The Sell-Out of Representative Government

An axiom. Our inalienable rights are endowed by God not by government.

To be clear: No government gives citizens the right to earn a living, to educate their children, to visit relatives and friends, to walk the streets, to travel, to shop, to enjoy recreational activities, to associate, to talk to each other, to peacefully protest government policies and actions. We, the people, put parliaments and governments in place to protect those rights from those inside and outside the country who would take them away.

By force of arms, police states suppress inalienable rights. There are plenty of examples, past and present. Nazi Germany, East Germany, Soviet Russia, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, China; all a blight on mankind. Evil incarnate, precisely because they’re in the business of denying their citizens their God-given rights.

Are there circumstances in which democratic governments can legitimately limit one or more of the above rights for the common good? There are such circumstances. In times of war. During plagues. But any limits must be temporary and for a well-defined period of time, be considered not capricious, be explained transparently, be subject to continuing parliamentary scrutiny and approval, and be frequently reviewed.

The COVID pandemic has been an exercise in how not to limit rights. It has been a dereliction of duty of the most profound kind for governments and parliaments to cede their powers to unelected public health officials. There is simply no proper basis for public health officials to call the tune in limiting rights.

It’s been a sell-out of representative government. And when you need a head of state to intervene, à la Sir John Kerr, they’re all missing in action. We, the common people, have been sold down the river; true, sadly, some willingly, enthusiastically even.

I took a snap poll this morning. It was a bright sunny day on the streets of Sydney’s Lower North Shore, where there have been no “cases.” Of the first ten people I saw outside, seven were masked. Ghouls. (To wit, according to my OED, “persons morbidly interested in death or disaster.”)

Let me talk about another sell-out. This is a sell-out by putative conservatives; certainly, of the weak-kneed Australian variety. Look at Sky News, for example, to spot them. Peta Credlin and Andrew Bolt among others. Alan Jones not among them. What a real national conservative treasure he is; a rarity on the airwaves and in print. The closest we have to the late Rush Limbaugh.

What then is the hallmark of these weak-kneed conservatives?

First, they buy into the script that every COVID death, all 939 of them (as of  August 7), is a tragedy. And of the circa 200,000 Australians who have died of other causes since the beginning of March 2020, nary a mention. Maybe they think it’s just tough luck if you happened to die of dementia, or heart disease, or liver cancer, or pneumonia, or childhood leukaemia, instead of COVID? Who knows how these people contort the facts of mortality to fit their thinking?

Second, they stridently advocate vaccination. Fine, but to then suggest, as they do, that a key to ending lockdowns is to free those vaccinated from restrictions is a road to apartheid. It means creating second-class citizens whose inalienable rights are to be denied by force of arms and onerous penalties. It is beyond extraordinary that conservatives would have a bar of that. Leftists, sure. They deal in tyranny.

Vaccine passports are not licences to be free. They are licences to take away God-given freedoms from those who are different and to persecute them. Hmm? Might have heard of that happening before.

Let me turn to these experimental vaccines. It is clear that those vaccinated can catch the virus. Not only that but Public Health England has now echoed a CDC study in saying that the viral load among the unvaccinated and vaccinated is about the same: “Whilst vaccination may reduce an individual’s overall risk of becoming infected, once they are infected there is limited difference in viral load (and Ct values) between those who are vaccinated and unvaccinated.” (Notice my underlining of the telling word ‘may’.)

Predictably, what has quickly followed is face-saving guesses from ‘expert’ vaccine promoters who suggest that, nevertheless, viral shedding from the vaccinated might be less. Do they know? Of course not.

Surely by now we all must know that the so-called experts don’t know. They’re playing catch-up with each revelation. Why is that? It’s because the whole vaccine business has been rushed beyond the capacity of anyone, including experts, to keep up.

You might have it heard it from your favourite conservative talking head. Haven’t vaccinated people the right to know that those around them in, say, football stadiums have also been vaccinated? In all logic, we now must go further.

