Australia Abets the UN’s Gross Moral Turpitude

There are three worldviews operating side by side when it comes to Israel. Only one is morally and strategically sound. You will find that in Israel, among many Jews outside of Israel and, among the goyim, those of a Christian-conservative turn of mind. Then there are those in Islamic nations who, driven by their baleful so-called ‘Abrahamic religion’, see Israel as an odious blot on the landscape of the Middle East. In their more extreme manifestation, these people are called “innocent” Palestinians who give comfort to a number of terrorist organisations bent on killing Jews. Finally, there are those fair-weather allies and friends of Israel who have daggers concealed; at the ready to plunge into Israel’s heart whenever the going gets tough. The kind of friends who you don’t want by your side in a dark alley. In many ways they are more morally bankrupt than Israel’s avowed enemies.

This brings me to one of the most malign acts of bastardry ever committed by an Australian government. What else to call it? A day of infamy? Well, the day after, on December 14, Greg Sheridan in The Australian called it “incoherent.” The editorial in the same newspaper called it a “mistake” and that it was an act of “inherent illogicality.” Hmm? I might have missed the thundering headlines and commentaries holding the government to account in other media outlets. Perhaps not. Though to be fair, I heard Steve Price (Sky News) calling it a “disgrace.” However, overall, it appears that our society, our Western civilisation, has become so debilitated that we parse every evil under the sun. Nothing can happen that can’t be downplayed or qualified with weasel words. Except, of course, unless Israel can be blamed.

The fact is that Australia sided with Hamas rapists and baby-killers in voting in favour of a UN resolution demanding a ceasefire in Gaza. There were other parts to the resolution. Including, laughably, apropos Hamas, calling for “all parties [to] comply with their obligations under international law, including international humanitarian law [and for] the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages.” Critically, the ceasefire call was not made contingent upon anything. And it certainly wasn’t made contingent upon Hamas first giving up hostages, agreeing not to aim rockets at Israeli towns, and recognising and respecting the territorial integrity of the Jewish state of Israel. In other words, it was a resolution calling for a victory for Hamas that posed as a ceasefire resolution.

Of the 193 countries voting in the General Assembly, Australia could and should have joined the United States and nine others in voting No. Or, at least with the 23 which abstained. Though, for that matter, abstaining is such a non-descript and cowardly act. Not surprising that the UK these days is in that camp. At least we know where the Australian government stands; where Albanese in absentia stands and Penny Wong. And where is that, you might well ask? Make up your own mind. In my opinion is it on the side of evil; pure and simple. Why do I say that?

Voting for ceasefire is voting for Israeli men, women, children, infants and babies to be under constant threat of horrific harm. Excuse me, but that is the Devil’s cause. Australia’s UN representative James Larsen reportedly said that the nation was “gravely concerned” about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. On whose behalf is he talking? Not mine. There were grave humanitarian crises in Germany and Japan in WWII, but the war in Europe and in Japan had to be won, nonetheless.

It is one thing for Chris Bowen to talk complete bull in Dubia. He and the government, and the opposition for that matter, are seriously misguided about climate change and what to do about it. Even if you argue that the federal Liberals are a little more enlightened than Bowen; it’s a matter only of degree, which reduces to nothing at a state level. The Liberals in NSW recently strengthened a Labor bill designed to undermine reliable and affordable energy. This is all completely and utterly idiotic. But, it is poles apart from acting to put another nation’s people at continual risk of being violated, tortured and killed.

Mr Larsen and the government which he shamefully represents at the UN does not speak for me. A government must meet just two tests to be legitimate. It must be fairly elected. And, subsequently, within tolerable bounds, it must act morally. Obviously, it can act stupidly, counterproductively and capriciously and still be legitimate, otherwise all governments would fail the test to one extent or another.

The Australian Labor government has crossed the line. In my eyes, it has become an illegitimate government. It has failed the test of morality. You can think of many extreme examples of that in the past and many people in such times went along with it. I am not suggesting anything remotely as grievous as the worst examples of the twentieth century. Still, we should object and, while we are at it, wonder why we have reached a point where gross immorality (in our name) passes muster among much of the modern-day commentariat.

