trump squirt IIIt was almost official as of a day or two ago: Donald Trump is a urine fetishist beholding to  Vladimir Putin, who has in his vault surreptitiously filmed footage that will make the incoming president now and forever the Kremlin’s servant and tool. Laughable nonsense and now largely discounted in its most explicit details, there remains a distinctly Russian angle to the farce best summarised by the Western saying ‘no smoke without the fire’. Smoke smears and sullies those over whom it is blown, and this would seem to have been the intent of those who so eagerly believed and propagated the monstrous absurdity of pee parties in the presidential suite of Moscow’s Ritz-Carlton.

Rumor, innuendo, gossip, slander, defamation, mudslinging – call it what you will, but do not overlook the intended result: to de-legitimize a president before he can begin to implement his agenda. That such an improbable tale gained traction can be explained by something the best liars understand as if by instinct: start with verifiable and accepted facts as your lie’s foundation, then weave mischief amongst them.

Thus we begin with the fact that Trump visited in Moscow in 2013 and stayed at the same hotel as did Obama and his family in 2009. Now add another known fact: that the honey trap has been a favourite means of ensnarement since Adam was persuaded by Eve to eat that fateful apple. The KGB raised the gambit almost to an art form.

Consider, for example, the compromising of French Ambassador Maurice Dejean, who was ‘caught’ during an illicit tryst with his KGB lover by her ‘husband’. Damaged goods, he was dismissed by Charles De Gaulle, his wartime friend. Then there was Sir Geoffrey Harrison, British ambassador to Moscow and the tall, elegant and dignified epitome of of the stiff-upper-lip Englishman. He was entrapped by his chambermaid but confounded the spooks by reporting the fling to his superiors before the KGB could blackmail him. Given the provenance of the honey trap, what could be more natural on the part of those predisposed to oppose Trump than to react on cue to the allegation, even though unsourced, that he, too, had tumbled into its tender embrace?

Judging by the jubilation of Russia’s elite at news of the Trump victory — the relationship with Obama and Clinton having long ago descended to the septic — why would this not be so, even minus a soggy hotel mattress? You can see a hint of that disdain in one of the official photos of Mrs Clinton and Putin meeting in the Kremlin. Putin sits in a chair adjacent to his guest, thighs splayed so wide it as if he is putting his genitals on display – classic body language of the Alpha-male both dominating and displaying his contempt for the female of the species. Clearly, theirs was no entente cordial.

Russian influence within potentially hostile governments is well known, Alger Hiss and the Cambridge Five being but two examples. So why not a compromised and cooperative Trump as well? Accept that premise, as did his piss-takers earlier this week, when social media ran riot with jokes (“Obama, you’re out. Trump urine“), and all his future dealings with Russia must by necessity be viewed beneath a cloud of darkest suspicion.

Here we come to the fatal flaw in this week’s faux scandal. According to the two pages of allegations, news of Trump’s alleged antics was fed by a Kremlin insider to the dossier’s compiler, a former MI6 spook. To accept this, which Trump’s enemies did with alacrity, requires one to accept that (a) the KGB honey-trapped the tycoon and thereby gained leverage over him and (b) blabbed and boasted about it. If (b) is true, then the advantage of (a) is entirely negated by its worldwide exposure.

Further, if the alleged Kremlin informant actually existed, it is safe to assume he did not draw breath for very long after the story broke.

Let us be not so gullible as the hysterical Left which now, reacting on cue and after decades of loathing and denouncing the CIA and FBI, finds it comforting to side with them. And let us, by the same token, not think well of Putin and his crew. It is a dangerous world. The eager gullibility of those with axes to grind only makes it more so.

30 thoughts on “Pees and Cues

  • Jody says:

    I think the editorial in today’s “Australian” nailed it; Trump must get off his Twitter high-horse and behave in a more Presidential fashion, ignoring the press which will attempt to bring him down. Dignity always wins.

