Insights from Quadrant

Bitter Harvest,the book
that bared a fraud

The highly readable vivisection of author Bruce Pascoe’s compendium of errors, misrepresentations and misquoted sources depicting Aborigines as sedentary agriculturalists with ‘skills superior to those of the white colonisers who took their land and despoiled it’ is available from Quadrant Books.

With the ABC pointedly ignoring any and all critiques of Dark Emu‘s fantasies as it peddles and promotes Pascoe’s shoddy scholarship, Bitter Harvest is essential reading for those who still believe truth matters.


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  • Peter Marriott

    Peter, having just read the Australian cricket Captain Tim Pain’s naive, almost childishly sentimental comments on Pascoe’s fictitional book Dark Emu, on the back page of the Australian of the 24th of December, may I suggest you send the poor fellow a copy of Bitter Harvest ASAP to put his mind at rest, before he gets so far up the very blind alley he’s in that he’ll never find his way out. We can’t have the Captain of our National cricket team so ill-informed,lost and blind to the point of distraction by whatever wool it is that’s been pulled over his eyes, we need him to be free from any mental anguish if we’re to have the best chance of beating India.

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