30 thoughts on “Australia Abets the UN’s Gross Moral Turpitude

  • Peter Marriott says:

    Hear Hear Peter.

  • Daffy says:

    Albanese makes Chamberlain look resolute, insightful and brave.

  • Andrew L Urban says:

    I agree that it is now an illegitimate government. I think the cabinet has collectively breached the Ministerial Code of Conduct by their silence in standing by as Chris Bowen breaches key provisions, eg:
    Ministers must accept they are accountable for the exercise of the powers and functions of their office – that is, to ensure that their conduct, representations and decisions as Ministers, and the conduct, representations and decisions of those who act as their delegates or on their behalf – are open to public scrutiny and explanation.

    (v) When taking decisions in, or in connection with, their official capacity, Ministers must act in the public interest – that is, based on their best judgment of what will advance the common good of the people of Australia.

    A small but important correction, if I may:
    “Though to be fair, I heard Chris Smith (Sky News) calling it a “disgrace.” I think you mean Chris Kenny…Smith left months ago.

  • David R says:

    In effect Albanese, Wong, Larsen and the Labor Party in general have abandoned support for the only democracy in the Middle East.

    It goes further than that in so much as having effectively abandoned Israel it must now cross the minds of our Allies that perhaps we are not so steadfast in honoring our obligations to expressed commitments to stand with them should the need arise.

    • David Bidstrup says:

      Excellent point, David R. Which could yet prove to be the most important one- if our allies begin to think believe that of us, will not the converse begin to apply. Trust is a two way street.

  • sabena says:

    I couldn’t agree more.
    There is one other thing-any officer of the Department of Foreign Affairs who supported the proposal(as opposed to implementing it)should be removed from their office and dismissed.

  • Sindri says:

    “Critically, the ceasefire call was not made contingent upon anything. And it certainly wasn’t made contingent upon Hamas first giving up hostages, agreeing not to aim rockets at Israeli towns, and recognising and respecting the territorial integrity of the Jewish state of Israel.”
    Bravo, Peter.

  • pgang says:

    I think it has been a long time since an Australian government was even aware that there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

  • Rob H says:

    And what excuse have we for not voting for the Australian Libertarian Party? Go ahead tell me why the Liberal/Nation parties will not make things worse.

  • Katzenjammer says:

    No-one asks Hamas how many children need to die before they lay down their arms.

  • David Isaac says:

    ‘Legitimacy depends on being fairly elected and acting morally’?
    That’s going to disqualify a lot of governments on the first count, including our own for the first half of our presence on this continent. Calling Mr Bowen’s support for a ceasefire immoral just beggars belief. I’m sure there are strategic reasons why it might be undesirable for the IDF but the humanitarian grounds for it are hard to argue against.
    If you want to talk about immorality think on the insane decision to replace the Australian people and their culture which has been perpetrated over the last forty-five years by uni-party governments elected by the media.

    • Paul W says:

      A ceasefire does not help the humanitarian situation because it only prolongs the displacement of civilians. Only when the war is fully over will the situation improve.

      • David Isaac says:

        I may have missed it but has Israel delineated exactly what its war aims are? One could be forgiven for thinking the idea is to level Gaza and force the inhabitants into exile (probably adding to Europe’s demographic catastrophe) thus allowing Jewish settlement and the exploitation of natural gas deposits off shore. The idea then will be to blame Britain, France, Germany, the USA and Australia for creating this mess and not providing a safe and secure homeland for the Israelites after their persecution in the 1940s. Hence why these Western countries must accept the refugees.

        • Sindri says:

          No Horst, one could not be forgiven for thinking that Israel is doing this for the purpose of “the exploitation of natural gas deposits off shore”. The only types who would believe that are rusted-on anti-semites whose default position is that Jews are capable of anything.

          • David Isaac says:

            No, it’s mostly about security, resources and the accretion of more territory. These are standard aims of any state or nation evident to anyone not wilfully blind or deliberately dissembling. The “anti-semite” label is just dust thrown in the eyes.