That person in the next seat might well be vaccinated but, all the same, have a full viral load in their nose ready to expel it with force in your direction. What should be done to keep us all safe from these nasal expulsions?

Keep masks on?  Yikes, but masks simply won’t keep those expulsions nearly contained. We have no option but to turn to Kerry Chant, Jeannette Young, Brett Sutton and the other public health gurus. We must put ourselves and our freedoms totally in their capable hands, if we are to be kept safe.

39 thoughts on “The Sell-Out of Representative Government

  • Greg Williams says:

    What continues to astound me about the entire response to the COVID pandemic is the assumption by governments, bureaucrats, and indeed, the medical profession, that the human body is incapable of dealing with the virus without some intervention. Some people, rather unfortunately, have been born with compromised immune systems. However, lots of people out there have chosen, often unwittingly, to compromise their immune systems through diet, lifestyle and other activities. There is no doubt at all that this virus is far more dangerous to people with compromised immune systems. People who are overweight, who smoke, who drink too much alcohol, who consume foods that are too laden with sugar, salt, engineered fats, and so on, have, especially if they have been doing this for long periods of their lives, have their immune system busy dealing with all these self-inflicted assaults on their health. Meanwhile, people who have made good health choices, and maintained their immune systems well, through good diet, plenty of exercise, and avoidance of the ingestion of toxic substances like cigarette smoke, alcohol, and even more dangerous substances, are told by the governments and the baying media that that only way out of this is to accept the same medical treatment as people who have taken no care with their immune systems over the years. What’s more, such people are now being decried by the government and its supporters as selfish, no community awareness, boofheads, etc, etc, etc. The time is rapidly approaching where such people are going to be denied basic liberties such as having a job, going to public events, travel within Australian states, and so on. The first time I was on a staff where flu vaccines were encouraged was in 1973 when I was a teacher at a school in Melbourne. A number of staff members who had the vaccine had to take days off because of their relatively mild flu attack. I got to do lots of relief lessons for these people, and perhaps, at the tender age of 24, and with little awareness of my long-term health outlook, my attitude to flu vaccines was hardened. Over the years since then, I have taken great care with my health, and up to this point in time, have never had either the flu vaccine or the flu. So far, no one has called me names for not having this optional vaccine, and certainly no one has told me I cannot work at my school without the vaccine. However, the writing on the wall is pretty clear as governments panic and media fuel that panic. It’s happened with carers, it’s happened with police workers and it won’t be long before some lunatic makes the decision that, regardless of my state of health, I won’t be permitted to teach students here in WA. Sadly, when that day arrives, after 51 years of teaching students all over Australia, and being fairly highly regarded in the profession, I will be pulling the pin. If government officials and health bureaucrats had a shred of intelligence, they would have noted very early on that the virus impacts dangerously, almost exclusively, on people who don’t enjoy good health. Many of the conditions experienced by such people are self-inflicted and able to be improved through good diet, exercise and better life-style choices. The bureaucrats, both government and medical, should have used this pandemic as a vehicle to encourage people to take steps to improve their overall health, rather than thinking there is some silver bullet contained in medical technology that will allow us to go on abusing our bodies without any consequences.


    “Keep masks on? Yikes, but masks simply won’t keep those expulsions nearly contained”.
    Too right! Most of the masks worn as a result of government mask mandates are useless at stopping anything smaller than sneezed mucous or spit. They are not going to stop exhaled breath aerosols which may contain large concentrations of viruses. Government mask mandates are futile and unnecessarily inconvenient and also because there’s no regulation of fitness for purpose. This would be too difficult to police. Realistically, compliance to mask mandates only serves to stop the wearer getting into trouble with the law.

