My Preferred Racial Identity Pines for the Fjords

I don’t get (or didn’t before becoming enlightened – see below) why people who have blackness in their genealogical past cling on to it the way that they seem to. The fact that the first black American president is half white is effectively redacted or buried as a footnote. Many claiming to be African-America have very little colour to speak of. Many who claim to be Aboriginal don’t look at all like the chap on the $2 coin. Inter-racial sexual activity has had its way and, left long enough, any racially disparate groups of people will gradually merge, as it were, into one, broadly speaking.

Undoubtedly many Aboriginal people were dispossessed. But most people now claiming to be Aboriginal have more of the descendants of dispossessors in them than they have the dispossessed. I’m not sure where this leaves them. This isn’t a racist thing to say, by the way. It is simply a factual reflection of the outcome of unfolding sexual selection.

It’s understandable, I suppose, that people cling to their past. I am English-Australian, to use an American device. But, missing a generation to be absolutely certain, my grandchildren will not call themselves anything but Australians. If one of my grandchildren were to marry someone who identified as an Aboriginal, but with mostly white forebears, would their children identify as Aboriginal? What about my side of the family? What about the fact that my great grandchildren would be ninety-five percent or more white?

Alright, hold on. This is the way I used to feel heretofore, before I drank the Kool-Aid. But I’ve had a change of heart. Seen the light. Romanticism has supplanted rationality. And I’m very happy with it. To explain.

I haven’t actually checked my own genealogy. I tried to once. Put my Christian names in their order that they are in use and on every document except my birth certificate which has them the other way around. The system remembers my mistake and won’t let me correct it. Computer says no. Need to get a new email and sign back in with that. Haven’t bothered.

But if I did, I am now sure I would find some Viking blood. After all they are reputed to have been lusty lads and managed to get to most corners of England. Mind you, whether the records would show anything is conjectural. Lots of bastardy was hidden. In any event, I am sure of who I am. I insist on it.

Self-identifying as a Viking – Frode the Wise appeals – puts me at risk of persecution at the hands of those identifying as descendants of the victims of Vikings. I suspect too that the LGBTQ community would not in the day have been well regarded by Vikings and may therefore have it in for me even now. None of this daunts. Vikings and valour go together.

Viking helmets are fetching and widely available. Plastic ones as well as metal ones. I believe if I were to buy one, and still more wear one, it would cement my new identity. Who could doubt me? I have blue eyes. Surely a clincher. And, to boot, I occasionally use one of the rowing machines at my gym which is surely a subliminal re-enactment of the activities of my sea-faring ancestors.

If I were ever to win a parliamentary seat (in my self-aggrandised dreams) I would stride into the House proudly, horned helmet atop. Of course, that wouldn’t be possible in the federal parliament where my Viking heritage (OK, English if you want to be a pettifogger) would rule me out. Unless, that is, I renounced it. Impossible! As us Vikings say: “Burin einn Vikingr ávalt einn Vikingr.” (For non- Vikings: Born a Viking always a Viking.)

I imagine Bruce Pascoe thinks as I do now. Looking as he does, with his shock of white hair, flowing beard and rather rough-hewn features, who can question his heritage? Only the same kind of doubting Thomases who would look bewildered if I were to stride past all blue-eyed and helmeted. Damnable anti-Norse racists.

12 thoughts on “My Preferred Racial Identity Pines for the Fjords

  • ChrisPer says:


  • ChrisPer says:

    *within the limits of the internet tolerance for defining racists.

  • Alistair says:

    I like to identify as a Neanderthal. I have the genes to prove it.
    “Sapiens?” (guffaw! Talk about big-noting yourselves!) We taught you how to make fire, we taught you art, we taught you to bury your dead. We were First Nation Europeans before you even left Africa. Its time you all went back there.

  • Harry Lee says:

    Now, anyone willing to spend their lives in the necessary never-ending campaign to save the West from Utter Idiocy Of Naive Idealists and Seekers Of Cost-less (Fake) Virtue, As Puppeteered by the Evil Marxist People In The Shadows? Not cute at all.
    And as a result, we will soon be fully and finally enslaved by the marxist/Big Statist politicians and commissars. Note the Big Statist licking-of-lips among public servants, and the ALP and Green politicians and their agents- as they digest the lessons of the lock-downs in response to the current Chinese Plague.
    The stench of marxist victory blankets the Land.

