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Minister Wyatt makes
his preference clear

On Tuesday morning, Aboriginal Affairs minister Ken Wyatt could tap the wisdom of three people in regard to the ‘Voice” thing. They were Josephine Cashman, who recently complained to the Australian Federal Police that the Dark Emu author is a fraud, and her two fellow panellists, professors Marcia Langton and Tom Calma.

By Tuesday night, Minister Wyatt had only two advisers, having sacked Ms Cashman.

“Ms Cashman’s actions are not conducive to the constructive and collaborative approach required to progress the important co-design process for an indigenous voice,” Wyatt explained.

At this Twitter link, Ms Langton gives voice to the sort of counsel the minister evidently prefers.

Below, Ms Cashman and a voice he rejects.

Ms Langton prefers to believe that misquoted explorers’ journals are “correct”, that Aborigines lived in permanent towns, baked the first bread, invented democracy and were the original agriculturalists.

She obviously hasn’t read Peter O’Brien’s Bitter Harvest, which can be ordered here.

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