  • jim_mc_36 says:

    Peter, I am also aghast at the abrogation of representative government. But we conservatives shouldn’t turn on our own, that gets us nowhere. Weak-kneed journalists don’t keep demanding the truth from Bruce Pascoe (Bolt), or stand up alone to challenge Andrews’ presser masquerades (Credlin), knowing they’ll be slimed across the length and breadth of social media each and every hour. It’s not their job to be right about everything, so long as they keep asking the hard questions.

    Anyway, some version of vaccine passports is coming, the majority demand it. Perhaps it’s time to debate how best to fight back, e.g., supporting businesses who will not collude in vaccine apartheid?


  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    It’s the capriciousness and the lack of transparency with which they are dealing with this pandemic (of sorts) which is the main problem, rather than the fact that they are constrained to try to use various unusually directive ways of do doing so (and here they should desist in OTT policing). Any serous threat to public health and hospital capacity and the other costs in health need to be balanced against not implementing the full suite of these constraints – if we could see clearly their cost-benefit analysis that would help, although the strong suspicion is that it is not being done, or not well done if it is. It may not convince, but it would be a step in the direction of transparency at least.

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    Greg, I take your point very strongly, there should be no compulsion regarding vaccine take-up. If you have examined all of the Covid literature and feel you are not at risk, that is your decision. But let me commend to you that your immune system will be less good now than it was when you were twenty-four, no matter how well you have treated it. Mine has copped a lot of ill-treatment, self-inflicted mostly in my mis-spent youth and years of sleep deprivation with children and grandchildren has also taken its toll. At seventy-nine, I’m taking the AZ vac, second dose coming up in six weeks or so. AZ seems quite a good vax for older people. I’ve had a blood clot last years, but am surviving AZ so far very well. I think the chances of me doing as well with Covid, which is now spreading in Sydney, would not be as good.

  • Peter Smith says:

    Take your point Jim etc. Bolt is one of the good guys, that’s true. Might have been better to avoid naming names. But, of course, I expect nothing of those on the left so it is dissappointing when conservatives fall short, at least to my way of thinking. However, I agree with you.

  • Stephen Due says:

    The Covid ‘vaccines’ are not vaccines in the normal scientific sense of the term. The original vaccine was the one for smallpox. These are not like that in any way except that they are injected into the muscle of the upper arm.
    These are experimental gene therapies, the long term adverse effects of which are not known. In spite of the multiple potential risk factors of these dangerous products people are being told they are ‘approved’ and ‘safe’. So safe in fact that no government and no manufacturer has bothered to impose a rigorous surveillance protocol to scientifically assess even the short-term adverse effects on a sample population during the rollout.
    The only figures on adverse effects available in Australia is the ADRS, which is woefully inadequate for an experimental product. In the USA, thousands of deaths following the vaccines have been reported to the informal VAERS process, which is similarly unsuitable as a tool in this situation.
    The correct, rational, scientific conclusion is that (a) the long-term adverse effects of these gene therapies are completely unknown and (b) there is already a strong signal indicating short-term deaths and serious illness in VAERS and this should not be ignored (NB).

  • Greg Williams says:

    Elizabeth, I might well take the same path as you if I wasn’t so confident that my life-style choices, plus my good luck genetically, to this point in time have left me reasonably well placed to wage a good fight with the virus. I did get my whooping cough vaccine booster when my grandchildren started arriving, and I have routinely had various other vaccines throughout my life. However, it was always a choice, and my liberties were not compromised in any way in making that choice.

  • Stephen Due says:

    There is no question that most of the so-called ‘science’ being used to justify the non-pharmaceutical interventions in this ‘pandemic’ is garbage. There is always a lot of very bad science ‘out there’. Just buy a copy of New Scientist and read the rubbish therein if you are unconvinced.
    What we are being subjected to today is not a rational scientific public health response to an epidemic. It is a form of Marxist totalitarianism, with advanced mass surveillance systems, global censorship of scientific and political opinion, and suppression of dissent using propaganda backed up by armed police and the military.
    Of particular concern ought to be the suppression of the cheap, effective early treatment protocols that are known to virtually eliminate the risk of serious illness or death from Covid. This is obviously being done at a political level to ensure the ‘vaccine’ rollout is not compromised: the existence of a known treatment for the disease would render the ‘vaccines’ both unnecessary and medically unethical.
    There are reports throughout the West of refugees and their descendants from Nazi Germany, the Soviet Russia, North Korea and Communist China warning that what they see NOW in Australia, Europe, Britain, and the USA, is exactly reminiscent of the beginnings of totalitarianism.
    Readers familiar with the story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer will recall that when he tried to warn the people in democratic Germany about the ominous signs of totalitarian rule, he was ignored. The same signs are evident everywhere in the formerly democratic nations of the West today. Australians need to wake up.

  • Biggles says:

    Peter. Chant, Young, Sutton and others are ‘public health gurus’ my foot. To me they look like a bunch of jumped-up, burnt-out GPs, desperately hoping to get lucky by following the lock-downs and mask mandates directed by the Premiers. Alan Jones is the only man drawing attention to the far-better-qualified international epidemiologists who deny the efficacy of such measures. Try searching for the real political reasons for the Premiers’ madness.

  • jim_mc_36 says:

    No worries Peter, I enjoy your vigorous contributions. Here at Quadrant I would like us to turn the discussion to what we can do, as individuals and within political parties, against repeated lockdowns and vaccine passports. For example, I am considering whether to donate towards covering the legal costs of people in Victoria subjected to iniquitous lockdown fines; a small thing that might add up to a significant difference. I am awaiting further details from Tapper & Smith, the legal firm fighting the fines. As for politics: I’ve long given up on the Victorian Liberals, and have reservations about Reigniting Democracy and Australia’s Representatives (Sanjeev Sabhlok, much as I admire his principled resignation from the Victorian Public Service). What hope the Liberal Democrats? Jim

  • ianl says:


    > … turn the discussion to what we can do, as individuals and within political parties, against repeated lockdowns and vaccine passports”

    Yes of course. This has been pointed out many times in the last 18 months. There is no answer for Australia because some medico will yell: ” If you don’t mask and vaxx and lockdown without resistance, giant black toads will eat your children ! Look at India, or … blah”. The MSM will make a huge never-ending noise with this (those people love their powerlust) and so a majority will hide under the doonah again. The thuggish police will enjoy picking resistance off and politicians, without the accountability of a parliament, will demand hero status, perhaps even receive some.

    Bluntly, there is no majority appetite for perceived risk from C-19. It will take perhaps another year of lock-up, lock-down before sufficient people become frustrated enough to bust out.

    The most telling part of those daily ghastly press conferences is that no journalist there asks the question: “What are we waiting for ?” 70%-80% vaccination ? The rest of the world to rid the planet of coronavirus ?

    The only time I’ve seen the journos become a little nervous was when the Doherty Institute last week declared that under 40’s were now the superspreaders. Suddenly, these smug, vain denizens were frightened that they would be re-labelled “non-essential” (oh, the loss of face) and perhaps then locked down without pay (oh, the agony). I think that moment has passed now and they are back to screeching about Bunnings outlets being opened. Can’t have the hoi-polloi spreading – that’s their job.

  • jim_mc_36 says:

    Maybe you’ll be proved right, ianl. Meanwhile I’ll stay saner for longer by contemplating actions that might, just might, make a material difference, however small. For example, a halfway successful crowdfunding campaign to get people off ridiculous fines might make Vic Police back off a little bit, and help generate publicity momentum for the wider resistance gathering steam as we debate. Jim

  • Lo says:

    I too have been dismayed at the positions taken regarding vaccination by Andrew Bolt, Peta Credlin and Paul Murray. The concept of natural immunity seems to have escaped them and they seem to have no problem with the idea of freedom being dependent on acquiescing to something probably unnecessary, unpalatable to some and dangerous to others.
    In addition the management skills of all levels of government have been appalling, below the level required to run an ice-cream parlour with a staff of one. But I don’t think that’s new, just more evident now.

