Conservatives ‘Don’t Matter’. Really?

turnbull selfie smallBeware the sleeping giant! Beware the somnolent rage of conservative Australia! That’s what Malcolm Turnbull should be thinking about as he and his advisors consider their options for an early election and a double dissolution. At present they are watching the Coalition poll numbers plummet, to the point where their party is neck-and-neck with the ALP on a preferred-party basis. This is an astonishing result, given the deplorable status of Bill Shorten as preferred PM, the lack of any significantly popular high profile ALP figures, the ALP’s proven economic ineptitude, and the growing public awareness of the frightening control exercised over the ALP by the CFMEU and other rogue unions at both state and federal levels.

In fact, the progressivist elite running this country into the ground, for which Turnbull serves as increasingly inept front man, may have overplayed its hand as it relentlessly pursues its reckless drive to transform Australia into a progressivist utopia. One affront to common sense and common decency has followed another in a ruthless ‘shock and awe’ campaign. This might have been designed to overwhelm opposition but it has proven counter-productive in alienating the conservative vote.

The first sign of the power of this progressivist junta was its clampdown on free speech, signalled by Tony Abbot’s abject capitulation on the promised abolition of Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. This was accompanied by his government’s appeasement of radical and separatist Muslims and the continual state-sanctioned abuse of ordinary Australians who had the temerity to express any concerns about this and other vital issues. Abbot also implemented a ‘do nothing’ policy in respect to the ABC, the HRC, school curricula, and the leftist hegemony within the universities. This preserved the progressivist hold over the ‘commanding heights’ in Australia’s ongoing culture wars.

All this pales, however, in comparison with the progressivists’ ‘rolling thunder’ onslaught initiated once they had their man Turnbull in the Prime Minister’s chair. This was conducted on various fronts but is particularly concerned not only with appeasing Islamists but with institutionalizing state-sanctioned sexual extremism. Examples of the nature of this campaign are numerous. For instance, we first had the Safe Schools program, championed politically by Liberal progressivists Christopher Pyne and Simon Birmingham, allied with the Socialist Left premier of Victoria, and imposed on 12- and 13-year-old children in order to inculcate them into the values and behaviour patterns of the LGBTI community. Then, as we reel from that affront, we learn that even childcare centres are also to be used in a similar fashion. According to the Herald Sun

Toddlers will be taught about sex, sexuality and cross-dressing in a controversial national program being rolled out at childcare centres and kindergartens next month. Educators will be encouraged to use dress-ups to explain cross-dressing to kids and may even take group tours of the opposite sex’s toilets as part of the Start Early initiative.

The Start Early propaganda material will be provided by Early Childhood Australia, based on such controversial and sexually radical books as the book Children’s Sexual Development and Behaviour: Pants Aren’t Rude, by Pam Linke. It promotes the view that “children are sexual beings and it’s a strong part of their identity, and it is linked to their values and respect”, and that advantage should be taken of pre-school children found masturbating or cross-dressing to teach them the LGBTI-approved lessons about their sexuality and gender.

Both these programs are based on the premise that the state has both the right and capability to supplant parents and assume control over the most intimate areas of childhood development at the earliest possible age. Predictably, it generated a major backlash, but there is little indication that the government or its LGBTI puppet-masters will back down, beyond perhaps making some token gestures. However, while this ‘shock and awe’ approach to the wielding of political power is designed to cow and intimidate any opposition, it also reinforces the view that the Liberal Party, like the ALP and the Greens, has been effectively taken over by a very powerful and ruthless lobby group obsessed with sex and has no particular commitment to the general economic and social welfare of mainstream Australia.

