Too Many Irritations to Screen Out

One of the reasons I stopped watching the ABC was to stop shouting at the telly. It’s unbecoming and completely futile to boot. Raises one’s blood pressure, causes nervous dyspepsia and might well shorten life.

I took to watching Sky News. Sadly, last Thursday evening watching Andrew Bolt interviewing Andrew Clennell, it began all over again; déjà vu, so to speak. Despot Dan’s overreach was being discussed. Fine. Then Clennell, with Bolt implicitly nodding, explained how he had used his vax passport to gain entry to a café and a bookshop. He found it surprising how well-accepted and easily navigable was the arrangement. Said even the unvaxxed can buy books if they wait outside. Glory be!

Think about it. People like Clennell and Bolt are part of the tyranny that they criticise in Victoria. It’s a difference of degree, not principle. Showing a medical certificate to browse a bookshop? Really, that’s acceptable. Why aren’t they railing against it? I dare say navigating the business of life was easy for most Germans in the 1930s. Pity about the Jews.

By the way, Bolt went on to cover Margaret Court but couldn’t resist virtue signalling by saying he disagreed with some of her comments on gays. What comments? I’ve only heard respectful ones. And then he discussed Milo Yiannopoulos. More virtue signalling.  Couldn’t resist saying he disagreed with some of things Milo said. What things?  Milo’s stock in trade is (or was) outrageous, and funny, commentary. It’s like saying that David Walliams and Matt Lucas sailed close to the wind in some episodes of Little Britain. You don’t say.  

Why won’t they please shut up the  bulldust, particularly whenever someone on our side of the fence (the sane side) is being talked about or interviewed?

I remember even the admirable stalwart conservative Rowan Dean protecting his backside before interviewing the marvellously unwoke and outspoken Katie Hopkins. She didn’t let him get away with it. And to his credit he looked shamefaced and acknowledged his (grievous) fault.

Can you understand why I began shouting at the telly. A little while back a reader suggested that I lay off Bolt because he’s one of the good guys. I’m over him. Alan Jones is gone. What the heck do I watch? Who do I watch? Need another channel. Maybe GB News Australia-style. I don’t know. I’m bereft. Can anyone help?


CHANGING the subject, the NSW Health COVID-19 surveillance report for week-ending October 30, noted that of the locally-acquired cases aged 12 and over, 31 percent were fully vaccinated.  At the time, 78 percent of the population aged 12 and over had been fully vaccinated. This means that the population of the unvaccinated at just 22 percent contributed to 69 percent of cases.

On these figures, vaccination offers significant protection from catching the disease. At the same time, it’s not trivial that 31 percent of cases were fully vaccinated. Anything anywhere near to 78 percent would mean, of course, that the vaccines are useless.

It also bears noting that the figures cannot be taken at face value. For example, maybe the fully vaxxed are less likely to get tested. I don’t know, but this would skew the results. Also, as the effectiveness of the vaccines wanes fairy rapidly, its likely in coming months that the rate of infection among those double vaxxed will increase, as appears to be the case in the UK; which I covered in my previous post. Though boosters will increase resistance until, perhaps, their effectiveness wanes.

Gibraltar is an interesting case study. Described as the most vaccinated place on earth, cases have recently surged. In Singapore, too, and Ireland, both heavily vaccinated.

This is WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus speaking on 12 November:

COVID-19 is surging in countries with lower vaccination rates in Eastern Europe, but also in countries with some of the world’s highest vaccination rates in Western Europe.

The tale is unfolding. At this stage the unvaxxed will cop the flack. Once infection rates among the vaxxed can’t be glossed over, who knows what desperate politicians, their health gurus and Big Pharma will do? Admit that they made a mistake of gigantic proportions. I don’t think so.

Meanwhile I am wondering whether the stress of being shut out of cafes and bookshops and the like isn’t contributing to my telly rage.

  • Blair

    “An effective vaccine will protect someone who receives it by lowering the chance of getting COVID-19 if the person encounters the coronavirus. More important is whether the vaccine prevents serious illness, hospitalization and death. At this time, all three vaccines are highly efficacious at preventing serious illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19.”
    John Hopkins Medicine.
    All the published figures, you are talking about refer only to chances of getting COVID-19. depending on vaccine status. Indeed, “Anything anywhere near to 78 percent would mean, of course, that the vaccines are useless.” at lowering the chance of getting COVID-19. But surely ” preventing serious illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19.” is more important.
    One would hope the statistics relating to vaccine status and these events are also available.