    • ianl says:

      > ” Dignity always wins”

      Sorry Jody, but in the medium-long run,the MSM always wins. Almost everyone aquires their information from the MSM and sometimes the net. This latter source will eventually be censored by combinations of Google/Facebook/Govts.

      As an example, most people tell me that they believe CAGW because of the very high consensus amongst scientists. When you ask for the survey delineating this widespread scientific consensus, the actual details, they point to unattributed MSM reports. No amount of dignity will overcome that sort of disinformation. Trump knows that.

    • Joel B1 says:

      “ignoring the press which will attempt to bring him down”

      Didn’t work for Abbott.

      • Jody says:

        Where is the similarity in personality between Abbott and Trump? Abbott was the architect of much of his own problems; he got the Prime Ministership and didn’t know what he had to do with it. Consequently, be became pre-occupied with trivia. Despite the media bringing down Abbott, as you claim, it was NOT successful in re-instating Labor.

        • Salome says:

          I only hope that Trump, having got the Presidency, knows what to do with it. Don’t get me wrong–I rejoiced at the defeat of the Clinton-Soros collective, but I keep my fingers crossed that this defeat won’t be short-lived. By this, I mean, that Trump will live up to the best of what he promises, and not the worst of what is feared. He simply has to get this right.

      • says:

        Dignity and ignoring the MSM definitely didn’t work for Abbott. He needed to put aside Mr nice guy and get aggressive. It may have worked. For sure, nice didn’t.

    • lloveday says:

      Not sure. Hawke was very popular (not with me when I was paying 20% on a first mortgage) and won 4 elections, but he was not very “Presidential” (ok, “Prime Ministerial”, but it looks wrong) – I will always remember “Any boss who sacks anyone today for not turning up is a bum”.

    • Philby says:

      I believe the “deplorables” voted for Trump because they saw him as the great disruptor which appears to be his style. If Trump were to display “dignity” then there would be no change or disruption as has happened in Australia with Abbott and now Turnbull because they leave the Marxist programs in place along with the Marxist appointments and government just continues with more of the same. Trump needs to get his message out in the language his supporters understand and appreciate is from his mouth not MSM.
      Deplorables want change and draining of the swamp which means a top down review of all the hidden Marxist agenda hidden away in the administration and its destruction,otherwise. Trump needs a good virus checker to sniff out all the Marxist doctrine and remove it.You cannot have “dignity” when your mission is to seek out and destroy the enemy otherwise you achieve nothing and in fact it is you who will be destroyed. Trump is at war with the enemy within America and being nice will not cut it.

  • says:

    I agree with ianl. Trump might well modify the lamguage of his tweets, but while the US MSM continues its grotesquely biassed campaigns against him based on little more than the ideological bent of journalists, he would be a fool to allow these unprofessional jerks to maintain a veto over whether his actual remarks get published. Trump exists because of the corruption of the MSM. It’s up to them to re-earn people’s trust. Until then, to hell with them.

    • Jody says:

      Yes, but he CANNOT win by behaving in the same way that they do. Detachment and dignity coupled with getting on with the job is the only way to go. He will fall on his sword if he sinks to the level of his opponents.

      • Warty says:

        You persist in wanting Trump to become one of the establishment, Jody. He is where he is because he has made a point in being politically incorrect and proud of the fact. Your wishing that he changes the diction in his tweets, and your reference to the coarseness of his public addresses (not mentioned here, but elsewhere, with me paraphrasing) are the very aspects that hold an appeal to the small town okies in the flyover states: they are not intended for the largely polite, well educated, well connected Jodies of the world. He will succeed very well, whilst simultaneously calling a badger a bare-arsed baboon.

    • ianl says:

      > ” … to allow these unprofessional jerks to maintain a veto over whether his actual remarks get published”

      The core issue with FakeNews. In my adult lifetime (getting along now), no issue is ever completely covered in the MSM. Bits that these unprofessional jerks don’t like are simply not published or broadcast. Jody maintains that dignity neutralises this, but a vacuum of silence allows the MSM to spit in one’s face constantly.