Indeed, this is happening in a period of economic crisis, where, for example, house prices in Sydney are now over twelve times the median yearly household income (historically the ratio has been about three times), and a large part (40%-plus) of an entire generation appears certain to be locked out of home-ownership, with disastrous social consequences.  But, instead of dealing with such vital issues, which will concretely shape the lives of millions of ordinary Australian families for decades to come, the dominant progressivists in the Liberal Party are falling over themselves to placate LGBTI demands for favourable ‘sex education’ propaganda for a homosexual cohort that constitutes less than 3.5 percent of the population.  Ultimately, all Australians, straight and LGBTI, are going to be massively impacted by the general economic decline that is setting in. But instead of concerning themselves with the big picture, Liberal quislings fret about the narcissistic obsessions of a tiny minority of 34,000 same-sex couples — about 1% of all couples in Australia.

At a time when massively important economic decisions have to be made, the progressivist Liberals exhibit no greater desire than to compete with the ALP and the Greens for the favour of the LGBTI lobby. And this has one aim only: the propagation, using the full force of state power, of sexual values and forms of behaviour that have throughout the history of the human species been treated as marginal, even deviant. This bizarre capitulation was symbolized by Turnbull’s highly publicized, selfie-obsessed  attendance at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and ‘sealed with a kiss’ when the high profile gay Liberal MP, Trent Zimmerman, passionately embraced ALP leader Bill Shorten for the cameras.

Predictably, this progressivist capitulation and accompanying grandstanding is driving conservative and moderate voters away from the Liberal Party and the political centre. However, they are not shifting to the left as the progressivists would prefer, but to the right where they were supposed to have nowhere to go, as Turnbull and his advisors so arrogantly insisted when he seized power. These power brokers decided that the loss by a Turnbull-led Liberal Party of disgruntled conservatives outraged by its wanton progressivism will be outweighed by its appeal as a more moderate party to swinging voters. As Liberal pollster Mark Textor contemptuously observed about conservative voters:

The qualitative evidence is they don’t matter,’’ Mr Textor said. “The sum of a more centrist approach outweighs any alleged marginal loss of so-called base voters. (emphasis added)

But what if he’s wrong and a significant proportion of conservative voters turn against the Liberals? One option for them is to vote informal, leaving the Liberals with a significantly reduced vote that would deliver power into the hands of the ALP, given the expected flow of preferences. Turnbull and advisors like Textor might be calculating that such voters (being conservative and sensible) will refrain from taking such a step. However, Turnbull has offered them nothing, as he and his henchmen seem to delight in emphasizing. Consequently, given the way things are going, what do they have to lose by voting informal?

Or conservative voters might decide that a Turnbullite Liberal Party is simply Labor-lite, and vote for, say, the Australian Liberty Alliance. Such a strategy would be especially effective in the Senate, where the ALA is fielding quality candidates, and these might well enjoy the type of bargaining power exploited by the current crop of (accidental and irresponsible) cross-benchers, while having, of course, a comprehensive political platform that addresses the mainstream concerns that the Liberals have abandoned.

Either way, Turnbull has to face the possibility that the giant sleeping mass of pragmatic, commonsensical  and conservative voters is awakening. At present, all indications are that they are sick of being taken for granted and are affronted by the progressivist onslaught, especially as it affects families. Without some unlikely concessions and a shift back towards mainstream issues and values such a cohort might finally give up on the Liberals, concluding that their best strategy is to bring it all to a head and force a re-alignment of Australian politics, in a manner similar to what it presently happening in the US. If this occurs Turnbull will have a place in Australian history as he so desperately craves, but it will not be one to be proud of.

34 thoughts on “Conservatives ‘Don’t Matter’. Really?

  • Sigwyvern says:

    The standard response from my MP Jason Wood apart from insinuating conservative voters had no where else to go ( take note Cori Bernadi ) was that the liberal party wasn’t really conservative, and when confronted with the Australian Liberty alliance as an alternative to rain these traitors in,the response was ,who are they? To be perfectly honest I have spoken to smarter house bricks than Jason Wood.

