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UNSW must be
so very proud

Failed libel litigant Michael Mann will soon add his lustre to the University of New South Wales’ climate corps,  where a grand total of 37 professors, associate professors, lecturers, ARC fellows, ARC laureates and post-doctoral researchers evidently aren’t enough to grapple with a problem that doesn’t exist.

And soon it will be 38, with Climategate star, Nobel Prize non-winner and peddler of discredited data Michael Mann on his way to join the team.

Yes, that Michael Mann, who just had his eight-year libel action against Tim Ball thrown out of court by a very irate judge. Mark Steyn, target of another of Mann’s slow-motion libel suits, has an update that includes a link to the Ball judgment — a document that adds a special irony to the title of the lecture Mann will be delivering on October 19 at Sydney Town Hall, “How to Win the New Climate War”  (emphasis added)

Professor Michael Mann will present the urgency of current climate change science as we see the impacts playing out in the daily news cycle and on our social media feeds. Coastal inundation, withering heat waves and droughts, devastating floods, unprecedented wildfires. This is the face of dangerous climate change. It has arrived. As a consequence, fossil fuel interests can no longer claim nothing is happening and have shifted to “soft denial”, distraction and delay in their effort to prevent climate action. With MC Craig Reucassel (ABC’s War on Waste), Michael will present his experiences on the front lines of the battle to communicate climate science and his unique insights into what steps we can take now to defend our planet from the assault by polluting interests.

Funds raised by Australia for this event will support bringing Michael back to Australia to work with UNSW in early 2020 during our most intensive climate change impact season.

“Our most intensive climate change impact season”? Take that to mean every hot day, summer storm, bushfire, heavy rain and high tide will be shopped to unquestioning reporters as proof positive that all those snouts in the climate trough are needed to save the planet.

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