      • Peter OBrien says:

        I agree with Ian. The MSM has gotten used to the idea that, regardless of how ridiculous or disproven a lie is, it is still willing to purvey it. So a dignified silence might be the traditional way but Trump has shown he’s anything but traditional. He has gone against the conventional wisdom on everything so far. Why shouldn’t he continue?

      • Jody says:

        Time will tell whether you are right.

      • Doc S says:

        …to spit in your face and tell you its raining! The silence allows the MSM to shape the narrative any which way it sees fit, often because there is nothing and no-one to hold it to account. There are a few voices of dissent (thinking of Breitbart, Fox’s Hannity and Tucker Carlson and independent commentators such as Mark Steyn, Michelle Malkin and more recently Tomi Lahren etc.) but even collectively there are nothing compared to the overwhelming noise coming from the serried ranks of the leftist MSM. Perhaps a few Presidential Tweets will encourage the winds of change that must begin to reform the MSM for his Presidency and everything else that depends on it.

  • says:

    Without disputing a single word of Michael Galak’s article implying that if enough mud is thrown some will stick, this and all similar despicable endeavours to damage DJT are glaring signs of the desperation of the terrified eliteocracy, becoming ever more conscious of the likelihood that this man might just manage to thwart their ambition of a new world order. His effect is becoming ever more obvious all over the world, particularly in Europe.

  • Keith Kennelly says:


    He’s already won.

    He talks directly to the deplorables … like me … and they listen to him because he speaks our language.

    We (including Trump)are all sick and tired of being lectured to by the elites who demand a higher standard from us than they are applying to themselves.

    They can take that to hell with them as well.

    While Trump does this, the fakery of the msm and the elites will become more and more obvious.

    He’ll go on winning.

    I didn’t hear one word from you about the lack of dignity from any of the elites. The loser Clinton, the enabler and abuser. The spoiler Obama trying to start ww3. You know yesterday that arrogant nutjib deploryed US and NATO forces on the Polish/Russian border.

    Why not even a wee peep Jody?

    • Jody says:

      I have no concern for Obama and his Carter-lite Presidency. He is consigned to history. But Trump cannot win if he degrades himself and allows the Left to pull him onto THEIR TURF. The way they do this is to rattle him; no, he has to stare them down and get results.

      • en passant says:

        It appears to be beyond your ken that Trump is not being drawn into a battleground of the Left’s choosing, but that Twitter is is a battleground in which he excels. The Left have entered Dien Bien Phu and are now inviting Trump to attack them.

        I just watched a segment on YouTube with CNN (boat) Anchors lamenting that their plan worked, Trump reacted and it is the Clinton Numpty Network that is losing, just as the French id at Dien Bien Phu. Great Plan, 99.

        It is Trump who is controlling the news agenda and the MSM Fake News do not like it. How many articles have you read in QoL exposing the endless errors published in FewFax, yet you think they have something that someone like Trump should fear?

        Some of Trump’s reactions are over the top, but so what? He cannot achieve anything without being decisive and taking action. The MSM will be tamed by his actions.

        As the old saying goes: “You cannot drain the swamp without breaking a few eggs.”

  • Solo says:

    The background behind this issue may be lost on older pundits. Essentially, there is a website called 4chan. It has been around for many years and is practically the home of every troll and prankster on the internet, among other things. A few months ago, there was a prank created where the above Trump stories were written as a bit of a joke. They were then laughingly ‘leaked’ to an independent intelligence gathering agency, who in turn, desperate to fill the Left’s Trump narrative, passed it onto the CIA.

    Amazingly, the sources went unchecked and as soon as Buzzfeed got their hands on it, put it up for viewing on their website. CNN followed suit. Not surprising from the Clinton News Network.

    What you’ve been reading on the Internet recently is, in fact, a hilarious expose of the Left’s burning desire to find validation where none exists. I dunno about pee on the bed, but they certainly have egg on their face. Makes it hard to backtrack without falling over…

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    The NYTimes has woken up. The wouldn’t have a bar of the recent fakery.
    And Trump praised them for that.