  • jenkins says:

    Meanwhile back in the UK, a child has been taken from her biological mother and given to two gay men, including the biological father to raise. The High Court judge apparently described the mother as “homophobic” in her ruling:



  • Jody says:

    I don’t think you need to worry because Labor is looking like being re-elected next time round on a platform of brand new taxes. Yep, the middle class has been re-badged and re-packaged as the new ‘rich’. So, stop worrying about Turnbull and start counting the financial cost to yourselves when Labor is elected.

    • ianl says:

      Sorry Jody, but your Turnbull flag doesn’t fly

      Lord Waffle has also decided that people with some assets, middle-class “oldies” who worked all their lives to build some modest bulwark for old age, are fair game. So negative gearing , superannuation, “family home” are all on the table … GST too if Waffle manages to win an election

      We’re not fooled. Waffle is part of the self-identified “elite”, or parasites to be accurate. With commodity income dropping, middle-class assets are the only low-hanging fruit left, since actual expenditure cuts are considered political suicide. That applies to all of them. Just over two years ago, Rudderless was emphatically voted out. Now he’s back, without another electoral vote

      We are managed, manipulated, lied to, cheated and held in contempt – but never represented

      • Jody says:

        Disagree about what you say about Turnbull. He’s more of a free marketeer than anything you’ve suggested. His downfall will be his need for popularity; like Obama, he’ll be caught in the headlights when it comes to looking at his own reflection in the pond. Consequently, we’ll end up with Labor who wants retirees earning $75,000 to cough up (while Defined Benefits are never mentioned and get regular pay increases in retirement, thanks to the taxpayer) to fund schools for affluent parents who demand a right to free education so they can spend their money on consumables like holidays and flash cars. This was my own sister; gold-plated taps in the bathroom, lavish dinner parties and 5 kids in state schools costing them zilch. Meanwhile, my husband and I had ours in the Catholics and it did cost. I didn’t mind, but I did mind people who could pay not being asked to do so. And, the really disadvantaged kids missed out as a consequence. This is the sheer hypocrisy of it all.

        ScoMo wants to cut public spending but is hamstrung by Turnbull, afraid of losing the vote. Morrison is the only one in the building with any guts.

        • ianl says:

          > He’s more of a free marketeer …

          He’s a crony capitalist with no experience at managing dissent apart from explosive temper tantrums

          I despise his leftoid tendencies, which I suspect originate from his narcissistic need to be loved by “intellectuals”

          But you have accurately enough acknowledged his sociopathic narcissism. Of course this will bring him down, as it did with Rudderless

          And I’m sorry for the obviously ongoing nature of your family disagreements but none of those things will change with Lord Waffle. Perhaps Morrison may eventually mount a successful challenge but I want hard, costed, detailed, accountable policy *before* an election … yes, I know, and Michael Jackson was the 2nd coming

          • Jody says:

            Those family issues no longer apply; these were arguments in the 80’s and 90’s when our children were going to school. Incidentally, her daughter is now a teacher in the State system who is appalled by any ideas that people should pay to put their children through school. So, the generations perpetuate entitlements.

            I doubt there would be many politicians who get to the top without being narcissists. Paul Keating was one such, as was Whitlam. Turnbull is not unique in this regard and I feel sure Lucy is there to pull on the reins and offer some good horse sense (cough).

    • PT says:

      Jodie, I don’t get your sad devotion to Turncoat. He isn’t a “free marketeer” more of a “what’s in it for me” man. Also “conservatism” is not equivalent to “free market”. Nihilism can back the “guiding hand if the market”, but is hardly “conservative”! His support of carbon trading is more about personal profit than belief in a freea market, or do you consider Gillard and the Greens to be free marketeers?

  • Dallas Beaufort says:

    There has not been this much anger since the Whitlam dismissal.

    • ianl says:

      It has been a long accumulation.

      Perhaps the log that finally flattened the camel is the ABCC double-cross.

      We know what the CFMEU was exposed as doing through the Heydon Commission. The public sittings were webcast, and the transcripts made freely available for PDF download, so we *know* what went on. Thuggery, blackmail, fraud, theft, bodily harm etc. The CBUS sideline was absolutely vomitous, and that includes Brack’s defence of the CBUS CEO.

