Lessons in the Blood of Innocents

Islam’s Hipster Fanatics

Academic entrepreneurs have tapped and exploited funding opportunities to study Islamic radicalisation, but their failure at all but obtaining grants is rooted in a basic error of perception: youthful recruits to the black flag aren’t radicals, they’re revivalists    David Martin Jones


Non-Muslims, the Wrong Kind of Victims

One day, maybe, Muslims who have fled their Syrian homelands might return. No such option exists for the region’s persecuted religious minorities. Yet even as they are massacred, raped and enslaved, the West rejects their priority claims to resettlement as “discriminatory”   Merv Bendle


Feckless vs. Fierce

Maybe there is another, kindly Koran that only the Islamists’ apologists and so-called ‘moderate Muslims’ know about, but that seems even less likely than a leaderless West muddling largely unscathed through the jihadis’ escalating offensive   — Peter Smith


Enlightened Patriotism vs P.C.

The political centre in France must shoulder the blame for refusing to address Islamic revivalism with liberal — but nevertheless genuine — policies. Yet again, the folly of draping real problems in feel-good euphemism and has been made bloodily apparent     — Daryl McCann


Multiculturalism’s Culture of Contempt

Malcolm Turnbull is fond of proclaiming that Australia is a multicultural society, but this is loose talk. A multicultural society is a contradiction in terms, since common cultural understandings are the glue that holds a society together. Just look at France and the way its very fabric is ripped asunder  — John O’Sullivan


A Society Ripe for Submission

His imagining of an Islamic France is no simple provocation. Rather, this deep, gripping and haunting novel is a recent high-point for European fiction. No current writer gets anywhere near Michel Houellebecq’s achievement in finding a fictional way into the darkest and most necessary corners of our time   Douglas Murray


Of Two Minds About a Singular Peril

Many physical casualties are yet to come. But the next political casualties should be the entire political class who have refused for so long to face some very bitter truths of their own devising. After Paris, they can be no longer seek asylum from reality in the merry myth of multiculturalism   — Douglas Murray


The War That Shall Not Be Mentioned

Islamist aggression once again has brought butchery to a Western city, the Paris attacks being the latest expression of a 1400-year campaign to claim territory and keep on claiming territory. That politicians and their commentariat courtiers refuse to acknowledge as much explains why we are losing    Steve Kates


Betrayed by Our Craven Elite

What the Paris atrocity reveals yet again is that the people our leaders are most worried about managing is us, not the local and imported jihadist cells and homicidal lone wolves who want nothing more than to achieve martyrdom by  murdering infidels in job lots   Merv Bendle


Slaughter by Koranic Command

It was all of 1400 years ago that Muhammad went to his Maker or some other entity prepared to accept receipt of his warlord’s soul, but the intolerant and expansionists babblings of the man who must surely rank as the world’s worst-ever neighbour draw blood now as then  — Geoffrey Luck


Their Black Flag, Our White One

Why shouldn’t Islamists believe that just a few more bloody nudges will see the West teeter, topple and surrender the last of the values it has not already repudiated in the name of “diversity” and non-judgmental amity? If we won’t defend liberty’s core principles the game is as good as over  — Christopher Carr


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