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An inconvenient rape


CBS reporter Lara Logan was raped repeatedly while covering the Arab Spring in Cairo, the moment when the attack began captured in the photo above. The idea that Muslim men might do such a thing doesn’t sit well with the Left and its media auxiliaries, so her ordeal was flushed from news lists in short order. These are the same media organisations which presented accusations against US Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh as gospel truth.

John Hayward interviewed Ms Logan and writes:

We are only a few months removed from such hero treatment being lavished on women who suddenly came forward with implausible and unproven allegations of decades-old misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Those women were universally described as “survivors,” but Lara Logan never is. Criticism of those women – even polite questions about the inconsistencies in their claims – was denounced as “attacking” them, but Lara Logan enjoys no such courtesy. The left long ago decided Logan is a “right-wing shill,” and that political identity trumps everything else about her.

Hayward’s interview with Logan can be read in full here.

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