  • norsaint

    Might I suggest you have your aerials removed, Peter?
    It’s a relatively harmless operation and life tends to improve tenfold rather quickly following.

  • Ceres

    Peter, I totally share your angst as the hope of the side Sky News, now lurches to the left. They got rid of the no nonsense Alan Jones and Bolt is becoming unwatchable as he shakes his head nightly, in disbelief that anyone could be vaccine hesitant. Hasn’t he been reading Senator Renick reporting on the adverse effects particularly on young men. Not worth a look apparently. Then we have Kenny and Credlin who never fail to tell us how they’ve both had the jab. Please, we don’t need to know or hear your constant virtue signalling. Whenever Pauline Hanson starts talking about adverse events they virtually shout her down – another directive from Sky?
    I reluctantly turned to social media where I’ve been pleasantly surprised by many of the groups. They share medical news never seen on MSM and the posters seem to be sane and on the same sceptical page as me.
    The coverage of the huge marches by MSM across Australia at the weekend was also a disgrace. I knew what to expect but wanted it confirmed. Sure enough numbers totally fudged, short segments on what was in Melbourne at least, a stunning, groundbreaking turnout not seen since the Vietnam war march and almost as much coverage on the few hundred pro vaxxers demonstrating. Shameful.

  • Rebekah Meredith

    Does anybody know of a reliable source for coverage of the protests here in WA? For Melbourne, I can watch Avi Yemini or Rukshan Fernando (a little more reliable, in my opinion); I can see photos and read information on Reignite Democracy Australia’s web-site. I also watch and read some reports from the regular news, in the interest of fairness and to try to get a more clear picture.
    But when the news over here talks about how nasty protesters are, I don’t know where to find a second opinion. Does anyone else?

  • Rebekah Meredith

    I should add that I don’t use Facebook, etc., and hope I don’t have to (though I can understand why people have had to resort to them); but I use the Internet way more than I ever wanted to, and do watch Youtube.

  • john2

    I too note the sea-change at Sky.
    On COVID, maybe the whipping Sky took a few months back in being banned from YouTube has brought them to heel. “Get with the program, guys, or get cancelled”. Perhaps a mixture of business pragmatism (respecting the power of the FAANGs), and a (possibly sincere, well-meaning?) belief that to go off-message on the official Public Health get-vaxxed monomania would not be in the public interest, are behind the change. (This is the most charitable interpretation of motivation I can offer. There are of course other less sanguine options. My charitable impulses wither, however, when noting the deliberate understatement of crowd sizes and even complete non-reporting (in the case of TheOz) of the massive freedom protests of recent weeks in Melb and Syd. But that’s another story).
    And then there was the sudden almost overnight alignment of Sky and TheOz with the new orthodoxy of NetZero in the climate sphere (just in time to join the procession of Naked Emperors at COP26). Wondrous to behold.
    When even the erstwhile institutions of the Right are being overrun, where is there to turn? Thankfully, there is still Quadrant! And GB News and the Farage! And the jungle of social and non-MSM media (with careful navigation!).

  • Peter Smith

    “Anything anywhere near to 78 percent would mean, of course, that the vaccines are useless.” Yes Blair, you’re right, I should have said “…useless for warding off infection.” The vaccines would seem to markedly prevent serious illness and death; which, as you say, is important, particularly so for the aged and infirm whose lives are saved. But this, of itself, is a prophylactic effect rather than an immunising effect; and it wanes rather rapidly.

  • exuberan

    Netflix Peter, or Stan or Prime, take your pick. The TV Receiver is no longer for live broadcasts in this Country

  • andrew2

    A professionally produced news source alternative hasn’t emerged yet. Alan Jones is doing something in the future. You can give your details on alanjones. Com .au to be kept informed. Maybe Quadrant contributors can get together and start an online video channel?? The will to create content is all it takes. There is a small YouTube Channel called The Informer.

  • STD

    Gee Peter, I wonder whether Ramsay would fund a Santamariaesque hour ,weekly on Television or Radio. We need to take on and take to the field of the battle of culture in order for common sense to take back the day.

