.

Those lacking a subscription might be able to access the column through the back door via the top entry in Google’s results at this link. Subscribers can follow the link below.

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