      Yet the ABCC legislation has been dropped from the Senate lineup at the Green’s request, as the CFMEU donates untold $millions to their coffers, in return for a Senate electoral voting change to allow Lord Waffle a good chance at removing the minor irritants he has proved totally inept at negotiating with – despite assuring us he was able and agile.

      Waffle’s narcissism as yet has no depth echo …

    • Avalon says:

      As a long-term Liberal member I’ve been brooding over the next election. My local member is Kelly O’Dwyer, one of the Liberatores. Tentatively I think I’ll vote fringe right parties but put Libs above Labor/Greens in the Reps. In the Senate maybe we can get enough rightist Senators to force Brutus, sorry Turnbull to adopt conservative policies.

      • Jody says:

        I loathed Tony Abbott and would have been glad if a drover’s dog had done what Turnbull did!! And now it turns out Abbott wasn’t up to the job; he needed his girlfriend to do it for him!! She even admitted as much.

        • Another View says:

          The ongoing hatred of Tony Abbott & his much maligned chief of staff continues to absolutely amaze me. Remember, this was a PM who we were told would never win. Just days before the election we were warned that he would provoke a war with Indonesia. No honeymoon period, no let up from a media pack & haters that quite frankly were like rabid dogs – it didn’t matter what the man did, from looking at his watch (misogynist), to winking at a broadcaster (creep), to having his daughters celebrate his election win with him (sleazy) – it just never let up. He was attacked for re-introducing the honours system – that quite frankly cost us nothing, and retreated from 18C amid the furore of his AG & the now infamous “…everyone has a right to be a bigot…” 5% efficiencies at the ABC are still called “cruel cuts” to the rhetoric of the ALP “it’s not fair, because it’s not fair, because it’s cruel & unfair” to expect people to tip in to cover their visits to the doctor or for Uni students to repay 1/2 the total cost of their education.
          It is only since his departure that we are now seeing international views pivot to his way of thinking, of the respect in which the man is held outside of this country, and the sense that regardless of the chest beating of the feminazi’s and the haters he did what he thought was best for this country.
          Tony Abbott – regardless of the “mad monk” titles, and the denigration of his religion has served his country & community – it’s a pity some of his detractors weren’t as active in the community.
          With regard to the comment “…he needed his girlfriend to do it for him!…” what an insult – how do you know that – your just making stuff up. But given the backstabbing that the man had to endure, is it any wonder that he leant on the people that he knew he could trust.

          • Jody says:

            Let it go, mate! Abbott may have been good on his feet as a Minister and a capable Opposition Leader (but the opposition was extremely dysfunctional anyway!), but these kinds of people are often NOT Prime Ministerial material. I have the word of Peta Credlin who has publicly stated that she got the government from opposition into government and also she was absolutely vital to the effective running of the government.

            Tony had a long list of people he could trust but he has to look at himself to see why these people abandoned him.

            Take no notice of the bien pensant media; they’re left largely talking to themselves these days!! The vast majority of voters don’t care what Crikey, Fairfax, the ABC or the Conversation (hugely ironic name!) think about anything. And the vast majority do not belong to the lumpen proletariat or slob-ocracy who’ll always vote Labor.

        • pgang says:

          We never would have guessed.

          • PT says:

            The fact that Abbott had problems with self confidence (as was mentioned elsewhere) doesn’t of itself justify Turncoat. Remember the words of Yeats, the best lack all confidence whilst the worst are filled with a dangerous certitude.

  • bemartin39@bigpond.com says:

    As a hitherto rusted-on Liberal voter, I was reasonably comfortable, if not always happy, with the Coalition government, while rather contemptuous of the Labour Opposition until the treacherous Turnbull coup. Now, the only difference between my feelings towards the two sides is a slight variation in the degree of my contempt. I condemn all Liberal MPs, not only the backstabbers but also the rest of them for lacking the courage and rectitude to resign in protest. Together they seriously degraded the party, probably permanently.