  • Pablo07

    Steve Kirsch newsletter on Substack seems to me the best source and up to date.
    And the money he offers anyone to disprove the claims re. vacxxs – no one dares
    to debate his team of experts (anyone can interpret this fact as one wishes).
    Check this latest:

  • Pablo07

    This morning on ABC Ms Trioli praised Ms Lambie for her work on the semantic of free to choose and mandates. Same as primeministerial logic…
    I am about to send a letter to the Senatoressa, with the core of the message as follows
    An old communist Russia joke ran like this: Comrade X. complained about poor quality food and the lack of choice at the workplace canteen. In response the claim was denied, as Comrade X. has a choice, he can eat or not to eat.
    Senator, are we there yet?

  • Davidovich

    I agree with you on Bolt and I am not sure if this is entirely due to him or a general directive from Sky News which has definitely gone more ‘orthodox’ in presenters’ behaviour. We turn off Bolt very early in his rantings as he has become unwatchable. The loss of Alan Jones gives us a bit of a hint as to where Sky lies these days.

  • Guido Negraszus

    No doubt, Andrew Bolt is gone. He was all over the place when it comes to Covid. In 2020 he was still the old Bolt, guided by facts and a rational approach. He discussed Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and then he suddenly stopped (earlier this year). Clearly a Sky News directive. Interestingly, when Alan Jones came back from surgery he discussed alternative Covid treatments with Professor Collignon. Guess which two drugs were NOT mentioned? Riiiiiight! I just thought, wow, even Jones is muzzled. Did anyone watch Bolt’s farewell editorial to Alan Jones? He must really think that we are stupid. Because Sky News offered Jones a Friday slot (the Sky death penalty day of the week) he wasn’t actually sacked. Really sad how Bolt keeps destroying his own legacy among conservatives. I have now completely stopped watching Sky News. Instead, I watch Fox (Tucker Carlson, Ingraham and Gutfeld).

  • seagull

    Peter, you miss the key point in the NSW Surveillance Report, that vaccination reduces the risk of severe illness, that is hospitalisation, admission to ICU and death from COVID, by around 90%. It was never likely that vaccination would stop all positive test results for COVID in the vaccinated. Vaccination improves the immune response to COVID when acquired. It also reduces transmission to contacts. This week in Victoria Chairman Dan announce 19 deaths associated with COVID, of whom 17 were unvaccinated. It is time to stop promoting antivax untruths, promoting protests and making false claims about civil rights. Rights come with responsibilities, and for Covid that responsibility is to get vaccinated.

  • Stephen Due

    @seagull. You neglected to mention the adverse effects of the vaccines. There is a vast amount of evidence on these, starting with VAERS data. It is the known adverse effects that are deterring people, and rightly so. Most people, especially children and adolescents, are not at risk of hospitalisation and death from this disease, and therefore they have no reason to take a potentially poisonous ‘jab’.
    More importantly, please note there is no ‘responsibility’ to get vaccinated. Even if there was one, whether or not to get vaccinated is still a personal choice. The draconian measures being used in Australia to force people to get vaccinated with these potentially toxic products – measures such as vaccine mandates and vaccine passports – are plainly unethical. If you want to talk about ethics, this is the elephant in the room.
    Finally, it is a scientific fact that the deaths announced by Dictator Dan were not due to people being unvaccinated. They were due to a disease process that was not addressed with competent medical treatment. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have been banned for Covid in Australia because the TGA wants to promote the vaccines – not because they do not work. It has been known since March 2020 that these drugs work for Covid-19. For the established protocols see the FLCCC Alliance website.

  • Pablo07

    From an interview with Dr Daniel Nagase (Canada):
    Well they’re saying it’s unvaccinated people. But there are so many people who are within two weeks of their second shot, and they are getting deathly ill. This information is our information. We deserve to know how many percent of the ICU is filled with people who are having side effects within one week of the injection. And then if they are clogging the ICUs because they are getting a vaccine injury, but then they’re being labeled as unvaccinated, that is an absolute lie. We deserve – we have the right – to all the information and all the details.