            From an anti-Roman:

            “These plunderers of the world [the Romans], after exhausting the land by
            their devastations, are rifling the ocean: stimulated by avarice, if their
            enemy be rich; by ambition, if poor; unsatiated by the East and by the West:
            the only people who behold wealth and indigence with equal avidity. To ravage,
            to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make
            a desert, they call it peace.”

            – Tacitus, attributed to Calgacus of the Caledonians in the Agricola

      • David Bidstrup says:

        Exactly, With the eradication( not just temporary neutralisation) of this blight on Humanity that is called Hamas, and it’s replacement by government which cares for the people more than itself.

  • Ceres says:

    You put your finger on it once again. Not just Labor but so many Australians are just as morally bankrupt.

  • Brian Boru says:

    Below is the text of the amendment that the US proposed and which was rejected prior to the resolution being carried.
    “Unequivocally rejects and condemns the heinous terrorist attacks by Hamas that
    took place in Israel starting 7 October 2023 and the taking of hostages;”
    Australia supported that amendment and after it was lost should have voted against the resolution. However it would be interesting to know which countries voted against the amendment because there lies a measure of the depravity of the UN.
    I lost any respect for the UN after the Srebrenica “safe haven” and Rwanda.Srebrenica massacres.

  • Stephen says:

    I would love to see a cease fire. Here are the two ways of getting there – 1, Hamas is totally defeated with all leaders in Gaza captured or killed. 2. Hamas realizes that it made a terrible mistake with the 7th October attack, immediately releases all remaining hostages and unconditionally surrenders. Any other kind of cease fire will just be a pause in a conflict that will then start again next week, or next month, or next year and go on for a hundred or a thousand years, who knows how long or how high the pile of corpses on both sides. In Ireland there a still “real” IRA folk who want that conflict to continue as if 800 years is not enough.

    • David Bidstrup says:

      The first is the only realistic one. If Hamas did make that realisation, which sanity should dictate has already happened, they cold not admit it let alone surrender. Pigs do not fly. Negotiating with the likes of Hamas is like teaching pigs to fly- it wastes your time and just annoys the pigs .

  • Brian Boru says:

    While we are considering the UN, one thought I have had concerns the role of the UN schools in Gaza. Have they been teaching peace and coexistence or have they been fanning the flames of terrorism?

  • gilmay97 says:


    How many enjoy Xmas and Easter holidays, and the respectful gracious benefits we take for granted living in a Christian country under a Bi-Camal Westminster Christian based government.

    Many today do not attend church or even claim a Christian belief, it’s too old fashion, outdated, we have better things to do. Understand you only have this freedom of choice and ‘better things to do’ because it is a Christian based country of freedom.

    Look around the world with eyes wide open, where there is no Christianity based government, there are few freedoms and little quality of life for the average people. Look at Russia, China, North Vietnam, Middle Eastern Countries — none have a Christian heritage base.

    Ask why people from these lands want to migrate here — it is because of our freedoms, our respect for each other and the sanctity of life — all the result of our original Christian base.

    Ask those who came here from cruel sadistic regimes of oppression, brutality and religious dictatorships, why they chose Australia — Then want to change our Christian Based system to theirs — countries where marrying first cousins creates very high incidence of genetic disorders, still births, reduced IQ resulting in high unemployment from skill reduction and gullibility into and anti-social activities. https://www.bmj.com/content/333/7573/831

    Few now attend a Christian Church, or even understand the teachings of Christianity — It is all taken for granted — but it may not last forever — the anti-Christian groups are working to undermine our social base with compliant politics into a subservient culture of group control and culture war. Churches are closing and the land sold, Muslims buy the established church and convert it to a Mosque.

    The referendum ‘NO’ Vote gutted many carefully laid plans to give ruthless controls over society at massive ongoing financial cost and destruction of our society as we know it today — these plans still lie just below the surface in many organisations waiting a re-emergence opportunity.

