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Pete Jonson’s blog, named in honour of economist Henry Thornton, has some thoughts on the Budget, not least the difficulties in implementing its grand plans:

… the Treasurer’s bold attack on Australia’s great number of ‘things to fix’ may turn into a shambles … Here is my basic advice. Australia is very short of good managers, and most of them work in major companies or exciting start-ups. Where is the cadre of skilled operators to make work all of the government’s ideas presented by Treasurer Josh?

The best idea would be to conclude that the Treasurer’s wish list is a strategic program for the next five years. Then recruit a set of people from the corporate sector and in some cases academics. There might also be a cadre of public officials who would be good at managing substantial change and building new programs.

Introducing competence to the implementation of policy, how original!

Pete’s post can be read in full here.

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