  • seagull

    Here are the numbers, from a reliable Australian source, https://www.tga.gov.au/periodic/covid-19-vaccine-weekly-safety-report-18-11-2021:
    Myocarditis and pericarditis following mRNA vaccines (Pfizer, 38.4 million doses)
    • 3-8 cases/100,000 doses in males between 12 – 30 year, rare after 40y., less in common in females, rare after age of 40, many cases not investigated, only 11 admitted to ICU, no deaths.,most recover rapidly.
    • Note that Covid also causes myocarditis and pericarditis.
    Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) following (AstraZeneca) 7 million doses
    • 18 men, 36 women with severe effects; 8 cases fatal. Another ~100 cases with blood clots in legs or lungs, not fatal, which are common without association with vaccination.
    • Fatality rate about 1 per million doses
    Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) following Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca)
    • 140 reports of possible cases but severity and relationship to Vaccination uncertain. Occurs after Covid, other infections and ?other vaccinations, but rare.
    Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) following Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca)
    • ITP occurs independently of Covid or vaccination. 90 reports of low platelet counts after vaccination, many with mild or no symptoms. Treatable. No fatalities reported.
    This a summary for your convenience. The full report, updated weekly, is heavy reading but not impossible. Avoid the unreliable claims of antivax websites that claim, for example, that ICU ‘s are full of people with vaccine complications.
    To put it in perspective you are probably 100 times more likely, in a year, to suffer death or serious injury from a motor vehicle accident than from vaccination.

  • Peter Smith

    Seagull, to be clear, I do not doubt the effectveness of the vacines in preventing serious illness and death among those susceptible to Covid; to wit, the old and ill. The evidence is compelling. So if your’re old and/or ill, and not vaccinated, think about being vaccinated. Talk to your doctor. But two other things are also clear. One is that the protective effect of the vaccines wanes very quickly, in the space of five or six months. Hence boosters. A second is that the vaccines do not protect against infection. They do not sterilise the virus and they are leaky. That’s why infection rates are surging in heavily vaccinated countries. This is not an argument against being vaccinated, if that’s your choice, to protect yourself; it is an argument against coercing people into being vaccinated against their wishes. Finally, it is a fact not conjecture, these vaccines are experimental – the longer-term effects are unknown by definition. For example, no one knows how long the boosters will remain effective. It’s a giant experiment. And, deplorably, young children are now being made guinea pigs.

  • seagull

    Vaccines do not “sterilise the Virus”. They never have and never will..
    They affect the immune status of the Vaccine recipient. I would like to think that vaccination of young children could be avoided, for pragmatic reasons, but this may be forced by the anti-vax crowd if 10% are induced to remain unvaccinated by their phony anti-vax propaganda. Vaccines are no longer “experimental” – this is a “fact”. Vaccination is not compulsory in our society. It is a choice. But choices have consequences. Would you, for example, expect a Typhoid carrier to be allowed to work as a chef, or a Hepatitis B/C carrier to work as a surgeon? It is increasingly clear that the unvaccinated are the cause of the persisting epidemic, The adult unvaccinated must fulfil their moral obligation to get vaccinated. Those that do not want to do so, for whatever strange reason, must accept the consequences of their decision..

  • Citizen Kane

    # seagull. ‘It is increasingly clear that the unvaccinated are the cause of the persisting epidemic’ Got to love this blinding piece of logic. So as countries like the UK reach well over 80% double vaccinated case rates are soaring at over 40 000 new cases every single day! There is not anywhere near enough unvaccinated people left to maintain such high infection rates. Even my primary school aged kids could work that one out. Ask yourself why the urgent requirement for a third shot if it’s not the case that double vaccinated are increasingly the ones who are driving transmission? Instead of sounding off like a squeaking parrot, best go examine the data properly seagull.

  • hwka

    This unvaccinated 80 years young Queenslander requests further information on the deadly pandemic everyone is talking about.
    Please note that the Queensland population at the last census was 5.3 million.
    Official figures record 7 Covid deaths in this State of Queensland.
    The 7th Covid death occurred on March 21 2021 involving an 80 year male who contracted the virus ( according to Qld Health) in the Phillipines and died in quarantine following his return to Australia.
    Prior to that , since around Feb 2020 apparently 6 people have died from Covid.
    Or should that be with Covid?
    It is impossible for me to say – it is impossible for me to find out.
    So as it stands it appears that 6 people have died from/with Covid in Queensland since around Feb 2020.
    6 people in 21 months in a population of 5.3 million.
    That is slightly more than the official snake bite deaths in Australia per year (2.9).
    Perhaps the definitions of pandemic and deadly need review.
    I intended having a ham sandwich for lunch but as I recall the singer Mama Cass Elliot died from choking on a ham sandwich in 1974.
    I be switching to cheese , dude , cause I ain’t contributing to no new pandemic and choking to death is decidedly deadly.