    To control a country, you take over the minds of youth, indoctrinate them into destroying societies base beliefs, destroying the base structure of the Christian family, that marriage between man and woman and the family unit is of no value, that other family values should override the Christian family.

    Education moves from teaching to indoctrination, to make people feel bad about themselves their heritage and achievements, this is done via promoting untruths of history, removing historical references, enshrine dominance of myths as fact, teach children condemnation of parents achievements and history, ridicule established history teaching total distortions of climates natural fluctuations from ice-ages to inter-glacial warm periods — convince people that natural warming from the Quaternary Ice-Age is other than natural — that changing seasons are climate change problems.

    We need removal of teachers distorting education presenting their opinions as fact, beliefs are not facts and distort reality of students — We are now in the third-generation of school political indoctrination of students, now graduated back teaching more unrealistic theoretical bias about the environment, world politics and to socialism here.

    Theoretical experts in education and politics need to spend time living in China, Russia, North Korea or the Middle East. You will do as you are told with no rights and live on a pittance, women will be silent and wear a black tent, the state will jail and punish you as they choose, with limited right of freedom. You will not wear colored clothing or hair, tattoos or adornments.

    An old Muslim friend told me Australia is the paradise spoken of in scriptures, value it, treat it respectfully, treasure and protect it for if lost it is gone forever, it will never reappear. Many others are waiting for its destruction.

    It is Christmas time to think of family, friends and how lucky we are that our country has a Christian base, that give us unlimited freedom — if we lose it from stupid ideology, socialistic politics and deviate practices, we will have a long future of regret as your children succumb to a world destroyed by stupidity.

    Alternative society and governments will promise everything, give nothing and take what you have — leaving nothing for your family and no future — examples are worldwide.

    Understand Christianity, help finance and maintain its future for your children’s future and wellbeing. If you choose not to accept Christian fellowship and friendship, at least acknowledge their gift of a free country of freedom and respect to live and raise your family and plan your future.

    It was the freedoms of Christianity that our troops fought and died in wars to protect your future — understand and respect what they did and why they did it — Lest We Forget.

    We have a choice to honor, respect and support Christianity and all it means — our Easter and Christmas holidays, traditions, love, fellowship, belief and democratic Christian freedoms — Or lose your freedom as Christianity fades — You have a choice.

    And Have a Merry Christmas — there may not be many left.

    • lbloveday says:

      Russia may not have “Christianity based government”, but then I would say Australia certainly does not, despite the recital of The Lord’s Prayer.when opening Federal Parliament sessions.
      However Russia has many Christians, quoting Wikipedia which in this case seems to report facts:
      In 2020 the Levada Center estimated that 63% of Russians were Christians; in 2020 the Public Opinion Foundation estimated that 63% of the population was Christian; in 2011 the Pew Research Center estimated that 71% of Russians were Christians; in 2011 Ipsos MORI estimated that 69% of Russians were Christians; and in 2021 the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) estimated that ~67% of Russians were Christians.

  • Mike says:

    Hamas completely violated almost every article contained within the, ‘Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War’.

    Hamas and their supporters – Absolutely evil barbarians.

  • joemiller252 says:

    Well said, Peter. The pity is that few will read your piece and most will be unaware of the UN vote, now and even more so, come the next Federal election.

  • MargieCJ says:

    I totally agree with you Peter Smith when you say that “one of the most malign acts of bastardry ever committed by an Australian government” was on the 12th December 2023 when “Australia sided with Hamas rapists and baby-killers in voting in favour of a UN resolution demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.” The contemptible and depraved Albanese Labor Government “sided with Hamas rapists and baby-killers in voting in favour of a UN resolution demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.”
    Your call is exactly correct Peter. Never forget that Australia’s ‘Day of Infamy’ happened on 14.9.2015, when, out of the shadows of spite, came the Left leaning, white anting, Malcolm Turnbull, leading his motley crew of Liberal traitors, to carry out his coup and politically back stab the first term Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, who had won Government for the Coalition in a massive landslide victory on 7.9.2013. History has shown us that Australia has never recovered from that act of egotism and vainglory and why we are in the political mess that Australia is in today.

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