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crimes by gals
There has been much talk this week about the male propensity for violence, especially against women, with the buzz being that men — overall maleness, if you will — simply must be be reformed. That theme kicked off this week’s Q&A and has been all over the opinion pages. If only men were more like women, how much happier the world would be!
While the mentally troubled 19-year-old accused of raping and killing Eurydice Dixon in an inner-city Melbourne park has yet to be brought to trial, Wednesday’s Victorian Supreme Court’s case list offered little support for the notion that females are the gentler of our species.
Of the four murder trials underway, three of the defendants or co-defendants were women.
Few citizens without a specific interest in particular cases ever bother to sit in on trials, which have their dull moments but can also be some of the best entertainment in town. For the curious who wish to see justice in action, the Supreme Court’s daily list can be found here or via the link below.

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