  • Pablo07

    Real doctor, relaying news no MSewageMedia dares to produce.
    If to be disputed, produce credentials and apply logical arguments.

    Dr. Nagase: From one of the local doctors in North Vancouver, Dr Mel Bruchet, he has contacts all through Vancouver. And some doulas who work in Women and Children’s Hospital which isn’t in North Vancouver, it’s in Vancouver-Vancouver, it’s one of the birthing centers for Vancouver. They had 13 stillbirths in a 24 hour period. That was what I heard. But the thing is I’ve also heard a similar story out in Waterloo, Ontario. So in Waterloo, Ontario, I have a more reliable statistic that there were 86 stillbirths between January and July. And normally it’s 5 or 6 stillbirths every year. About 1 stillbirth every two months is the usual rate. So to suddenly get to 86 stillbirths in 6 months, that’s highly unusual. But the confirmation, the most important confirmation that we have, from the Waterloo, Ontario report was that all of the 86 stillbirths were fully vaccinated.

    Reporter: Fully vaccinated mothers?

    Dr. Nagase: That’s right.

  • Pablo07

    Senator Gerard Rennick’s in a senate, released yesterday:
    “I’ve heard from countless doctors nurses and patients that backroom
    bureaucrats, namely ahpra and the tga are threatening the medical staff
    with deregistration if they speak about vaccine injuries. This needs to stop”
    Plus some serious other accusations. Kudos to SENATOR RENNICK!

  • jackgym

    There are many “cases” of people not bothering to check in or display the ridiculous vaccine passports at stores and other venues, and simply ignore the door people and walk on through without repercussions. I believe only the police can enforce these jackboot rules anyway. I’m quite happy to be corrected on this.

  • HD

    To use Orwell’s terminology, Comrade Seagull appears to be a doubleplusgood duckspeaker.

  • williams.wesleyk

    “Would you, for example, expect a Typhoid carrier to be allowed to work as a chef, or a Hepatitis B/C carrier to work as a surgeon?”

    I have never asked a surgeon or cook to show me their medical records.

    Given that these conditions can be treated, it would be more reasonable to demand that surgeons or cooks refrain from work while infected and only return when no longer contagious.

    I dare say any such worker would accept such a restriction on their practice if infected with this virus.

  • whitelaughter

    Well, you could watch rebel news: https://www.rebelnews.com/

  • bomber49

    Hey Smithy, being part of the Right now is like it was for the Christians in Nero’s Rome. We all have to tug our forelocks and fawn to some form of WOKENESS before going on a rant. That’s how it is.

  • Lo

    I recently bought a Bluetooth shower radio in order to listen to Alan Jones each next morning. Then unexpectedly he was gone. I have not turned it on since.
    Standard AM is now unbearable, Andrew Bolt, where has he gone? Is someone holding his pet to ransom? He has become so ‘agreeable’ I cannot bear it.
    I am ashamed that I buckled and got vaccinated, I really need my hairdresser, the only thing I can’t click and collect, but I am very angry that I was successfully coerced by a very disturbed man.

  • pbw

    Bolt’s discussion of Milo was a sickening display of condescension. Here’s the formerly dangerous Milo selling religious statues, now that’s he’s got religion. Not only is it condescending, but it is also a display of just how bone-idle a reporter Bolt has become. The slightest investigation would have revealed the most interesting aspect of Milo’s new gig: that he had ALWAYS been a devout Catholic. Here’s an interview Milo did with Micheal Voris back in January 2019.
    This interview was central to Milo’s giving up the homosexual lifestyle.

    And now for something…
    Mark McGowan on the 31st of October, spilling the beans. If you are going to buy into the story of the (in any case rapidly waning) protection offered by the vaccines, make sure you factor the reality of: “Our hospitals are under enormous pressure. This is the same in Tasmania, South Australia, NSW, and Queensland and Victoria. Enormous pressure. This has been something that no-one has ever seen before–the growth in demand in our hospitals. Why it is, it’s hard to know., except that there is some evidence that it’s some sort of delayed reaction to Covid, but there is huge numbers of people coming through the doors. So we’re doing everything we can to try and manage it.”

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