  • Lilybeth53 says:

    I agree so much with Peter Smith’s article. And so much more with his view on the likes of Bolt and Credlin pushing a vaccine that is basically experimental and has not been thoroughly tested on humans under strict laboratory and clinical conditions. Except for Alan Jones, God bless him, neither of the former so-called conservatives have advocated the use of the therapy drugs, Ivermectin and HCQ, two well used, well known and safe medications that can destroy the virus before it has a chance to replicate. To watch governments across the world (except for a few), literally allow people die rather than authorise the use of these drugs as a first resort to stop Covid, breaks my heart.

  • rod.stuart says:

    The scare mongers have cpome up with another boogey man. They call it the “Delta Plus” variant.
    Nevertheless, on a cruise ship with every single soul, passenger and crew alike, all double “vaccinated” with the clotshot, the PLAGUE has broken ouit on board. ALL HANDS TO THE MASK Boats!
    Covid Outbreak Hits Carnival Cruise Despite Every Guest and Staff Member Being ‘Vaccinated’ ⋆ The Liberty Daily

  • rod.stuart says:

    The Covid farce has been professional planned and meticulously executed.
    From the initial CGI video in China to the cover provided over “whodunnit”, we have all been conned.
    The West had the experience of a hundred years of medical expertise on the prototol for handling a pandemic, and we threw it all out the windo to follow the carefully scripted CCP technique of house arrest and useless maskws and shutdowns.
    The object of the plan is not only to reduce the global population very significantly, but the “passports” are teh Trojan Horse bringing total digital control. The aim of the Great Rest is to reduce every singl individual to a serial number. The digital trap has already been set and globalist elites are using COVID to speed up the process of convergence. Most people will sleep-walk right into the trap, which will ultimately reduce them to a human QR code – trackable, traceable, and 100 percent dependent on Big Tech and big government for their existence.

  • rod.stuart says:

    Klaus Schwab warned us ahead of time about the trap he and his elitist buddies were setting for us.

    “The Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to a fusion of our physical, biological and digital identities,” Schwab told the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in November 2020.

    Even before that, in his 2018 book, Shaping the Future of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Schwab wrote:

    “Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies will not stop at becoming part of the physical world around us—they will become part of us. Canberra is already following Schwab to teh letter.

  • Greg Williams says:

    Here is another prophetic talk. https://www.ted.com/talks/bill_gates_the_next_outbreak_we_re_not_ready
    This TED talk was delivered in 2015.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    Friday afternoon on 6PR (Channel 9’s Perth talk-back radio station), a caller tried to get into the need to look at something besides the vaccine, and point out the media’s failure in spreading nothing but the government line. Oliver Peterson, the presenter, normally seems calm and mild-mannered–and doesn’t usually shut down any caller that alters from the strictly-accepted line. But he rapidly lost his temper, yelled at and almost-but-not-quite swore at the caller, and would not let him finish. “The whole world” has decided to go this route (that makes it correct, right?). “Stop watching Youtube videos!”–a pretty cheap shot.
    If you have to yell and swear at your opponent, and have to shut him off, your argument would seem to be pretty weak.
    I called up in response. Instead of letting me talk to the presenter when she heard why I was calling, the operator had a several-minute conversation with me. She didn’t acknowledge that Oliver Peterson had been rude, and of course didn’t accept what I was saying; but she was civil. (Pretty sad when the woman can control her emotions better than the man can!)
    They didn’t have room for me then; but she might get back to me later in the program. Of course, she didn’t! On the other hand, perhaps the station realised that their presenter had acted like an idiot, and didn’t want to get it going again. His job is dealing with the public, and that is not always going to be entirely easy. But I have a feeling that if I had ever treated some of the crazy customers that I used to deal with in the Coles deli the way Peterson treated this man, I’d have been looking for a new job.

