Mr Andrews? Alinsky Told Me to Call…

rules for radicalsThe American agitator and leftist tactician Saul Alinsky (left) came up with what he called his 12 Rules for Radicals, a document which establishes that a keen and practical intelligence can serve the cause of thoroughly rotten ideas. His little guide to bullying and bluffing, character assassination, silencing opponents, media spinning and the artful re-framing of established norms as injustices and travesties can be read here. If they seem recently familiar, no surprise: all were deployed against Tony Abbott, who could not even wink at the idea of a disabled, dirty-talking, phone-sex granny without being depicted as a misogynist monster. That’s all history, though. Of greater interest to the moment is Alinsky’s very specific Rule #4:

Make opponents live up to their own set of rules

This brings to mind the ongoing stink about Safe Schools, itself an example of Rule 1:

Power is not only what you have, but what an opponent thinks you have. If your organization is small, hide your numbers in the dark and raise a din that will make everyone think you have many more people than you do.

Given that Safe Schools was conceived, developed, promoted and is now being defended by a tiny but noisy body of LGBTI activists, Alinsky’s ghost must be rejoicing that his advice has proven so useful. Mind you, lavish public funding helps as well.

In any case, back to Rule 1 and its advice that the feet of ideological enemies must be held to the flame of consistency. This is highly relevant in the light of the Victorian government’s decision that, despite Canberra’s just-announced amendments to Safe Schools, the program will be taught as-is in the Garden State. Indeed, Premier Daniel Andrews is so keen on encouraging young boys to pretend they are young girls he has vowed to make sure it is in effect at “at every Victorian Government secondary school.” Such is his enthusiasm for penis-tucking 101 it is tempting to suspect his CFMEU mates from union days must have squeezed the teachers union out of at least some of the funding action.

That’s what the Premier demands — no less than “every school” promote Safe Schools front-and-centre. So let’s heed Alinsky’s advice and make sure Mr Andrews is as good as his word by requesting — nay, demanding — that Safe Schools be delivered to all schools equally, without reservation, qualification or exemption.

This means, of course, making every effort to see the pro-gay message laid before what Arkan Toledo, an organisation devoted to furthering Islamic education in state schools, estimates to be some 25,000 Muslim students in the state’s public schools (as per the video below).

Can we really proclaim ourselves a true multicultural society if Muslim kids are denied first-hand briefings on topics educational authorities regard as absolutely essential for the enlightenment of infidel peers. There can be no discrimination in the Garden State! Young Mohammad must be encouraged to veil-up and pretend he is Fatima, just as Little Johnny is playing at being gender-fluid Jenny.

Then sit back and wait for the fun and games in areas with significant Muslim enrollments, such as Broadmeadows and Werribee, when Islamic parents are informed that expertise in anal lubricants and cross-dressing are essential aspects of a well-rounded education.

Premier Andrews has promised no less. Let us see him held to his word, perhaps by dropping a line directly to the man himself via


Also, phone calls might not be amiss, so the Premier’s office number is worth noting:

(03) 9651 5000

If anyone asks, just tell ’em Saul Alinsky sent you.

Roger Franklin is the editor of Quadrant Online. As to lubricants, his preference is WD40.

  • bemartin39@bigpond.com

    An extremely unpleasant odour emanates from the People’s Republic of Victoria.

  • Rob Brighton

    I sent a missive to Mr Andrews asking the pertinent questions, I expect no answer will be forthcoming becuase of geography but at the very least it will add to the din as per Mr Alinsky’s sage advice.

    • padraic

      Perhaps we should write and ask him to visualise he is in a political primary school and to imagine he is a pro-lgbtiqrs female politician seeking election in an electorate populated by a large muslim cohort as well as mainly old, white anglo-celtic-euro-australo Christian whitemen and their traditional families and see how he feels.

    • Simon

      Me too. I suspect there will be an ‘op-out’ clause for Muslim students, based on some gibberish. Can’t wait for the response.

  • Ian Matthews

    Andrews either believes in Safe Schools or he is just a vote-chasing hypocrite. I don’t expect a reply to the email I sent to him.

    • ianl

      > … he is just a vote-chasing hypocrite

      Well , yes but don’t ignore the power of Noble Cause Corruption. Andrews pretends to be convinced that he is helping make Victoria a better place and this Safe Schools thingie might help. It certainly discombobulates his opponents.

      The idea of politicians being responsive to voters is considered quaint now. We are to be managed, manipulated, bullied, lied to and taxed – never represented. If one resists that notion, then that’s because one is likely “old, white anglo-celtic-euro-australo men and their traditional families” and therefore doesn’t matter.

      No, I’m not angry but the contempt that leftoids have for us is a two-way street.

  • Patrick McCauley

    The Islamic schools will be unable to teach this program, and will not. Andrews will have to give them special dispensation, and be branded a hypocrite (again) or abandon the program. Yet, infuriatingly, left wing Victoria may still re-elect him. It looks like this is the ground on which the left wish to fight – gender and race – and I’m beginning to wonder if there are still enough sane people left in Victoria to defeat such unadulterated nonsense ? … or do I just move in the wrong circles?

    • pgang

      It’s only government schools. Easily fixed – go to a private school.

      • Sigwyvern

        My preferred option,however having been badly injured I am unable to make this happen. I am looking at the possibility that enough like minded persons may be able to form a class action and sue for sexual harassment if this is implemented without parental permission. Thoughts anyone?

    • SJAH

      These guys couldn’t bring themselves to make some kids sing the national anthem. How will they deal with many more students whose parents will certainly object to the safe school material?

  • Willw

    Is the Conservative Right finally accepting the way to beat the Left is with it’s own dirty tricks manual? I hope so.
    Forget this rubbish about playing fair in the hope you can set a good example and keep the standard of debate high. The Left cares little for it. Besides, it’s a tactic that’s been a dismal failure over the past five decades, and has seen the Left make gains in every area of our social, cultural and economic lives.
    We are now the radicals. They are the establishment. There’s no need to give up our principles whilst fighting, and crushing, the enemies of our Western civilisation and tradition.
    No mercy combined with cunning and complete ruthlessness is the only thing the Left understands. All bullies crumble in the face of defiant opposition.
    Like Roger says, make them live up to their own cognitive dissonant standards…

  • Homer Sapien

    Saul D. Alinsky was also a mentor to Hillary Clinton.Some correspondence between those two can be read on the net. Obama is another follower of the master. The above mentioned book by Rodger is well woth reading and I congratulate him to a well written article.

  • Keith Kennelly

    Andrews and his practical mates should show support by tucking their penises and pretending to be girls… on national TV.

    The ridicule that follows would put an end to their program to groom kids.

  • en passant

    I have contacted ‘Dan the Man’ – erk, delete that last remark – and asked him whether or not a student who opts out will be bullied into complying

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