    Now why didn’t the elites notice that wee change. It is quite significant. They’ve woken up and realise it is they who lack dignity in baselessly attacking the choice of the US voters. They appear to be adopting ‘give him a fair go’ attitude. I’ll bet they realise how good a business Ma he is and that the team he had appointed around him will return the US to the state is was in before the elites and their government by elects destroyed it.

    • Jody says:

      Hold the phone!! One swallow doesn’t make a spring. I would trust the media “as I would adders fanged”. Trump must not, under any circumstances, be drawn onto the Left’s turf. Turnbull has allowed himself to do just that and look at the world of pain he’s enduring. Acquiescing to or patronizing the Left means that when you’re offering them a baby turtle they’ll want a crocodile. Trump and Turnbull both need to learn this lesson. Quickly.

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    Government by experts

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    I think Trump is standing his own ground and defying the old ways of the elites. And it’s working.

    Turnbull is a banker and one of the elites. He and Trump have little in common.

    Jody, Trumps method works. It got him elected. It’s he who is setting the agenda now even while he’s only pres elect. Unheard of.

    You said he wouldn’t be elected. You are in no position to tell him what to do or what not to do.

    It is no longer about left or right. It’s about the elites and the deplorables. Trump does things the way the deplorables do things. Going along with doing the things the elites promoted has seen the deplorables suffer greatly. It just doesn’t work for them.

    So you need to ask yourself are you with the deplorables or with the elites. It’s a case of either or, no one can be part elite and part deplorable.

    If it talks like a duck, walks like a duck …

    I see Mark Latham is thinking about a return to politics. I’d probably vote for him. I always thought he had more in common with me that either the left or right.

    But of course the elites trashed him. I don’t think they can do that anymore. The one thing emerging now is that the elites and the experts are impotent. They’ve had their day and it’s led to debt deficit and the trashing of our culture and our communities.

    • en passant says:

      You said it all.

      Now all that is Left is for Jody to give Trump more of the same advice of the type she gives us:
      1. Trump cannot win
      2. Now that he has he will fail and disappoint.
      3. He must change his ways or he will not appear ‘presidential’, like Obama
      4. If he is not more diplomatic the Left & the MSM will trash him …

      It is a wonder he has not called Jody with an offer …

  • Don A. Veitch says:

    In the early 1960’s whilst on a visit to Moscow, President Soekarno of Indonesia was ‘entrapped’ by the KGB with photographs to prove it all. As Soekarno was about to leave Moscow, ‘Boris’ of the KGB showed Soekarno the photographs. Soekarno was stunned, then ecstatic,Soekarno said,laughing, ‘Why, these are wonderful. I am big man. Can I have many copies to show back home’ (or words to that effect).
    JFK was up to it, so was Clinton.
    Its ephemerata.
    Its part of the insurrectionist faction from The Swamp, in the old Puritan America they got away with it.The New America is not Puritan

  • Bruce MacKinnon says:

    Being an avid follower of events in the US in the past few years, I have noticed references to a slight eccentricity of Donald Trump. It is not fake news but is confirmed with good humour by Donald Trump himself. He is very focussed on cleanliness and hygiene(bit phobic) That is he’s got a thing about germs. As a hotelier this is an admirable and probably rewarding trait. To assert that such a widdle event took place in Moscow years ago would be ludicrous with his trait, ignoring any other factor.
    Such behaviour would also be rather silly, petty and childish. DT is none of those things. If anyone tried that one on in any of his hotels that guest would likely be on the street so fast their feet would not hit the ground, followed by police or legal action.
    And really, a tall reasonably good looking guy who is married to a miss Universe, with such great wealth… he would pull women like a magnet. Why would he be bothered with hookers?
    It just made me laugh. These people they pay to try to tip dirt on DT seem to be selected for their arrant stupidity. That one of the authors was employed by an intelligence agency in London does not surprise me. Unworldliness and incompetence seem to be a requisite in this field in the West.

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