    Now the chickens are coming home to roost in ever more convincing fashion. Those who betrayed Tony Abbott – the man who took them to a sweeping victory – must have forgotten what a hopeless, ineffective Opposition Leader Turnbull was are now being reminded of it by seeing him being an equally ineffective Prime Minister. Many of them will lose their seats at the next election, hopefully not enough for the Coalition to be voted out but sufficient to destroy Turnbull’s political career. A hung parliament or a razor thin majority would do that.

    Come election time, vote for a credible independent in the House if one is available, else vote informal and support the Australian Liberty Alliance in the Senate. They will have candidates in at least four states, perhaps even more by the time an election is called.

    • ianl says:

      > A hung parliament or a razor thin majority would do that

      I have that hope too

      A one-seat majority. The one-seat vote being Abbott’s, of course

      Another real advantage to a hung Parliament is that while they’re fighting and gouging each other, they leave us alone

  • pgang says:

    “a homosexual cohort that constitutes less than 3.5 percent of the population.”. Indeed. Much less, probably one in a thousand.

  • pgang says:

    Question. Is there really a conservative middle class in Australia? In my experience Australians in general just walk down whatever path the media leads them. Just about everybody I know, especially women (outside of the church) think LBGT is a fabulous thing, and apparently same sex marriage is exciting and long overdue (all of a sudden). There’s no reasoning with such people because any moral character that we may have once possessed as a society has been ‘progressively’ eaten away. So I suspect the analysis may be correct – we few don’t matter.

    • ianl says:


      Policy discussion is an irrelevancy and in fact anyone who attempts it is disliked as socially bumptious

      The question of *why* the general public believe whatever the meeja tell them too, including six contradictory things before breakfast, is one I’ve puzzled over for a long time. All sorts of excuses are proffered (most common is “lack of time”) but the closest I’ve come so far is the quite naive:

      “But why would they lie to us ?”

      Any concept of an agenda is simply MIA

      • acarroll says:

        I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.

        We’ve been led to believe that everyone acts “in good faith”.

        Cast that assumption aside and the events we see unfolding in the world make a lot more sense. We can start building the narrative around facts, actions and comparative interests, and disregard the fed narrative of the controlled media as propaganda that hasn’t stopped since WW2.

        (The powerful saw how useful and effective mass media propaganda was that — if you were in their position — you would be a fool not to use it any time you could).

    • Jody says:

      You are speaking about the under 40 generation of voters – those who have been comprehensively propagandized through school and university about the value of tolerance and the beautiful diversity of the multicultural project. They have been sapped of their individual thinking skills, which is the worst crime of all IMO. I have often discussed this with my Polish immigrant GP, who is about 58, erudite and intelligent. It always brings a look of contempt to his face when discussions about indoctrination occur; Poland, ergo Communist until quite recent decades. He knows ALL about it!! We both agree the younger generation has “Stockholm Syndrome” which is a trope to describe the modern malaise. In advocating ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ they’ve lost their ability for analysis, nuanced thinking and raising questions in the light of changing circumstances and our decreasingly uncivil society. They are also the boiling frogs likely to hurl those kinds of insults to people over 60 who’ve been around long enough to know and understand that life isn’t how you IMAGINE it but that it’s a movable feast of competing interests.

      But, let’s use the anti-discrimination mantra ourselves much more cleverly. Two can play the game and speak the language. Arguments abound about weekend penalty rates. This, laughably, from a society who thinks we can completely refashion traditional families into same-sex yet who remain hidebound by largely Christian notions of weekends. Sorry, the world of work has changed. I’m an advocate/activist for WORKING WEEKDAY EQUALITY, where no one day carries more weight than another!! Employers want that right too.

      • Jody says:

        Of course, I meant “INCREASINGLY uncivil society”.