    • Roger Franklin says:

      It’s not just Perth, Rebekah. Mention ivermectin on air at 3AW and you’ll be cut off while whichever ninny is at the microphone regurgitates what are these days the standard responses, all delivered to a dead phone line. If it happens to be afternoon hostess Dee Dee (the phoenetic rendering, I suspect, of the initials for ‘Dumb Dumb’) she might even accuse you of wearing a tinfoil hat while bursting into tears at the thought anyone might dare to disagree with her and ‘the science’.

  • Greg Williams says:

    Rebekah, all of these talk back hosts find it very difficult to contain their prejudices. Early this century when I was fighting the good fight against Outcomes Based Education here in WA, Howard Sattler had the afternoon programme that Olly now hosts. He was a huge fan of my fight, and I had as much time on air with him as I desired. After the OBE fight was finished, daylight saving was next on the Agenda. Howard, being an eastern states man (Sydney I think), was all for it, while I, being an early morning exerciser, was all against it. Do you think I could get a word in on his programme? Not a chance. The one person who generally treats you well on 6PR, IMO, is Liam Bartlett. He seems to maintain a good sense of humour regardless of the biases of the callers.

  • nfw says:

    I can only assume Mr Smth’s last paragraph is sarcasm, otherwise….

    Back in May before the amazing “vaccine” experimental drug, which would save everybody, appeared we were all walking round reasonably free without face nappies. Now the most amazing virus killing experimental drug has arrived, those who have been injected (rhymes with?) and all others now have to wear face nappies and stay indoors. How does that work? Surely once injected you can expect to be “cured” and therefore you are free to walk around un-face-nappied as you are safe from those who haven’t been cured? And the uncured can walk around taking responsibility for their own health. Sounds to me “they” know those injected are more than likely to develop flu/cold symptoms and infect others. Bloody great experimental drug isn’t it?

    Given the ability of the “case” virus to spread from the injected, surely it is the unjabbed who should be worried about being next to a “saved” body? The requirement for all to stay inside and have face nappies outside defies logic if the experimental drugs are there to “cure” the infected or stop them from being infected? The logic of what is happening is reverse and gives me headaches. Oh, no, does that mean I’m a “case”, whatever that is?

  • Peter Smith says:

    Yes nfw, it is sarcasm. I thought it was obvious but let me remove any doubt. I do not want my fate or freedoms left in the hands of nincompoops styled as chief health officers.

  • Stuart J. Burrows says:

    Good article. Our political leaders and the media have lost their way. Any legitimate reason for an emergency has long since evaporated. I was very disappointed to hear Andrew Bolt make the following argument a couple of weeks ago: “And if you’re too scared to get vaccinated, you don’t trust the vaccine, fine, stay locked down. But if I take the risk, as I have, and I get vaccinated, why should I stay locked down with you? Why should your fear rob me of my freedom? You stay home, fine. I’m going out.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5xQhdYs8zI&t=2m44s)
    What incredible sophistry! Firstly, the original scaredy-cats are those who are afraid of the virus. Secondly, the original cowards are those who demand lockdowns and show such contempt for everyone else’s freedoms. If they are scared of the virus, they can lock themselves up and mask themselves and leave the rest of us alone! Thirdly, whereas under our favoured regime of freedom, we brave virus-facers would have left the scaredy-cats with a genuine choice of whether to lock themselves down, under Bolt’s favoured regime of vaccine apartheid, we brave virus-facers are not left with a choice: the government simply locks us down.

  • Peter Smith says:

    Stuart, this particular segment shows Bolt at his worst, clearly without any cognisance of the implications of what he is saying for civil liberties. It is so disappointing from a supposed conservative. And Daniel Wild and Gemma Tognini, his guests, are not much better; if better at all. When the chips are down it turns out that most “conservatives” have no philosophical depth to call upon; no anchor. Few pass the test. Most go along with the crowd. We are in trouble I think.

