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Shock! Horror!
Perrottet is a Catholic

As the dust settles after Gladys Berejiklian’s resignation and what is reported to be the imminent elevation of Dominic Perrottet to the post of NSW premier, Australia’s newsroom hacks thought they heard the faint tinkle of sanctus bells and made like Pavlov’s dogs, slobbering hints and imputations about the danger of having a leader who is not only a Catholic but a conservative Catholic to boot.

And put the boot in they surely did and will, Catholicism being, as Tony Abbot found and William F. Buckley observed, the last socially acceptable target for prejudice. Predictably, Their ABC immediately centred the papist premier-to-be in its crosshairs, even dragging in Perrottet’s school years:

…as a child he attended the Roman Catholic school Redfield College in Dural, which is run by Opus Dei priests.

The Opus Dei sect has been tied to secretive dealings, along with aggressive recruitment methods and accusations of elitism and misogyny.

And the ABC has plenty of company:

At the Sydney Morning Herald, where the hacks await official confirmation of the rumour circulating in both Sydney and Melbourne that contracts aren’t being renewed because the Nine rags will soon publish only on weekends, the effort appears focused on demonstrating they can spot a Romanist peril at 60 paces and are thus worthy of being picked up by the ABC:

One senior moderate said: “Perhaps unfairly, Dom is seen as part of that ultra-conservative religious right-wing who has very strong social views on issues most of us simply do not get. He isn’t actually like that, but he can’t shake that perception.”

There’s really no rational explanation for the media’s open loathing of Catholics (or its resolute silence in regard to another creed’s problematic adherence to belief and tradition), so leave it to SMH doodler Cathy Wilcox, who several years ago captured the required attitude in a few strokes.

There is more on this topic at The Spectator

— roger franklin

4 thoughts on “Shock! Horror!
Perrottet is a Catholic

  • Lewis P Buckingham says:

    As in war it would seem that the ABC and the old Fairfax media are ‘painting the target ‘for the next debate on euthanasia.
    What better to do than paint the premier in a bipolar fashion as one dimensional and from the extremes.
    After the Pell attacks there has been an emboldened attack on the religious, although not Islam, because those in power in eg the ABC, know they will not have to be called to account in any court of law for defamation, internal review or public opinion, as they control the narrative.
    However the ‘speciousness’ of the Mulliginesque case against Pell, especially where Witness J was seen to be credible, has emboldened others to defend themselves.
    Although apparently pyrrhic, Christian Porter’s defence, when he ‘denied’ the public attack on him,’ without reviewing the evidence’, showed me he must have been innocent, he did not need to ‘review the evidence’, he knew the event had not happened.
    My own limited experience is that it is better to be attacked by those of the caliber of the Millinesque than people of greater lights.
    However the consequence for ‘our ABC’ is that it continues to provide stories of doubtful probity, on our tab.
    The Wran saga is a case in point.
    The Wran family has been dogged by mental illness and drug abuse and Wran’s widow has publicly asked for the media to back off.
    This is a matter of public record.
    Yet our ABC attacked her late husband, for something he could not have done, being involved in the death of innocent children.
    So from which moral high ground will they commenting on our premier?
    The same as they took against Pell and Wran?

  • simonbenson65 says:

    By its stock-standard and expected, feline, turgid response to Dominic Perrotet’s recent elevation, those strange Australian left wing media bedfellows – the ABC and what’s left of Fairfax – have just demonstrated that, for the left, their alleged campaign for “tolerance”, “diversity” and “inclusion” means they can cope with anything, poor darlings, as long as it’s not Christian. The left does not actually respect individual freedoms or opinions at all. Which just goes to show that the old adage had it right: there is nothing more intolerant than those who preach tolerance.

  • larocca39 says:

    “The Opus Dei sect has been tied to secretive dealings, along with aggressive recruitment methods and accusations of elitism and misogyny.”

    You almost have to tip your hat at just how efficient ABC’s anti-Catholic prejudice has become. They make Church groups like Opus Dei sound like the Illuminati. It’s nothing more than slander: what exactly does “tied to secretive dealings” mean? Who exactly has made these “accusations of elitism and misogyny”? The ABC in a previous article? And what does being accused of things like “elitism” and “misogyny” actually prove?

    Most importantly – why do Catholics pay for the privilege of being treated like this?

  • davyddwilliams says:

    The New Class fascists of the left use the post modern manifestation of Orwellian Newspeak. “Tolerance” means tyrannical intolerance of any alternative views; “diversity” means rigid conformity to the prevailing New Class world view; “inclusion” means the exclusion, denunciation and banishment of those who hold opinions inconsistent with New Class orthodoxy. The ABC is the flag-bearer for these enemies of liberty, faith and civil discourse.
    But what can we do about it? If you write to your local MP pointing out the stupidity of having a publicly funded communications industry in an age when citizens have unparalleled access to information and media, you will only receive a smarmy reply from the Communications Minister telling you what a wonderful job the ABC does.

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