  • nfw says:

    I fell about laughing when that racist interviewer asked his “guest” “What’s so great about being white?” Responses such as these raced through my head: 1. Well, given your question it means I am probably on the right hand side of The Curve; 2. “You really have to ask to find out?”; 3. Knowing I’m part of the community which invented radio; TV; aircraft; large ocean going vessels; modern medicines; clean drinking water; phones – landline and mobile; abolished slavery and cut of a source of western revenue to the black slave traders in Africa, you think white boys went into the bush to capture second rate Africans, ie those who couldn’t run away from or outsmart the black slave traders; refrigerators; ice cream; modern surgery; smart phones, cars, buses and trucks; offered American slaves the chance to return to Africa which few took up; guns and other weapons which are favourites in black controlled areas; in the US created the Republican Party which had the first black members of Congress; and so on and so on. They really do ask the stupid questions don’t they?

  • Peter Marriott says:

    Well penned interesting piece Peter, as usual. I’d be in the same boat as you I think, except it’s my Grandfather who came from England, where the Viking Way from Leicester to Stamford still passes just to the North of his little village in Rutland, and people still walk it. Also my mother came from Holland and I’ve got blue eyes and blond hair so that’s pretty well it….. there’s got to be Viking in ME TOO.

  • Macspee says:

    Having been able to trace back to the 8th century I feel I should forget claiming Scotland and opt for Viking. Most of us with West coast ancestors probably have a bit of Viking in us.
    A good friend of Canadian ancestry did a DNA test with Ancestry.com and found she was 10% Bantu. Should be able to make something of that!

  • Alice Thermopolis says:

    Thanks Peter.
    I saw an exhibition a few years ago in London of items that once belonged to your ancestral group, including an impressive ship.
    There were a few helmets for sale too. I could not afford one at the time, but did purchase a large badge, which I displayed proudly on the Tube back to North London.
    It read: “I have seen the Vikings at Greenwich.”

  • lbloveday says:

    Quote: ” This isn’t a racist thing to say…”
    I agree, but I think Mordecai Bromberg would disagree with us.

  • Harry Lee says:

    Yes, the Aboriginal Fantasy industry is very bad for Aboriginal flourishing, and expensive for the rest of us.
    But look, what is the most pressing and most dangerous assault on European-derived Australia?
    That is, the one most likely to succeed, and to defeat Muslim and Indian efforts, and alongside the huge costs of black African and Aboriginal violence, and their other criminality and non-educability?
    Answer: The infiltration by CCP agents -of Chinese and non-Chinese provenance- of all our institutions.
    Related, if a bit separate: I see this week the Chinese claiming they are close to cracking the challenge of the “costless” generation of energy, using fusion technology.
    Anyone have the technical competence and political allegiance to the West to comment on this, usefully?

  • Phillip says:

    Recent employment application forms always ask me;
    Are you aboriginal or Torres Strait islander?
    Do you promote the LGBTQ (Lets Get Biden To Quit) community?
    Are you female?
    When I answer in the affirmative, I get return enquiries to set up an interview.
    But when I advise that I’m a white conservative pro family pro life pro freedom catholic male who refuses to be sucked in by media driven fear and injected with some experimental CCP venom, then employment opportunities dry up……

    Did I say something wrong?

  • lhackett01 says:

    A couple of observations, if I may. You lot who think all Vikings were blond haired and blue eyed need to know that my Viking ancestors were from western Scandinavia (includes Norway and Denmark) and, as such, were red-headed and not blue eyed. As for ‘whiteness’, the comment by nfw on 2nd June 21 (above) is spot on and responses like that should be used whenever there is the chance. Conversely, the opportunity should be taken to correct the glorification of the Aborigine by clearly stating that Aboriginal culture has virtually nothing to offer that would benefit Australia, the Australian Constitution, or Australians generally, and we will all rejoice on the day Aborigines stop trying to divide society and create for themselves a distinct and special place.

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