  • rod.stuart says:

    If only it were possible for Scomo and Mike Hunt to hear and LISTEN to what Doctor Dan Stock of Recodsville Indiana, we wouldn’t be farting around wiht masks, lockdowns, and experimental gene therapy people are call ing “vaccines”.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    jim_mc_36 (8th and 9th August),
    I assume you’re talking about Avi Yemini’s Fight the Fines drive. I would be interested in hearing anything you are able to find out about it. Will the money really go to what is claimed? Is this something that we should join in with? It certainly sounds like a cause worth considering.

  • Greg Williams says:

    Agree totally Rod Stuart. I am in total agreement with that speaker.

  • rod.stuart says:

    Greg Williams, Dr. Dan Stock MD is the real McCoy. His residence is located at 5777 West 700 North, McCordsville, Indiana which is a ‘burb of Mount Vernon. He has a family practice and is a trained immunologist.

  • rod.stuart says:

    Dr. Daniel W. Stock
    (4/5)Patient Experience Rating
    Family Medicine
    General Family Medicine + 1 more subspecialties
    Noblesville, IN
    21+ Yrs Experience
    15510 Herriman Boulevard, Noblesville, IN

  • jim_mc_36 says:

    Rebekah Meredith, yes, Avi Yemeni’s campaign. Happy to post whatever I find out. Jim.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    Jim–thank you very much.

  • pgang says:

    American Thinker had a very good vacc article yesterday. Pointed out that this mRNA stuff is new technology, and pretty good technology at that.
    However, it is a long way from being ready because it hasn’t been run through enough trials. In vitro tests are coming out with markedly different results to in vivo tests. The article is a little bit technical but it gets the points across well.
    The vaccine technology is a good idea, but it is not ready and should not be used. Mistakes are being made, and people are paying with their health and their lives.

  • jim_mc_36 says:

    Hello Rebekah and anyone else interested in Fight The Fines: today for the second time I rang Smith & Tapper Lawyers, the Melbourne firm listed on Avi Yemeni’s Rebel News page as assisting people contest fines, and recipient of cheque donations “on trust for Yemeni” https://rebeldonations.com/help-support-our-fight-for-civil-liberties-in-australia/ . I asked the woman who answered to put me through to the appropriate legal consultant. She came back and advised that at present her firm was handling no such cases. When I explained my reason for inquiring, she reiterated that she was not authorised to say any more. I am also yet to receive a response to my email inquiry sent to Rebel News’ info address.

    Not sure what to make of that.


  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    Thank you. Not sure what to make of that, either.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    Greg Williams,
    By the way, congratulation on breaking through with a letter in the West Australian. Maybe the regular letters editor is still away.

  • Peter Marriott says:

    The Queensland Premier now seems so arrogantly sure of her position to have bypassed the electors completely, thereby overturning the very idea of how we can be free in our elected representational liberal democratic Nation. The only way our elected representatives governing us can be ‘checked and balanced’ by us is via our vote, tempering their ambition, and in the intervening years between elections this tempering can only be communicated via polls, letters to editors, demonstrations etc. The Premier is recently reported in the Courier Mail that she doesn’t care about the polls….she only listens to Jeanette ( the unelected CMO ) who in my view is obviously an apparatchik of some sort. The Premier is using the medical people as apparatchiks, and they all seem to come from outside the real front line clinical medical profession. We had reported in the Courier Mail an infectious diseases Associate Professor, Paul Griffin almost triumphally ramming home the message we should not be waiting for a “freedom day” like that celebrated in the UK…….so much for our being free in our free liberal democracy…I ask myself. ?

  • Greg Williams says:

    Thanks Rebekah. I think the email address I had been using, prefaced with the rather flamboyant “surftilidie” was going straight to junk mail in at the West. I made a new one using my given names and my internet supplier base. That seems to be getting through. Although, you may be correct. It might just be that the usual editor is away on holidays and he/she, upon return, will wreak havoc on those having the temerity to publish one of my letters.

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