      • pgang says:

        No, I’m talking about the broad spectrum of people I see across all age groups. I actually think there is too much emphasis placed on attitudes of the young, who in general are too busy getting on with life to care about what is going on around them. Nor are they sapped of thinking skills, they are just thinking about the wrong things. Perhaps there are many who don’t like what is going on, but if that’s the case then they are certainly not voicing their opinions. Perhaps they are too afraid to.

        As a Christian I would avoid working on Sundays, even though much of my working life has required just that. But like you I see no logical reason for penalty rates. What gets on my goat is the proliferation of Sunday sports. Many Christian families are now having to choose between Sunday school and footy for their kids. For me that is clearly discriminatory.

  • Jody says:

    Well, from where I sit “thinking about the wrong things” is tantamount of losing the ability to think. Fascination with Smart phones, discrimination, marriage equality and ethnic food is not actually a cognitive skill!!

  • en passant says:

    It was said of Rudd that “the people who liked him had never met him. Those who had met him, loathed him.”

    I strongly supported Tony Abbott until I (briefly) met him. In seconds I realised that he was very insecure and uncertain. Within a year of his election I was certain that ‘Captain Double-Backflip ‘Thought-Bubble'” was not The One. I suggested in an email that (to spend more time with his family) he should stand down last Xmas and let Scott Morrison take over. I also resigned from the Liberal Party after 31-years as I had finally given up hope the Infil-Traitors and Liberal Royalty could be opposed, influenced by liberal principles or held in check any longer. Greg ‘Climate Catastrophe is Upon Us’ Hunt and Stuart ‘Capability through Diversity’ Robert were the final straws. Having opened my thinking by moving into the light, I was appalled at the grotesque mutant the Liberal Zombie Party had become. The Beautiful Menzies Butterfly had morphed into an ugly lite-green caterpillar. It is finished (just like the English Liberal Party) and cannot be revived.

    The key in the article is that ” … the Liberal Party, like the ALP and the Greens, has been effectively taken over by a very powerful and ruthless lobby group obsessed with sex and has no particular commitment to the general economic and social welfare of mainstream Australia.”

    My primary vote in both Houses will go to a minor party or an independent as I could not face numbering a box the supported Turncoat, Lady Macbeth, or anyone associated with Little Bill or the Greens.

    Incidentally, Jody, I have worked 7-days a week for 40-years so that I am now able to afford gold taps and take nothing from the Government. Now, as Orwell predicted, my assets make me an enemy of the progressive state.

    • Jody says:

      That last paragraph of yours I can fully relate to!! And now I’m also an enemy of the state!! Trouble is, the returns on investments are in hell and this won’t stop Labor punishing the middle class whom it now (thanks to Grattan Institute and the likes of Daley) regards as ‘wealthy’ – an untenable position. We owned a huge chicken farm and worked 17/7 x 52 x 23!! But the Defined Benefits people have a ‘get out of jail free’ card because precisely those people who advise government are the recipients of such benefits. Sure, we have the Super Fund (thanks to Costello) but Labor still wants to punish the middle class. Unless the government can prosecute that case I see no hope for them – except ScoMo who talks about wanting to support people who “work, save and invest”. HE GETS IT!!

    • ianl says:

      > Now, as Orwell predicted, my assets make me an enemy of the progressive state.

      Yes, but as has been said before, Orwell’s 1984 is a manual, not a novel

      From my viewpoint, Abbott had to stop the boats and repeal both the tax on CO2 emmissions and on mining coal/iron ore. Once those things were done, I didn’t actually mind what happened to him.

      But I’ll admit that, at least at first, I hadn’t calculated Waffle using the ABC as a propaganda tool to remove Abbott and replace him

      Now I suspect that my modest asset base, sufficient if left to its’ own devices to support me until I wither and die, is still of sufficient size to attract the rapaciousness of the Waffle progressives.

