A good setup ruined?


It is a good thing to treat anonymous sources with some suspicion, but as this informant claims to write from deep within the fetid bowels of the ABC, let us apply the same  standards that the national broadcaster bring to stories about, say, the eagerness of the RAN to torture boat people. Our mole writes:

I’m told that the protesters ejected from Q&A on Monday night ruined a classic set-up. The plan was for Latoya Rule to be called on for a question and the deal was that she would talk about her brother’s death in custody and no mention that he was inside charged with trespass, assault and rape.

Supposedly the plan went astray when she jumped the gun and started screaming about Bill Leak being a racist.

It would be nice to think that a reputable, taxpayer-funded show would not stoop to such a confected scene. But this is Q&A we’re talking about. To watch Monday’s luvvies in action, follow the link below.

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