That seems a bit unfair…


Among the comments below Alan Moran’s prescription for the energy market’s ills, there is this from reader Lynch:

I was in business for 35 years. Unlike rooftop solar I received no government handout for my capital equipment. Unlike rooftop solar I supplied product 24 hours/day, 365 days per year.

Unlike rooftop solar I had to wait for customers to ask for my product – I couldn’t just sell it when I felt like it to people who didn’t want it or need it.

In the end I collapsed financially, which is what should happen to rooftop solar. I have absolutely no objection to people generating their own electricity if they pay for it themselves. I had a diesel generator capable of taking the full load and I ran it once a month. I never dreamt of forcing people to buy my electricity at a ripoff price when I wanted some cash.

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