  • ken.harris@exemail.com.au says:

    I can’t believe that Jody thinks Turnbull is a free market man. I’m sure she’s just being provocative. The editor probably fired her up so he’d get a few more hits on the web page in time for his bonus review.
    Merchant bankers are not quite in the same category as used car salesmen or purveyors of cure-all medications but the profession lives at the spivvier end of the business spectrum. Not sure how they’d learn about free trade and competition down there.
    I was taken aback by Bob Magid’s article in the current Spectator about Turnbull’s appointment of Craig Laundy as Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs.
    According to Magid, Laundy is the co-chair of the Parliamentary Friends of Palestine in the House of Representatives. It seems that Mr Laundy has strong views on the Israeli/Palestinian dispute. Sorry, there’s no prize for guessing whom he holds responsible for the situation in that part of the world and for most of the world’s other problems too. Sound familiar? Read the article.
    Why would Turnbull make such an appointment? It’s worth thinking about. Does it give us a few more insights into the Turnbull philosophy?
    If Turnbull had appointed Laundy as the Minister for Innovation, or something equally useless, it wouldn’t matter. But this appointment was made to the multicultural affairs portfolio, right at the point where the ancient tribal rivalries that have been allowed into this country come together. Was Turnbull being insensitive and clumsy? Not likely. The only way to evaluate Turnbull’s actions on any issue is to ask: How does this benefit the man himself? There are several answers to that question and I like none of them.
    Turnbull’s probably sending a signal of where he stands on the Palestinian issue, and it seems to be with the Hard Left. He seems to believe that people actually admire his attempts at subtlety. I don’t regard this move as subtle at all; he’s chucked a bloody great custard pie at us.
    I bet he’s giving a sly wink to the Left with this appointment: Don’t worry, comrades. See, I’m really on your side. 
    I think Turnbull can get away with actions like this is because so few people understand what Western Civilisation is, let alone see its benefits. He’s safe in appeasing people whose avowed aim is to bring it down.
    I couldn’t believe that Turnbull, the representative of an electorate with a sizeable Jewish population, would give them the finger. I live in Turnbull’s electorate but, no, I am not Jewish. I am merely ‘Angry of Wentworth’. 
    I am a natural Liberal voter but have never voted for Turnbull and I never will. In past elections I have joined about 200 others who voted for Pat Sheil; how could you not vote for a man whose campaign slogan is: Sheil be Right.
    I’ll vote Labor next time. We will be better off in the long term (i.e. in my grandchildren’s lifetimes) if the Liberal Party is punished for giving the prize to a man who deceitfully undermined his own government and his prime minister from the privilege of a seat in cabinet.
    He can’t be allowed to hijack the only conservative party in this country with the potential to govern and turn it into yet another group of pilgrims wandering the world, armed with a Karl Marx road map, searching for paradise and salvation.
    What do you do with a dog that craps on the carpet? Rub its nose in it. That will stop it. Same with political parties.

    • Jody says:

      Well, you’re certainly faithful to your username.

      • ianl says:

        > Well, you’re certainly faithful to your username

        His reasons are good.

        Wentworth as an electorate does contain a large Jewish demographic. Waffle is sticking his middle finger in their face, despicably taunting them with the “You have nowhere else to go, vote for me or … what ?” Given the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and its’ innumerable wretched offspring are the very crux of world tensions, why would Waffle do this ?

        Smart-arsery, arrogance, hubris and narcissistic spite fit the answer to that. In short, sociopathy

        Rudderless is really just a splutterfest. Waffle is vindinctive … nasty

  • Simon says:

    “Even childcare centers are going to be used” – Get them young, as they say.

    Our educations system, if it can be called one anymore, is more a madrassa of the Socialist left-wing. It is just as rotten as the programming that makes children from the age of 3 attend religious education classes (of whatever faith).

    The truly alarming thing is that the regressives just cannot see this. It will realize it’s mistake too late (as it did with the catastrophe in Europe – the biggest welfare migration in the history of mankind).

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